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Rainbow Dash put the last bottle of pop in the bag, and put the bag over her back. She opened the door and began her flight to the local park. Today was the day that Fluttershy, Scootaloo and herself will be going on a picnic. It was decided after Scootaloo wanted to spend more time with Rainbow Dash, and wanted to find out more about how Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash became friends. It would be the first time in ages that Rainbow Dash would be able to spend time with her first friend and her number one fan.
At the park, Scootaloo and Fluttershy were setting the picnic blanket and some of the food, with Scootaloo being excited. She was going to eat with her hero and idle. Her jumping around caused Fluttershy to giggle.
“I can’t believe that I am eating with Rainbow Dash, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me!” Scootaloo shouted, her jumping coming to a stop when she crashed into Fluttershy, causing her to fall on her back.
Fluttershy helped the pegasus filly up and wiped some of the dirt off. “I know you are excited, but you should be careful,” Fluttershy said quietly, as Scootaloo stared at the ground embarrassed.
“Sorry Fluttershy, I just can’t help it, it isn’t everyday you get to eat with your hero!” Scootaloo exclaimed, her wings buzzing, causing her to lift up a couple of inches.
“I always you would be more excited when you got your Cutie Mark,” a voice said behind Scootaloo. Scootaloo turned around and gave the biggest grin she could muster, as behind her was Rainbow Dash. She gave the rainbow maned pegasus a hug and shouted “You’re here! You’re here! You’re here!”
She soon realised what she was doing, let go and rubbed her chest in a cool manner, “I mean, glad you made it,”
Rainbow Dash chuckled, ruffling the orange pegasus mane. “I would never miss a picnic with my friends,” she put the bag full of pop on the blanket and sat down, with Scootaloo and Fluttershy following suite.
“Now let’s eat!”  
Away from them in a nearby tree, Discord was watching the three eat and talk. Discord couldn’t help but feel that this made him feel slightly jealous.
“Well, I thought I was a friend with Fluttershy, but it seems that she wants to hang out with her other friends.” He said while forming a cotton candy cloud and a glass for the chocolate milk rain.
“I swear, they act like they are family,” Discord took a sip of his drink, when his eyes widened, he gave an evil smirk and chuckled to himself.
“Then again, I can make them a true family, maybe for a week or a year,” With that Discord snapped his eagle hand, and sat down in a chair that appeared to enjoy the show.

As Scootaloo was eating a sandwich, she began to feel tired. Her eyes felt heavy, and gave out a yawn. “Sorry, but I can a rest for a bit?” Scootaloo asked, her legs getting weaker and eyes droopy,
“Sure thing honey,” Rainbow Dash answered, nopony even bothering asking why the rainbow maned pegasus called Scootaloo honey, or even why she said it in a motherly tone.
Scootaloo laid down and closed her eyes, her breaths started to become slower, and slower, until she was no longer breathing. Here tail was turning into purple smoke, and was slowly going up her body, till all that was left of Scootaloo was purple smoke. The purple acted on it’s own, and went into Rainbow’s maredhood.
As Rainbow ate, she felt her stomach become larger, forcing her to lay on her side, but yet she wasn’t annoyed, it was as if she been doing it for months. Her stomach stopped when it looked like she was 9 months pregnant.
The next things to happen were more bizarre. Her wings felt numb, and she couldn’t move them. She didn’t notice that her wings were becoming smaller and useless, until they disappeared completely, leaving her flightless. Yet Rainbow Dash didn’t even notice, in fact she remembered that she was never a pegasus, but what kind of pony was she again? As she was thinking, a horn began to grow from her head, and her mind was beginning to be filled with knowledge on how to use magic. She smiled as she remembered that she was an unicorn, and used her magic to pick up a sandwich
Her fur began to turn a clean white, with her muscles slowly decreasing, giving her a thin look. Her rainbow mane and tail changed to a blue colour, and her mane tied itself into a bun. Her eyes turned green, and her cutie mark changed into a blue cross.
Rainbows mind began to rewrite itself, as she forgot all about her life in Cloudsdale and Ponyville, and remembered that she was raised in Canterlot, where while helping her injured friend, discovered her talent as a nurse. As a nurse she married to one of the royal guard, and was now pregnant. Rainbow Dash, now known as Blue Cross, rubbed her pregnant belly in joy of being a mother.
Fluttershy changes were more bizarre than Rainbow Dashes. First her body became bigger, and more muscled. Her snout became more straight and defined, her hair became shorter. The biggest change was when when she felt her marehood burn, not knowing that her marehood became a stallionhood, turning Fluttershy into a stallion.
The now stallion Fluttershy lost his wings, and grew a horn on his head, and gained memories on how to use defensive and offensive magic. His memories were changing so that he remembered that he grew up in Canterlot with his parents as… as…
His fur changed to a grey colour, with his mane becoming a darker grey. His body was covered with a golden covered armour, and his cutie mark became a sword over a shield. He smiled as he remembered that his parents were part of the Royal Guard, which inspired him to become a Royal Guard. While at the hospital, he met his future wife, Blue Cross. Who was now pregnant with his foal.
Blue Cross nuzzled up to Fluttershy, who was now Sword Sheath, and rubbed her stomach.
“Oh Sword, it was a great idea to have a picnic in Ponyville, it is so peaceful.”
Sword Sheath licked Blue Cross and nuzzled her back.”
“I knew you would like it, I am sure our future foal will like it too.”
“You know, I could always go for another one after this one,” Blue Cross said, causing a chuckle from her husband.
“How about we talk about it after our foal is born,” The two laughed and went back to their picnic.

Discord was quite happy with what he did, and was tempted to talk to the happy couple.
“Actually, I will leave them alone. But changing them did give me an idea.” Discord grinned, rubbing his hands together. He now had a plan of changing ponies in Ponyville. He did not know when he would stop, but either when he got bored, or Celestia would threaten to the moon. Of course he was planning on changing them back, he didn’t want things to get to out of hand.
With that, Discord snapped his talon claws, and dissapeared, ready to find his next victim.

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