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Background Pony #E09E
Aria Blaze glared at the little cartoon cat, which didn’t notice in the least. It was, of course, only a design printed on a shirt, but that didn’t keep her from feeling any less powerless. The same cartoon cat grinned at her from all directions—its image emblazoned on other shirts, stuffed animals, ceramic ornaments, phone cases, and more—and filled Aria with a burning distemper. On reflection, this wasn’t too different from her usual distemper, but at least she could blame it on the cats. She could unleash her siren magics all she wanted, but they would have no effect on eternally cheerful cartoons.
So she stalked off to another section of the store, where a series of clingy black dresses seemed to give her more relief. This whole experiment had been a terrible idea. Well, it had been Sonata’s idea, so maybe that went without saying. Sonata had heard of a place that humans called the “mall,” and thought that maybe so many humans packed into a small space and competing for the same material goods would be a natural breeding spot for disharmony. No such luck. The humans in the mall—mostly around their age or even a little younger—seemed eternally excited, to say nothing of frustratingly mobile, to the point that even if she and Sonata tried hard enough to make any of them angry the humans would have probably run off somewhere before the magics could finish taking hold. It was awful.
Aria should have known better. That was what Adagio would say when they reported back. Sonata would get a free pass for being a fool, but Aria Blaze, purple-skinned siren supreme (or so she liked to think), with her stylish pigtails (or so she liked to think) tied up in throwing stars sharp enough to cut flesh (tested fact)? No, she still needed to find a way to salvage a win from this expedition to the mall. So she’d dragged Sonata into the darkest-looking store she could find, hoping for a less exuberant atmosphere, but even here the shelves were filled with hot pinks and less-than-endearing cartoon characters. The customers looked gloomier than the average mallgoers, but there was still some unshakable excitement about their gloominess. The siren magics worked well on the troubled and disconsolate, but less well against the optimism that this mall seemed to bring forth from its patrons. They needed someplace where the clientele had all but given up on life.
Maybe they could hit up an IHOP on the way back.
“Aria! Hey, Aria!”
The sound of Sonata’s voice led Aria to turn her head reluctantly—and then stop, staring and slackjawed at the sight before her. Sonata Dusk looked perfectly normal from the waist down, with her weird “tear here”-designed skirt and her pink boots that looked like they could have come from the very store they were in. But she seemed to have lost her shirt. Her little blue boobs hung free on her chest, showing that Sonata was too stupid to understand even the concept of a dressing room. Sonata was slim all over, but Aria couldn’t deny that her torso had some attractive curves to it, even if her boobs were a bit too small to be interesting. What really got her attention, though, was the goopy white liquid glopped all over Sonata’s face and trailing its way down onto her chest. Even the red gem on her necklace was half-coated in the substance.
Aria eventually settled on the perfect worlds. “Sonata. Just… what the fuck.”
“Huh? Oh, this?” Sonata poked at some of the white goop on her face and then stuck her finger in her mouth, smiling at the taste. “This was really weird! I was in the dressing room, right?”
“Right.” It had been a perfect opportunity for Aria to slip away and explore the rest of the shop, not seriously believing that Sonata would find a way to screw up being in a dressing room by herself. But maybe somebody else had screwed her up. Aria wondered idly if she was in the mood for getting revenge.
“So I decided I didn’t like the new shirt I was trying, because it was too orange. And I reached over to put my old shirt back on, but it was totes missing! And when I opened the door it turned out that some guy had stolen it! But he said he’d give it back to me if I gave him a blowjob.”
Aria saw where this was going. Sonata never quite seemed to realize she was supposed to be a ferocious monster, capable of exacting punishment on anyone who crossed her. “So you gave him a blowjob.”
“Duh! I wanted my shirt back! I mean, I didn’t know what a blowjob, like, was, right?” Aria groaned. “So he took off his pants and he had this long hard thing down there called a dick, and I sucked it for a while and it felt really good, and then he pulled it out and rubbed it a bit more and got white stuff all over my face.”
“And he didn’t give you your shirt back?”
“Huh? Oh.” Sonata looked down at herself, and the look of realization on her face suggested that she hadn’t even noticed. “Whoopsie. But Aria, listen! It was way betters than all that arguing stuff, right?! Like my gem was all glowing and I felt crazy powerful, just by sucking him off without any magic at all!”
Aria blinked hard. Could she be telling the truth? Sonata’s gem was hard to see under the cum sticking to it, but it did look fuller than it had before. And it almost made sense… sirens were supposed to inspire lust in the hearts of men, so why shouldn’t that lust work just as well or better as argument? Maybe the changelings had had it wrong the whole time. Don’t feed off the love of other couples, make them love—or at least want—you instead. Hmm…
Then, “Whoa, whoooooa, Sonata stop, what the fuck are you doing?”
“Huh?” Sonata looked up from her kneeling position, where she’d been energetically working at pulling Aria’s pants off. “I was gonna give you a blowjob too!”
“Because you’re my bffzie and I wanted you to feel what I was talking about!”
Under other circumstances Aria would have objected—perhaps violently—to being anything to Sonata that began with the letters ‘bff.’ But this world was rapidly moving in interesting directions, among them the possibility of seeing Sonata dumbstruck. For lack of a better word. The point was, Sonata’s reaction would probably be worth Aria’s embarrassment from having her pants taken off. So Aria shrugged her shoulders, and Sonata carried on with her work, undoing Aria’s belt and avoiding its sharp bits and unzipping Aria’s pants and pulling them down around her knees and finally her bright lime panties and… yes, there it was. That delicious expression of confusion.
“Um, Aria?”
Her cluelessness was almost as filling as a good argument, and Aria smirked cruelly. “I’m a girl, dummy. We don’t have dicks. Haven’t you ever taken your own skirt off?”
“Well, yeah…” Sonata was still staring at Aria’s cunt, though the look on her face was becoming uncharacteristically thoughtful, like maybe she wasn’t completely disappointed. “I thought maybe I was broken somehow.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t rule that out.”
“Huh.” Sonata stared for several more long seconds before seeming to come to a conclusion. “Eh, I can work with this.”
Then she lunged forwards and buried her face between Aria’s legs, and Aria felt her eyes roll back into her head. The girl was good! Damnably good! Sonata’s tongue struck like an uncoiling snake, daubing her nether lips with saliva and the remnants of the boy-thief’s cum, and the warmth spreading through Aria’s crotch told her she was helping with some lubricant of her own. Sonata had splurged on a single stud piercing for her tongue about a week ago, and the cold metal was painful between Aria’s legs but painful in the best way, a single smooth point of chill in a waterworld of increasing heat.
“Aaaah! Oh, oh god, Sonata!” Her guard was down and there was nothing she could do to get it back. Sonata was impossibly quick with her tongue dancing all across the outside of Aria’s rapidly drenching pussy, finding her every sensitive spot, only it seemed to Aria that maybe she didn’t have any spots anymore that weren’t sensitive. Sonata struck with force enough to take Aria’s breath away, and just when that got old, she pulled her tongue back—Aria could have cried—and latched her lips around Aria instead, embracing Aria’s folds and sucking on them like she was trying to drain a particularly slippery gobstopper.
“Oooooh, Sonata, fuck yes, don’t stop!” Blindly Aria reached down to find Sonata’s head and push it deeper into her crotch, with the result that Sonata’s tongue slipped fully inside Aria’s cunt and began a new exploration there. She was fully wet in there already—she had no conception of how much time had passed, for all she knew it could have been hours of Sonata making love to her lower half—and her pussy juices thrilled to the tongue that greeted them with its single round point of impossible cold. Aria was brewing a magic potion between her legs, and Sonata was drinking it up with abandon, and if she couldn’t breathe then Aria didn’t particularly care.
Aria’s nipples were straining against the thin fabric of her light olive shirt, and with her other hand she reached up under her shirt to squeeze her tortured breasts. Aria was proud of her boobs, which were rather larger than Sonata’s and hung from her chest at what she’d always thought was a very attractive angle, and she couldn’t quite fit all of one into her hand but she was past caring. She moved from one breast to the other, squeezing her firm orbs in a sort of fever, dragging her fingers all along her long curves and pinching her nipples till they felt ready to bore holes through diamond, to say nothing of her poor shirt.
“God, Sonata, yesssss…” Inspired by Aria’s attention to her boobs, or maybe an independent invention, Sonata had brought up one hand and was fiercely massaging the outside of Aria’s cunt even as she continued to dig deeply and wetly within. Aria’s pubic hairs were trimmed to the shape of a lilac and purple fireball, but her skin beneath the hairs was a map of goosebumps from Sonata’s palm resting against her hairs, thumbing wildly the velvet folds below. Aria’s knees weakened for a moment and she clenched her legs around Sonata’s head, and some of her juices escaped to splash onto Sonata’s little tits and join the boycum still splattered there.
Atop Sonata’s boobies was her gem necklace, and it was indeed pulsing with a light far outstripping the minor glows they’d been able to achieve with their siren song. Aria turned her attention to her own gem and was momentarily blinded from the light. The light was only increasing with time, threatening to become pure white at a near moment that Aria suspected would coincide perfectly with another climax…
Sonata pulled out of Aria’s cunt for a moment, gasping for air, and Aria was on the verge of thrusting her back in when the little blue girl perked up. “Ooh,” said Sonata, “what’s this part?”
Then her lips fastened on that part, and Aria cried out in bliss. She couldn’t keep going much longer and that was all she still knew. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she chanted, voice cracking up and down almost every other syllable, and grappled with her tits with increasing desperation. Her shirt was only getting in the way and she pulled it up around her neck, leaving only her ragged vest to censor her big boobs and even that she kept bumping aside as she stroked one breast and then the other, alternatingly kneading and teasing herself, her nipples almost as hot as the fire in her anterior. “Oh, oh god, yes…” But the fire didn’t seem to deter Sonata in the least, the blue girl still delivering cold-tipped pleasure to every inch of her pussy within and without. Sonata had discovered kissing, it seemed, and she layered kisses across Aria’s outer lips with what almost passed for delicacy, though that effect was spoiled by the rapid pace of her fingers twanging Aria’s folds while her palm still ground against her upper mons.
Then one finger pressed fatally against her nub at the exact same time as Sonata’s amazing questing mouth, and Aria stumbled backwards against the nearest shelf. Cartoon cats rained down on her nearly-naked body as she convulsed around Sonata, what felt like gallons of cum pouring from her all at once until Sonata’s striped hair was completely stuck to her forehead and she was blinking the cum from her eyes and coughing. For the first time in her life Aria felt sorry for Sonata Dusk, and she slowly managed to get up, scattering cartoon cats as she went, and knelt forwards to lick her cum off Sonata’s face.
“Hey,” said an unfamiliar voice, “what the hell are you two doing?”
Dimly Aria and Sonata looked up, squinting through the white glow of their gems. A girl that Aria thought she’d seen at Canterlot High was standing there, angry but also obviously bewildered and—Aria squinted—yes, probably a little turned on if those nipples under her employee t-shirt were any indication. Her wild, bright green hair and black hoop earrings made her look at least a little dangerous, but Aria suspected she was too startled to pose any serious threat.
She whispered to Sonata. “I bet I could kill her, if I had to.”
“Aww, gee whiz, we don’t need to do that.” Sonata rose shakily to her feet, top half thoroughly drenched in discharge of one persuasion or the other, and Aria found herself with an excellent view up her skirt. Was she going commando? She resolved to find out later.”Look,” Sonata was saying, siren charm leaking into her voice, “we’re awfully sorry. We’ll pick up all the kitties!”
“It’s not eh about the kitties!” The green-haired girl was making an admirable effort not to stare at them—particularly at the barely-dressed Aria, she noted smugly—but it was doomed to failure. “You knobs can’t just go screwing each other in public like this!”
“Oh.” Sonata’s charm was ruined somewhat by her familiar stupidity. “Oopsie. Why not?”
But the green-haired girl was in no state to deal with questioning. “Just get out! Get out okay? Leave and I won’t call security on you, if I’d better never see you in this store again!”
Aria gazed thoughtfully upwards. The employee t-shirt wasn’t the most flattering in the world, but she liked what she could see of the swell of the girl’s breasts underneath it, and there was something about the width of her hips and the set of her lips. She decided to chance it and laid on the charm. “And how about seeing us not in this store?” she asked, eyes half-lidded.
A wave of pleasure passed through Aria at the sight of the girl’s gulp and the way her legs pressed together. She’d given up all pretense of not staring at Aria’s tits and cum-streaked pussy, and Aria shrugged her pigtails back to offer up a better view. “I… get off at four?”
Aria nodded. “Oh, you just might. Come on, Sonata, let’s bounce.”
“Bounce? I don’t think my boobies are big enough for—“
“Shut up and follow me.”
Getting up, Aria noticed that while her belt lay some feet away, Sonata hadn’t managed to get her pants or panties off. Well, she thought as she finished the job, there was no use in false modesty. Her shirt slipped back down over her tits with the inevitability of gravity, and then she was ready to go, bottomless but for her boots and followed by Sonata topless but for her necklace and armbands. They made a good pair.
They walked for several minutes in silence, enjoying the other mallgoers’ reactions. Everyone else was dressed in what Aria supposed passed for the height of fashion in this backwater world, and there they were, half-naked and wild-haired and sticky with cum. Even if they hadn’t just fucked in the shop Aria knew she would have been aroused simply from everyone staring at them. Eyes followed them everywhere they went, wide eyes full of shock and surprise and desire—sirens were, after all, universally attractive—and Aria felt every gaze enter her body and fill her with power, both in her necklace and a little farther down besides. Her nipples were still rocks behind her vest and thin shirt, and her pussy steamed in anticipation of another orgasm to come, clearly not satisfied with the one it had had just minutes before.
“That was pretty fun, don’t you think?” asked Sonata, and Aria watched her thoughtfully (to say nothing of lustily). There was more innocence in her expression, but she was obviously feeling the same high from the attention. She carried herself confidently, her ruby-red nipples stood out like flagpoles, and her gemstone gleamed with a steady light. Only her ridiculous skirt spoiled the effect, concealing her prize from view at a time when they were putting their sexual charms to full use. The human world had some clear issues with pent-up sexuality, and that potential energy was filling them like nothing Aria had ever known.
“Fun?” Aria curled her lips upwards in what she couldn’t bring herself to form into disdain. “Sonata Dusk, this was the best idea you’ve ever had.”
“Golly! Aria, I think that’s the first nice thing you’ve ever said to me.”
For one brief moment compassion stung at Aria’s heart, but the high of aftersex and public lust won out. She leaned in, taking care to breathe fiery air onto Sonata’s lips. “I’m about to make it two things.”
“Oh yeah?”
“You’re cute with your face covered in cum.”
She pulled the smaller girl into a sticky kiss. Their arms closed around one another automatically, and Aria traced the skin of Sonata’s back while Sonata played with her shirt. Sonata’s back was thin and tense, and Aria did her best to calm it with her stroking hands as their lips filled each other. Aria found Sonata’s lips soft and full and delicious, deserving of only the deepest and longest of kisses, though not yet so arresting that they couldn’t be breached in search of Sonata’s beloved tongue. They wrestled briefly together in the sauna of their mouths, Aria’s hands straying to the back of Sonata’s neck and Sonata’s to Aria’s shapely butt, before finally breaking away, panting, rewarding lust clear in Sonata’s eyes.
Aria leaned in to breathe into her unprotesting partner’s ear, favoring its bottom with just the tenderest nibble. “Let’s keep walking, shall we?” she asked in a whisper.
Aria wasn’t familiar enough with the mall to have any destination in mind, let alone how to get there, but none of that was important. It took them a half hour at least to cross the mall’s main concourse, walking close beside each other and frequently stopping to turn around and kiss mouth, nose, ears, neck, shoulder-blades, anything within easy reach, particularly if it produced the right whimpering noises. Aria had learned to ignore her hunger for emotion since leaving Equestria, but now it burned ravenously within her, and she turned that hunger to Sonata and every available inch of her body. A crowd was developing behind them, keeping a healthy distance yet making no effort to hide their fascination with the two girls, and that fascination both fed Aria and spurred her to ever deeper kisses with Sonata.
When they were not kissing they walked, aimless with respect to direction, hands full of each other. Sonata kneaded Aria’s tits through her shirt, threatening to tear it as she pulled it back and forth against the solid cones of her nipples, and her other hand was buried so irretrievably in Aria’s cunt it might have grown there organically. Pussy juices streamed continuously out around her hand to drop to the floor below, and she clamped herself down around Sonata at every other step, fucking those curious fingers for all she was worth. She had her second orgasm in the middle of one particularly passionate kiss, hands full of Sonata’s little boobs, and it was a minute or so before she trusted herself to walk again.
At last she lost patience with Sonata’s skirt and decided to test an old theory of hers, that its triangle of stitches made it trivial to tear apart in front. This turned out to be correct. Sonata’s pantieless pussy came into view—accompanied by a cheer from their followers—with one single tear down her front, and deprived of its center, the rest of her skirt fell apart instants later. Sonata pouted cutely, but was quickly mollified as Aria leaned down to kiss her between the breasts and pressed her fist firmly against Sonata’s pussy, middle finger extending deftly inside her in the most literal of insults. Sonata was wet as anything, and Aria’s finger became quite thoroughly soaked in its pressing against her innermost walls.
Sonata had clearly been on edge, for it took three minutes at most of Aria’s fingerfucking her before she came, her high-pitched scream echoing all through the building and probably alerting those few people who hadn’t yet noticed their naked progress. She stumbled as cum exploded around Aria’s hand and grabbed onto Aria’s breasts for balance, and Aria cried out in pain and fingered her all the harder in revenge, grinding her whole body against Sonata and pumping her fingers in and out with cruel intensity until Sonata’s orgasm at last subsided and she was able to walk again, or at least walk when not lost in frantic kisses.
They stopped at one corner, not sure which direction to go next, and Sonata grabbed Aria and pressed her against a wall and kissed her with mind-blowing intensity, lifting one leg and grinding her knee into Aria’s open, sopping pussy like she was trying to fuck her with the most oversized dick in the world. It didn’t remotely fit inside, but Aria was past caring, and she rode her knee as best as she could while filling her hands with Sonata’s chest, running her fingers up and down and all around, stroking nipples, boobs, cleavage, stomach, back, shoulders, anywhere and everywhere, wanting to take in as much of this amazing lover as possible. They hadn’t spoken in some time but for their constant moans and gasps and other involuntary noises, no words being necessary for the basic language of lust and constant pleasuring.
Sonata’s hands were at Aria’s cheeks, holding her tight as they kissed with tongues basking in each other’s embrace, and their gems were pressed against each other and bright enough to blind even with their eyes closed. Aria held Sonata’s butt—the only decently sized part of her—reverently, if constant squeezing counted as reverent, and moaned inarticulately as her pussy continued to weep under attack from Sonata’s leg. She had abandoned the knee and was simply drawing her whole leg up and down against Aria’s cunt, stretching her pussy lips apart with each pass and coming away quite soaked. Five minutes of this intensity and Aria screamed, her third orgasm ripping through her like an earthquake and leaving her barely able to stand. Sonata dropped to her knees to catch as much of Aria’s liquids as she could in her mouth, or at least all over her face, and Aria spasmed for an unknowably long time before finally collapsing into her fellow siren’s arms.
“Sonata, holy fuck, Sonata…”
“Aria! Are you okay?”
“Fine, just gotta, gotta sit down. Sonata, fuck, ahhhh…”
“Okie! I really like fucking you, bt-dubs!”
“Awesome,” said Aria, though she wasn’t sure if Sonata could hear her. Guided by Sonata’s helping hands and enchantingly swaying ass, she stumbled over to a large fountain, where she sat down with one foot in the water because why should she start obeying mall rules now? Her pussy scraped against the ridge of the fountain and stained it dark gray, and she giggled mindlessly. “Sonata,” she said at last. “This is just fucking great. I haven’t felt this good in years. We’ve been totally wasting our time with the sowing discord shit.”
“Oh, for sures!” Sonata looked radiant in her nudity; her knees were pulled cutely up to her chest, giving Aria a perfect look at her pussy, which she supposed she still hadn’t gotten around to tasting. Her pubes were invisible behind her knees but Aria had already seen they were heart-shaped, which on any other day she’d have thought disgusting but currently found cute and enticing. It was probably a bad sign how much her lust was ruling her thoughts, but she couldn’t find it in her to care. Wait until they told Adagio about all this! She couldn’t wait to see how their nominal leader looked under her spiky shoulderpads…
Not that she’d be alone in finding out. She grinned. “The kids around here love a good show, don’t they?”
“Works for me!” Sonata waved happily, and Aria turned to see a substantial chunk of their followers were still waiting there. “Go siren sexiness, am I right?!”
The crowd—mostly boys, though with a decent-sized contingent of cute girls—cheered at this, and Aria grinned again. Clearly they didn’t think the show was over, and who was she to argue? She stretched herself luxuriously, taking care to let the underside of her tits peak out from beneath her shirt. “Of course,” she said, “we all know I’m the sexiest siren.”
“Aww, no kidding?” Sonata pouted again and pushed her legs aside to slide one finger into her waiting pussy. She fucked herself slowly as she answered. “But I’ve got such a cool hairstyle!”
Aria laughed, the laugh of someone who knows she can’t lose. “Your tits are too small, Dusky.”
“Oh, is that all? I bet I could fix that.”
Sonata stopped fingering herself to look down at her chest, eyebrows turned in thoughtfully. “We’re, like, super-magical right now, right? And these aren’t our real bodies so I bet they’re magic too. Shouldn’t I be able to mixify my boobs a bit?”
Before Aria could find any reasons to object, Sonata’s voice had dropped down into its magic register, an unfamiliar song—though one whose contours Aria could trace pretty easily—between from her lips. Fine white mist seeped from her gemstone and from her mouth, joining in midair to form an easily visible, glowing cloud that settled around her chest, pulsing in and out in time with the rhythm of her song. Slowly yet unmistakably Sonata’s breasts began to grow, their size correlated with the intensity of applause from their audience, stretching out to the size of Aria’s and beyond even that. They grew far larger than belonged on her slender frame, finally stabilizing as near-perfect spheres a little larger than her head with ruby nipples an inch long. The song and cloud faded away, and Sonata stared at herself in pleased astonishment—an action which Aria shared with some rather different emotions.
“So there!” Sonata reached up to cup the underside of her new tits, an action met with a low moan from the crowd. She tweaked one blushing nipple and gasped. “Whoa, Aria, check it, I can make milk now! Boobs are nutty.”
“Wait, what?” But she was right. Aria’s inspection of Sonata’s tits—too big to be real, yet clearly very real, if detailed touch and taste tests were anything to go by—quickly established that the slightest manipulation of Sonata’s nipples made them produce milk, anywhere from a slow leak to—in response to a rough squeeze—a sharp blast of milk that landed several feet away. As Aria continued to play with her nipples, teasing and squeezing them alternatingly or at the same time, at all different intensities, Sonata’s face slipped into an incoherent happiness, and Aria smiled openly at her. “Feels good?”
“Feels amazeballs. Do you want to maybe… suck them?”
Aria absolutely did. Sonata’s right nipple slid into her mouth like it belonged there, and as she suckled, delicious milk streamed into her mouth at a controllable speed. Humans drank cow milk even more than the ponies in Equestria did, and Aria had tried it from time to time, but it had nothing on the bliss that was pouring from Sonata’s bust. Improbably cool yet not exactly cold, smooth as siren song and tasting of raw energy with a hint of blueberries, the milk filled Sonata’s head with a calm she had not known in years. For a minute she could have forgotten Equestria and their banishment and simply died in peace, lips attached to Sonata’s breast till the end, drinking her miraculous milk.
But it was not to be, for Sonata slapped playfully at her back and the spell was broken. Aria growled and flung herself at Sonata, and Sonata giggled and pretended to push her away, and they wrestled briefly before falling into the fountain pool with an almighty splash. The water was not deep enough to conceal the masses of Sonata’s tits, which stood out like rounded pastel blue icebergs ready to sink a thousand ships. Milk streamed lazily down the sides of her mountains to mingle with the water of the fountain and turn it ever so slightly white.
Aria laid herself across Sonata’s front, head bent down once more to her tits, taking her nipple in mouth once more and suckling like her life depended on it. She grabbed Sonata’s other breast and massaged it fervently, finding it smooth to the touch yet surprisingly firm, though not so firm she couldn’t dig her hand a little into its creamy extents. She dipped her fingers repeatedly into the pool, pulling up water to splash across Sonata’s breast and merge with the milk that dripped down her front every time Aria gave her hot red nipple a lusty twang.
“Mmmm, Aria, that feels really good, mmm…” Sonata rolled back and forth in the water beneath Aria’s lips and fingers, arching her back to press her tits farther upwards into Aria’s dominion. She plunged one hand into Aria’s partially-underwater pussy, and Aria squeaked and bit down on Sonata’s nipple, which only caused Sonata to finger Aria that much harder. The vicious cycle continued for a few moments before settling into a fevered middle ground, each girl fingering the other and playing with her tits, kneading and rubbing and petting and anything else they could manage, squeezing nipples and splashing water and milk all over each other. Water from the fountain itself poured down over Aria’s back, flattening her twin pigtails, and her already thin-shirt was soaked to the point of transparency. A little more wear and she suspected it would rip right off and give Sonata a better view.
Not to mention their audience. Subtly she rotated Sonata’s partly-submerged body so they lined up better with the audience’s view, with Aria’s naked butt immediately in front of them while Sonata’s hand swept in and out of her pussy, petting her folds and teasing her clit but not hard enough to be painful. The girl was either a quick learner or an excellent liar, and Aria felt too good to care which, what with her handful of creamy tit and the wonderful milk still collecting in her mouth in response to every suck of her lips.
Sonata’s pussy was fully submerged, which made it hard to finger her at any great speed, but Aria did her best, rubbing her fist up and down her burning entrance with the frequent intrusions to the inside world where water and pussy juice mixed indistinguishably. “Mmm…. aaaaaah, Aria, yes, yes!” Sonata moaned into the top of Aria’s head, and Aria kept at it, fingering and sucking and massaging, bringing pleasure to as many parts of Sonata as she could with her meager collection of limbs.
Then Sonata rose from the pool like a barely-majestic dolphin, hair streaming behind her, and tried to ensnare Aria in a kiss, only she rose too fast and ended up knocking them both back into the water this time with Sonata on top. Aria growled again as their lips met in hot desire, pushing back against her partner, and they rolled around through the pool, over and over, heads keeping just barely out of the water in order for them to breathe, waves splashing out in all directions around them. Aria’s brave shirt tore around her hard nipples, leaving them to mutually prod and be prodded by Sonata’s nipples and her huge breasts, spewing milk at each collision that soaked into Aria’s vest and stomach briefly before slipping away next time they rolled into the water.
Sonata’s arms were around Aria, clutching at her ass and tracing long lines down her back, and Aria followed suit immediately. Sonata’s butt took both her hands to contain, alternately pushing her cheeks together and pulling them apart, digging her fingers deep into their folds, with the occasional visit paid to her nearby pussy. There was no way of telling how wet Sonata was anymore, not with the water of the pool everywhere, but there was a certain shivering feeling to her movements…
“Mm… aaaaaah!” Sonata broke from Aria’s lips to moan to the ceilings, and Aria leaned back in to her tits, layering the newbuilt valley of her cleavage with butterfly kisses and the briefest of licks, delighting in each tiny whimper her affections produced. “Oh, oooh, Aria!” She clutched Aria’s head close to her, burying it between her tits, and Aria leaned up a little to lick at her neck while she brought one hand back to give Sonata’s pussy her full attention. “Eeeeee, god yes, Aria, I’m getting close…”
“You are, aren’t you?” Aria rasped into Sonata’s cleavage, but she was fairly confident she could still be understood. “Slutty little siren, cumming naked in a pool for a bit more power?”
“Mmmmm, yes!” Sonata pulled Aria even closer, milk pouring into the pool from sheer arousal despite Aria not even touching her nipples. “Yes, I’m bad, so so bad, I’m a sexy slut, I deserved to be banished, fuck me, Aria, fuck me!”
“Ooooh, fuck!” Sonata plunged several fingers into Aria at once and Aria jerked upwards, her nipples drawing hard lines across Sonata’s breasts as they rose. “No,” she said indistinctly, words proceeding at roughly the same speed as her thoughts, “nooo, not cumming yet, you wonderful thing. Aaaaaaaah! This isn’t proper siren ritual. We need to, need to, ohhhh! Need to entice. Bring the people in.”
“They’re enticed!”
“Not enough.”
So Aria slowly brought them around, figured out where they were in the pool and moved them back toward the edge nearest their rapt audience, every step punctuated by soft moans and kisses of odd body parts. She sat crosslegged in the water, Sonata in her lap with Aria’s pointy tits crammed up against her back, milk pouring down her front and actually rather clouding up the pool. Aria leaned around Sonata’s head to face the onlookers, who stared back in all the awe befitting true sirens at work. Voice tired but full of siren charm, she smiled wickedly at them. “Well? Who’s thirsty?”
Sonata quivered excitedly in her lap, but no one said anything for at least ten seconds. Finally a muscular boy near the front shifted and asked, “Uh… thirsty for what?”
“Oh, come on, don’t be idiots.” Aria rolled her eyes and pushed in the undersides of Sonata’s boobs, eliciting a delighted squeak. “This milk isn’t going to drink itself.”
At last a wiry yellow-skinned boy stepped forwards at the laughing pressure of his comrades, and, blushing furiously, knelt down before Sonata’s great breasts. Encouraged by yell from the crowd, he took her nearest nipple in her mouth and began to drink, slowly at first and then faster as his eyes widened at the magical taste. Sonata sighed happily in Aria’s lap, rubbing her boobs around and pushing them father into the boy’s face, and he drank and drank while the crowd continued to shout their appreciation.
Aria reached out to push him away. “Nicely done,” she said, with just a hint of a snarl to keep up her reputation. “Who’s next?! No more than sixty seconds a drink, please; room for two at a time!”
If there was a limit to how much milk Sonata could produce, it was not discovered that day. Their appreciative audience slowly formed itself into a queue of well-dressed boys and girls around their age, standing respectfully—if more than a little shocked—in line to kneel down and suck Sonata’s endlessly giving teats. Some of them produced cups instead, to save some of the milk for later, and squirted it into the cups with careful massaging of Sonata’s nipples that left her purring, while most simply drank for as long as they could until Aria shoved them away.
Sonata turned her head to envelop Aria in a long and loving kiss, and Aria found the hairs on her neck standing on end as she returned it. Sonata as a siren was taking in a ludicrous amount of power sitting there with her big bare tits and her active milking and her recent rampant lesbianism, and their kiss shared some of that power with Aria too, until she felt like she could all but tear a hole in the world and return to Equestria then and there. But she wasn’t in the mood. Sonata was way hotter as a human, and maybe Aria was selling herself short, but it seemed like life would be pretty good if all she ever did was wander around fucking Sonata Dusk anywhere the mood took them. And Adagio Dazzle, of course, if they could get her in on it, but just one taste of the magic coursing through her should be enough for that. There was very little you couldn’t get away with as two or three hot young women prone to nudity and casual sex.
She was hugging Sonata to her, but with her other hand she resumed her attentions to Sonata’s pussy. The ever-whiter water around them still made it impossible to tell how slick it was, but her insides felt hot to the touch, and Sonata’s whimpers at her touch ascended quickly into groans and even full words. She started rocking slightly in Aria’s lap, forcing her supplicants to do just that much more work to stay in contact with her nipples—milkshakes, Aria thought wryly—and massaged her breasts happily in time with Aria’s fingering.
“Mmmm… ooooooh, yes!” She sighed happily into Aria’s mouth, lips parting for a moment in a huge smile before closing back over Aria’s own as their tongues rejoined their slippery dance. Sonata’s kisses were greedier now, more intense than when they’d started, another sign she was nearing the climax Aria had stolen from her before. Well, let her! Aria dove her fingers deeper between Sonata’s legs, pressing her lower lips apart and stealing the space within for devilish dances that brought all sorts of interesting gasps from her lover.
A yellow-skinned girl, her head a willow tree of long pink hair and her chest even huger than Sonata’s, was next in line, and she closed her lips over Sonata’s nipple with a practiced air. Sonata cried softly into Aria’s mouth, gasping for air as her body shivered with antici—
“Show us your tits!” shouted someone in the crowd, and the yellow girl smiled around the milky nipple and pulled her green tanktop up to her neck.
—pation. The sight of the girl’s immense boobs was the final straw, and Sonata melted into an orgasm that possessed her entire body and left her helpless in Aria’s arms as Aria continued to play her pussy like the world’s wettest fiddle. Milk gushed from Sonata’s tits in waves, choking both the yellow-skinned girl and the solidly-built boy at her other nipple and forcing them both to back off as milk continued to spray into their faces and turn their skin white. Sonata cried non-words at the top of her lungs and slumped against Aria so hard that Aria lost her balance and they fell into the water again, milk still flowing in every direction for many long seconds after Sonata regained control over the rest of her body. Aria crawled toward her through the water and regained her attachment to Sonata’s straining geysers, getting over the jealousy she’d built up over the last while by reasserting her ownership of the delicious milk from those gorgeous tits.
A boy in the crowd yelled at her. “Hey! I didn’t get my turn yet, you bitch!”
Aria sighed and concentrated on her siren song. Well-learned tunes grew from her to take hold on the world around her, summoning from the earth a green mist that swirled around their audience and slowly escalated their emotions, at the same time driving them in a very specific direction. Conflict. Anger. Others in the crowd tried to shout the boy down, while others took his side, and it rapidly devolved into a loud and heated argument. Finally the mall security showed up and escorted the whole lot of them out, not even noticing the two naked—well, nearly naked, since they were wearing boots and Aria supposed she still had her vest and the upper half of her shirt—girls cuddling in the white waters of the fountain pool.
They lay there for a long while, occasionally leaning over to lay a kiss on the other’s cheek, or neck, or anything else that was handy. Sonata, Aria thought, had never looked more beautiful. Sure, she could act like kind of an idiot, but it was really hard to be mad at someone when you’d just had half a dozen or more collective orgasms with them. It wasn’t like Aria didn’t have her bad sides too, and she probably found more fault with Sonata than really existed, only because she was already primed to look for them. She would need to work on that, if she wanted to have constant sex with her forever… mmmm, interspersed with the occasional soaking wet cuddle, of course. She kissed Sonata’s forehead and Sonata giggled.
“Uh… hey again?”
Aria rolled over to get a look at who was talking, and laughed. It was the spiky-green-haired girl from that one store they’d been in, now wearing a cleavage-heavy pink shirt instead of her regulation employee t-shirt. Aria guessed the girl’s boobs were about as big as her own, though her leather jacket made it harder to tell. Her plaid green skirt was just short enough to offer the promise of an interesting view from Aria’s angle, if not quite short enough to actually provide it. And she’d come looking for them. Hmm!
She turned back to Sonata with a predatory smile. “Got room for another in you?”
Sonata tweaked a nipple experimentally. Milk sprayed out onto Aria’s arm, undeterred by her breasts’ constant abuse from earlier. “Probs!”
Nice. Aria turned on the charm just in case, even if all evidence suggested she wouldn’t be needing it. “You’re the girl from the store, right?” she asked, all innocence. “Can we help you?”
“Uh, yeah!” The girl was more confident than before, like she didn’t need to act so professional when she wasn’t at work. Neat. “I got off at four eh like I said. And you weren’t there, but a lot of knobs were on about these two wack girls who’d been going around the mall fucking and ended up in this pool. So I thought, what the hell I’ll come take a look…”
Aria smiled and nodded. She sat up in the pool and ran her hands along her breasts, acting for all the world like she didn’t notice she was doing it. She felt Sonata latch onto her back and purred at the feeling of those wet ruby nipples digging into her shoulders. “Well, you found us! What next?”
The girl tilted her head. “Well like, I’m single okay? I’ve got too much eh work and school to hold down a girlfriend, so when I saw you two I got horny, and—“
Aria felt a large pair of tits settle on top of her head and heard Sonata’s voice from above her. “So you wanna have sex with us?!”
“Like yeah?” The girl’s intense red lips set into a frown. “Obviously.”
“Oh.” Aria turned off her siren charm, feeling silly. “Sorry, I’m not used to people being quite that direct. I was thinking we’d have some fun teasing it out of you, tell you our names to make you feel more comfortable, that sort of thing.”
“Eh fuck that.” The spiky-haired girl shrugged off her jacket and laid it on the floor. “Oh I brought you back your pants if you still want them, though. Are you… hey, are you wacks legit fucking in the mall fountain?”
Sonata bounced on Aria’s head. “Yeppers!”
Aria grinned. “Why, afraid of getting fired?”
The girl shook her head. “Eh not really. I mean yeah? The money’s okay. But the customers are all total posers, all on pretending to be scene or goth you name it. I can get more. Let me get my kit off, though, this skirt’s not fucking cheap okay?”
Aria and Sonata rose from the pool as one, smiling perfect sirens with white water flowing from their breasts and arms outstretched and long hair hanging behind them. “We can help you with that.”
The girl smiled. “Yeah!”
Twin sirens closed around the green-haired girl, trailing water on the floor as they walked. Aria went in for a kiss and found the girl’s big red lips tasted of cherries, matching the symbol on her shirt. That shirt crumpled up a little as Aria stole a hand in to play with her braless boobs, which felt soft and heavy and very squeezable. The girl returned the favor on all counts, filling her hands with Aria’s chest and petting around her nipples with obvious pleasure. She wasn’t as good a kisser as Sonata—though Sonata’s apparent expertise remained something of a mystery—but she wasn’t hesitant at all, leaning in to meet Aria halfway and gamely exploring the recesses of her mouth. Her full lips settled possessively around Aria’s and no doubt left a mark of their lipstick, and they sighed contentedly as one.
Below them Aria could just see Sonata pulling off the girl’s green skirt. She wore black thong panties which were quickly pulled down around her boots and tossed to the side, and then Sonata was between her legs lapping away like they’d spoken more than a couple dozen words to each other in their lives. At least there wasn’t a crowd around them this time to see it—for all Aria tried to be tough, she didn’t especially want to get the girl fired for no good reason.
“Oh ah fuck yes.” The girl writhed over Sonata’s tongue, and Aria smiled in sympathy. She grabbed the bottom of the pink shirt and pulled it up over the girl’s head, licking her lips at the sight of those solid breasts. She leaned in and twirled her tongue in a lazy spiral around her left nipple, all the while squeezing her breasts from below, and the girl moaned happily. “Eh hang on,” she managed after a while, “I still got my boots on. Don’t want to get them messy either okay?”
Aria looked down at Sonata, who shrugged and nodded. The girl pulled off her socks and boots, leaving her naked but for her earrings and her black fingerless gloves, the latter of which had felt too nice against Aria’s boobs for her to mention. Trails of girlcum were already trickling down her legs from Sonata’s oral interest. She was a little thicker-bodied than Aria but just as busty, her lips were red and cherry-flavored, and she seemed ready for anything. The sirens, thought Aria, had chosen well.
Deftly they steered her back toward the pool, each with one hand on her ass and the other squeezing gently on her boobs. They’d only gotten a few steps into the water, though, before the girl seemed to get tired of getting led around, for she leapt on Aria and Aria squeaked in surprise and fell back in the water with the girl on top of her. They wrestled briefly and splashily for control, hands sliding all over each other and seeking out sensitive spots, before settling into a passionate kiss with the girl still on top. The girl’s eyes flashed with excitement even as they kissed, lips bending over each other into ever new configurations, tongues sparring like drunken fencers coated in oil. Several spikes of her hair fell down from her face to rest against Aria’s skin, tickling in a way that made her only feel hotter.
Aria was mostly underwater, but the girl didn’t seem to mind. Her partly-gloved hands made love to Aria’s tits, pressing and rolling them this way and that and pulling on her nipples, and Aria shuddered and moaned and kissed her harder. She pulled the girl down closer to her so their boobs smashed together in a mass of hard nipples and soft tit flesh waging the kind of war that ended only in orgasms instead of death.
“Mmmm yeah!” The girl groaned and shook herself, driving her nipples across Aria’s breasts like she was trying to leave marks. “Aaaah yes. Ohh! Fuck yes!” Unattached, she turned her attentions to Aria’s left ear instead, licking and nibbling at it in a way that left Aria breathless. She scraped her fingers along the girl’s back in return, tracing lines with her barely-sharp nails in places she knew should feel especially good, and the girl groaned happily and squashed their breasts together.
Aria felt a pair of fingers trying to get into her pussy, and she quickly parted her legs to give Sonata access. The green-haired girl was mostly out of the water as she knelt over Aria, and Sonata’s head was back between her legs licking and kissing her cunt from behind, and she fingered Aria at the same time. Aria’s pussy was fully flooded with milkwater and the movements of Sonata’s finger sent the milkwater rushing around inside her, just heavy and mobile enough to make her feel all filled up, and she moaned and clenched around Sonata’s fingers and forced her to fuck her all the harder.
“Mmm… yeeeeah!” sighed the spiky-haired girl, or maybe it was Aria’s sighing, she couldn’t even tell. Everything felt amazing. Milkwater swirled around her in all directions, rippling and sometimes breaking in waves over the exposed bits of her body, and Sonata was making a masterwork of her cunt while drawing her other hand up and down her leg in deliriously slow motion. Her boobs were pressed against other boobs, delightfully soft ones that gave every time she bucked against them from Sonata’s fingers, and the girl was biting her ear and she was rubbing her back, and… well, she was thirsty.
A sudden pang of empathy hit her out of nowhere. Sonata! No one was tending to Sonata. That wasn’t right. She forced herself up from the pool, breaking apart their entire setup, and got the girl sitting back on her knees, where she proceeded to lick her just-slightly-chubby stomach. Sonata took the hint and moved to the girl’s side, presenting her breast to be sucked; the girl leaned in and took the offered nipple, and her eyes quickly widened. Sonata laughed gaily.
Aria reached between the girl’s legs to take up Sonata’s earlier duty, and the girl parted them willingly, moaning as Aria’s fingers delved deep within her and stroked the farthest walls of her inner recesses, wet as everything else around them. The girl’s pussy was deliciously tight and she could only squeeze a finger or two in at a time, but she made herself useful on the outside too, and fingered herself as well with her other hand. “Mmmm! Ahhh, yes,” she grunted into the girl’s stomach between licks. Her butt and pussy were being presented to the outside world again, but she neither knew nor much cared if there was anyone to see them this time.
Sonata was playing with the girl’s boobs, squishing them against her chest with a big grin on her face as the girl continued to drink delicious magic milk from her breasts, switching from one to the other as if not believing that both could hold the same magic power. She reached out blindly to her siren lovers, groping at Aria’s hanging titties and fondling Sonata’s pussy, but she was too distracted to do a great job of it. Sonata looked down at Aria and smiled knowingly, and Aria returned the look. The girl was clearly starved for sex—like the rest of her world, going by what they’d seen so far—and it wasn’t taking much to take her over the edge this first time. Just a little longer…
“Aaaaaah!” The girl’s legs pressed together suddenly around Aria’s arm, driving her harder against her burning pussy, and an early quake passed through her body. Aria broadened her area of attack, leaning around to linger kisses along the girl’s sides and even the very bottoms of her boobs, which Sonata was still squeezing carefully. Milk was splashing down the girl’s cheeks as her sucking got less precise, landing on her squishy tits or else in the ever-whitening water around them, but Sonata only shoved her tits farther into the girl’s face in response.
“Oohh… eh yes, yes yes yes, mmmm…” The girl pulled away from Sonata’s gushing breast, gasping for air, and as one Aria and Sonata increased their efforts. A touch to her most sensitive spot, a kiss between her breasts, a breath in her ear, and the girl cried out and hugged Aria’s hand too tightly for her to escape, her spiky hair bouncing in all directions as she shook. Sonata retreated to squeeze at her own nipples, unhelpfully blasting the girl with jets of milk while her orgasm gently faded, and Aria eventually got her hand back with a rueful wince.
Giving the girl some time to recover, Aria climbed out of the water to embrace Sonata, kissing her tenderly as their breasts squashed together and milk poured out from between them at all angles. She squeezed Sonata’s butt and Sonata returned the gesture in kind, kissing and squeezing and generally rubbing up against each other until the girl felt like speaking again.
“Look,” she said at last, “you couldn’t do that before. You had your shirt off then and barely even had tits, and now you’re eh lactating.”
“Mmmmmm.” Aria pulled away from Sonata regretfully, squeezing her butt one more time before turning to the girl. “We’re sirens. Magical creatures from another world. We can do that.” Apparently, she added to herself.
Sonata nodded. “We’re going to take over the school!”
“Were.” Aria corrected her almost automatically. “Come on, Sonata, do you really think Adagio’s still going to want to do that? Sex is much better than singing and fighting, we get lots more power.”
“Oh yeah.” Sonata looked thoughtful for a fraction of a second. “Maybe we’ll take over the world instead!”
“Wait wait wait.” The girl looked alarmed for the first time since catching them in the store, and Aria felt a smile creeping onto her lips. This was what came of trusting strange women lying in ponds distributing casual sex, poor thing. “I’ve heard of sirens. You’re supposed to be evil yeah?”
Sonata shrugged. “Well, durrrrrrr. That’s why we’re gonna take over the school!”
This did nothing to help the girl. “I’m not under your spell or something now, am I?”
Aria grinned, rubbing a hand up between Sonata’s shoulders. “Yep, sorry. I mean, chances are we won’t do anything with it, but technically now we can call you to us at any time.” She shrugged. “Probably just to have sex, though.”
“You could have said something!”
“Right, but we’re evil. I don’t think you’re quite getting the idea.”
“Eh fuck.” The girl put her head in her hands for a minute or so before looking back up at them. “So is there anything I can actually do about this?”
Sonata draped herself seductively over Aria and gave her very best evil smile, which was still kinda innocent-looking. Ah, baby steps. “Nopers!”
“Well damn. Well if I’m right screwed either way, do you wanna fuck some more? I don’t gotta be home for a few.”
Aria looked appraisingly at Sonata for a moment. Maybe conquering the world wouldn’t be any trouble after all, especially with Adagio on their side. It was worth considering. But she liked the green-haired girl’s idea too. “Sounds good. Sonata?”
“I’m down!”
They joined ranks around the girl, who received them both with aplomb. Also with lots of licking and kissing and fondling and all-around fucking, at least until the mall closed down and they really did have to go home. It was a great night.

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