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Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice
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Since the Beginning  -

Started work on this a few days back, and I think I might be onto something. This first story in the series contains futa (what else would you expect from me?) and also some ass and cum play.
Pegasi, as a species, are not fond of enclosed spaces. Its not claustrophobia per se, though that affliction is common among the species and more the feeling a very big person has when trying to fit into a space designed for normal folks.
Rainbow Dash in particular was never happy anyplace where she could not stretch her wings, and fortunately Twilight’s bedroom in the new castle featured the same impressively vaulted ceiling as every other room in the crystalline structure. It was more like being in some vast cavern full of books, a messy bed and scientific apparatuses that utterly mystified the mare in their function.
Privately she’d always suspected that having beakers full of bubbling colored fluids was something that eggheads like Equestria’s newest Princess kept around just to let everyone know how smart they were.
“Alright, sorry to keep you waiting, Dash,” Twilight said as she stepped into the room over a stack of texts on the floor, “and thanks again for volunteering to help me out with this.”
The key was to play it cool and not act at all nervous or to tell Twilight that she looked really cute in a sweater vest.
“No problem,” Dash said with an easy smile, leaning back so that her tight shirt clung to her well defined abs, “always happy to help. You said this experiment was gonna be kind of freaky?”
“No, I said it was going to be, ah,” Twilight blushed, which in Rainbow Dash’s opinion made her at least twice as adorable as she normally was, “a bit… sexual in nature. Very sexual if I’m being honest.”
Dash smirked and flexed, spreading her wings, “good thing you called the sexiest mare in Ponyville then.”
Twilight stared at her for just long enough to make the weather mare wonder if she’d made an ass out of herself before saying, “right. Actually all the girls said they’d help out but I am glad that you’re going to be my first.”
“Anytime,” Dash replied, “so what are we gonna do exactly?”
“Well,” Twilight sat down on a pile of books across from her and fell into enthusiastic lecture mode, “It started out as gender change spell, but that proved ultimately impractical. Theoretically it is possible for a pony to permanently alter physiology in such a manner, but it requires both an intimate knowledge of anatomy and substantial magical power, at least that of a full alicorn. This would make it impractical at best for regular unicorns and potentially quite dangerous as well.
“You see Dash,” Twilight continued utterly oblivious to the glazed look in the weather mare’s eyes, “the spell would require removal of several pieces of anatomy with surgical precision, at least if its meant to be permanent which this ideally would be as I intended for it to be a means to help ponies who’s internal gender does not agree with their exterior and while I could manage this on a case by case basis that would be grossly inefficient and possibly quite cost prohibitive for such ponies who live far from Ponyville.”
“This spell does not completely alter gender, but it does add the primary sexual characteristic of the opposite one which is admittedly only a partial solution but does provided effective groundwork for later hormone therapy and if desired surgical removal of undesired characteristics,” she took a deep breath and Dash was about to break in and just ask for the short version, but she was distracted by the way Twilight’s chest moved, “I was able to overcome the problem of raw magical power required to cause the transformation by instead of attempting to manifest matter through use of magic, always difficult even for minor things though it can be done.”
“So…” Dash interjected, “what actually is going to happen?”
“Well, the spell with reprogram your body to grow a penis, prostate, and testicles quite quickly. If used on a stallion it would cause him to grow a female reproductive system,” she looked up, “the process should take upwards of five minutes to complete. Afterwards it will be permanently until removed and don’t worry, I can do so quite easily with a minimal risk of accidental internal bleeding. Anyways, we’ll need to do a few tests first to verify that everything is functioning correctly. Are you ready?”
“Oh, I almost forgot. Due to the speed with which the organs will form your metabolism will be operating at quite a high level, so you’ll probably be really, really hungry when its finished. I’ve taken the liberty of ordering pizza in advance of this.”
“So… in exchange for letting you grow a penis on me, the removal of which might cause me to bleed to death you’re giving me pizza?” Dash raised a skeptical eyebrow, “is there pineapple on it?”
Twilight stared at her in confusion for a moment before saying, “why would anypony do that to pizza?”
“Ok, I’m sold,” Dash stood up and clapped her hands, “lets do this.”
“Great!” Twilight beamed and Rainbow felt her heart flutter, “Now take your pants off please.”
The frankness of the request took Dash by surprise for a moment. She’d often fantasized about getting naked with Twilight, but had always thought that there would be candles and smooth jazz playing somewhere.
Still she wasn’t about to hold back now, and promptly stripped out of her running shorts and plain black panties.
“Right, now I just need to perform a small inspection to ensure that everything is fine here,” Twilight said, kneeling between Dash’s legs and staring at her marehood, “hmmm, you seem to be exhibiting signs of sexual arousal.”
Tell her you think she’s hot and you’re secretly in love with her! Part of the weather mare’s brain screamed, but all that came out was, “err…”
“That should be helpful,” Twilight said, making some notes on a clip board she slipped from under her lab coat, “it’ll make it easier to test the penis when it manifests.”
Dash whimpered when she felt Twilight’s face draw near to her wetness, felt the princess’s breath waft over her clit and…
“Alright, I just need you to turn around and bend over for the rectal exam, please,” Twilight said in the voice she used when trying to put ponies at their ease.
“The… the what?” Dash looked down to see Twilight putting on a pair of rubber gloves and drawing a jar of clear gel from a pocket.
“Oh, I just need to check your anal cavity to be sure that there isn’t anything that might interfere with the prostate,” the princess said, “now please turn around and bend over.”
That was not according to plan, but Rainbow Dash was not one to back down just because she was going to have her crush’s fingers in her ass.
She closed her eyes and braced herself as Twilight stood and then began to rub a couple of fingers slathered in the cold goo against her most sacred entrance.
“Just relax,” Twilight soothed as she slipped one finger in, “wow, you are extremely tight.”
“Thanks,” Dash whimpered.
“Hmmm, do you practice any sort of anal masturbation?” Twilight asked.
“What?! No!”
“Really? its actually quite stimulating,” Twilight said as she removed her finger, “especially if you combine it with more normal kinds. Anyways, I just ask because it seemed like you got a lot wetter when I stuck my finger in.”
“Can we just get on with this?” Dash pleaded.
“Alright,” Twilight patted her reassuringly on the most accessible part of Rainbow Dash at the time, which is to say her rump, “sit on the bed please. I believe we have good baseline data, and you are a perfectly healthy adult mare.”
Dash did as she was told, and sat with her legs spread. The whole ordeal had been a bit embarrassing, but she should have remembered how frank Twilight could be when absorbed in research.
The Princess of Friendship/Magic/Library Science took a step back and closed her eyes. There was a soft pinkish glow at the tip of her horn and then Dash’s crotch went numb.
“Uh, Twilight…” Dash began, “am I supposed to feel anything?”
“No, the first stage numbs the area,” the Princess gave Dash a sheepish grin, “the sensations of growing a new set of sex organs can be pretty overwhelming.”
“Wait, you tried this on yourself first didn’t you?” the weather mare shot her friend a wolfish grin that grew broader as Twilight blushed.
“The first, ah, hour or so can be a bit of a distracting experience,” Twilight said, “and it’s not really good policy to experiment on yourself.”
Dash looked down at her groin, privately smirking at the mental image of her friend with a cock and thought she saw a slight bulge form in the midst of her rainbow colored pubic fur.
“Um, I probably should have warned you earlier but the sight of it growing can be a bit disturbing.”
As the weather mare watched a sort of hole began to form in her coat, the fur falling away in three inch circle.
“Hey, uh how big is it going to be?” she asked, suddenly nervous.
“With this spell the measurements are a three inch diameter on the glans, two inch at the shaft and an overall length of sixty centimeters,” was Twilight’s prompt response, “I realize that this is a bit excessive, but I wanted to have more surface area to work with.”
“For the experiment,” Dash deadpanned.
“Yes, for the experiment.”
For a long moment Rainbow Dash stared Twilight down, suddenly aware that as much as she really did want to get the mare alone and do really kinky things with her, she actually knew very little about her predilections.
She looked down when Twilight’s eyes grew wide as saucers and drew in a horrified hiss of breath when she saw the length of deep blue flesh inching its way out of her body and the expanding sack beneath it. She suddenly understood why Twilight had warned her it could be a bit disturbing. One never wants to actually watch a body visibly growing, especially not one that was never there before.
Dash immediately looked for something else to look at and settle on Twilight’s face. The mare had a fascinated, almost hungry look about her, very much like somepony watching a chef prepare their favorite meal.
“So… this really is for science right?” she asked.
Twilight blinked and shook her head, purple mane flying.
“Its not?” Dash raised an eyebrow.
“Itsforscience!” Twilight said entirely too fast, and the pegasus smirked to see the panic on her face.
After a moment, Twilight collected herself and gathered up as much of her dignity as she could before saying, “alright, there may be some personal interest as well, but mainly I am doing this to expand Equestrian knowledge on spell craft, specifically with regard to body modification and mind magic.”
“So, basically you want to get laid?” Dash leaned back ans spread her wings again, “you coulda just asked. I’d bang ya, dick or no dick.”
“Why?” Twilight seemed genuinely confused, “I mean I know you prefer mares, but honestly I never thought I was your type.”
She blushed and chewed her lip while peering into Dash’s eyes, “besides, I always thought you were into Applejack.”
“What are friends for?” Dash leered while her inner voice told her to tell Twilight that she really did find her quite attractive, even before she’d gotten wings of her own.
It was the mare’s innocent eagerness, the way she seemed fascinated by everything and everypony and beyond that…
Ever since she’d moved to Ponyville Twilight had always been there for Dash, had always been ready and willing to support and encourage her even when their interests diverged.
She was in short a profoundly decent mare, and Rainbow Dash found that extremely attractive.
Now if only she could get the words out without feeling like a wuss for saying them.
“Well…” Twilight tapped her chin, “We will need to verify that your penis is working properly. I was just going to have you masturbate anyways, so I suppose we can make things more interesting.”
“Speaking of,” Dash looked down at her groin. The flaccid length came down to mid thigh.
“Oh it should be done now,” Twilight said, kneeling between Dash’s legs, “the numbness should be wearing off soon, afterwhich it will be quite sensitive. I should tell you now that you won’t have much endurance, but for this spell I have modified the refractory period so that we can run all the tests before removing it. If we relied on normal sexual rythms we’d be at it for most of the day.”
“Ok, what does that mean for non egg heads?” Dash asked, then added, “no offense.”
“None taken,” Twilight gave her a sheepish grin, “I know I can be a bit verbose at times.”
There was a rumble from Dash’s stomach.
“The pizza should be here any second now,” Twilight said, straightening up, “I’ll go down and get some drinks to go with it. Feel free to masturbate if you need to, and if you ejaculate find an empty glass to collect the sample in, er, just don’t leave the room alright? Not without pants on anyways. We don’t want to traumatize Spike.”
“Gotcha,” Dash nodded as Twilight bustled out of the room. She looked down at the new flesh between her legs and snorted. She simply did not see what the big damn deal was. Dicks were dicks in her eyes, and she was sure there wouldn’t be any problem and that-
The numbness was beginning to wear off and Rainbow Dash was abruptly aware of the feel of the air current moving softly over her length. She fought hard and failed to stifle a groan at the stimulation, at the way the subtle breeze seemed to carress every milimeter of her.
She reached down out of reflex to cover herself and nearly shouted as her finger tips made contact with the silky flesh. The touch was like a bolt of lightning that ran straight from groin to brain and pummeled her with an almost painful pleasure.
This caused the organ to begin to harden in slow, hot pulses. It plumped up in her hands and the mare fell back in the bed panting.
It bobbed up and down and Dash was hideously aware of every single inch of it. She watched the flared head spread out wider, watched the veins bulge on the side.
Her member wasn’t pure blue like her flesh, but mottled with a darker shade. Dash reached out to it and with trembling fingers touched the tip.
It was like a redhot knife of pure ecstacy stabbed into her very soul and before she knew what she was doing, Dash had gripped the obscene thing in both hands an began fumbling at it. Her mind realed as chaotic spikes of sensation pouned into her.
“How the hell do stallions function with one of these?!” she demanded of the world in general. It was utterly maddening.
Soon in her crazed groping she began to stroke her new cock, lightly and closed her eyes in rapture as the world went pink and fuzzy around the edges.
As Twilight had predicted, she didn’t last very long. The end came as a slow build up of pleasure in the back of her mind, a sort of tension that seemed to reach out through her whole body and then…
The dam burst. It was a bit like a female orgasm in the build up and release, but there was something different in the over all flavor of it. For starters it was a lot messier.
Ropes of sticky cum sailed into the air, arcing almost elegently in the afternoon sun light before landing on books, the bed, and mostly on Rainbow Dash’s chest as she lay back in a daze.
“Wow, none of that was anywhere near a container,” Twilight said as she pushed her way into the room, carrying three cardboard boxes out of which wafted the enticing smell of tomato sauce, melted cheese and a lot of garlic.
“I think I just died,” Dash moaned without moving.
“Well then I’ll have to drink all this beer myself then,” Twilight replied, which got Dash sitting up and looking alert.
The mare took in the sticky mess she’d made and mumbled, “sorry.”
“Don’t worry,” Twilight said with a laugh, “you’ll be ready to go again in few minutes, and besides this is nothing compared to what I did when I tried the spell on myself. I had to burn those sheets.”
“Wow, that’s pretty gross,” Rainbow Dash grinned and eyed the pizza boxes. She really was astonishingly hungry.
Twilight handed them over to her, along with a six pack of beer.
The selling of alcohol was technically illegal in Equestria, but brewing it was not on account of the fact that Princess Celestia did not want a revolt on her hands, and was reportedly quite fond of wine herself.
Dash did not have the space to brew her own beer, and so was always happy to sample another pony’s home brew, especially Twilight’s since the mare took the view that the purpose of any alcohol was to get you into that pleasent, buzzing state of happy drunkenness and brewed accordingly.
Twilight claimed a beer and slice of garlic, pepper and olive pizza for herself and watched Rainbow Dash stuff herself in contented silence.
For her part Dash was aware that she was currently exhibiting the table manners of an exceptionally rude wolf, but figured that didn’t much matter since she wasn’t at a table and besides that, Twilight was smiling at her.
When she was finished, Dash set aside the pizza boxes and leaned back with a sigh, and found her gaze resting on the reason she was here. Her cock was growing again and she licked her lips in anticipation.
It abruptly went to full mast when Twilight sat down beside her and gazed over Dash’s shoulder at it.
“Alright,” Twilight said, “It seems to have relatively normal response. Now, I need to observe ejaculation and collect a semen sample.”
“Couldn’t you just scrape some off the sheets?” Dash asked.
“I could, if you’re not interested in getting a blowjob.”
Dash blinked in surprise and stared at Twilight who laughed.
“I’m not a virgin, Dash!” she exclaimed between chuckles, “trust me. I know what I’m doing, even if it has been awhile.”
Twilight slid around in front of Dash and looked up at her with big, purple eyes.
“Just let me know when you’re ready to cum,” she said and then before the weather mare could respond, opened her mouth wide and gave the glans a long, loving lick.
“Sweet Celestia’s tits!” Dash gasped as her mind exploded. She lasped into gibberish as Twilight’s lips closed around the member and she began to bob her head up and down on the shaft. The truely impressive thing was that Twilight managed to swallow her all the way down to the medial ring.
Again, it wasn’t long until the thoroughly incoherent Rainbow Dash was quite at her limit, though she retained enough sense to babble “fuck me of fuck I’m gonna cum!”
Twilight did not release her as expected, instead keeping the head of the cock in her mouth until Dash exploded in it.
Her organ was eventually relaesed, and it bobbed up in the air spurting its load, mostly into Twilight’s face but also into a beaker that was soon filled and set aside.
Dash was eventually able to think straight enough to look at the now quite sticky Twilight, who smiled and then opened her mouth to show Rainbow Dash that she still held a mouthful of spunk there.
Which she swallowed.
“Holy shit,” Dash breathed, “that was nasty. And hot. But seriously gross. But hot.”
Twilight brushed a long string of cum off her face and slurped it off her finger.
“I always liked the taste, and I’m really good at blowjobs,” she said with a pride that left Rainbow both distressed and impressed.
“You are something else, Twilight!” Dash said as she flopped onto her back and stared at the ceiling, “what else do we need to do?”
“Well really its only vital that I give you a quick prostate exam, and then we can be done if you want,” Twilight said, “of course, if you’d like a more rigorous exam…”
Dash smiled as Twilight climbed over her.
“I’m not just good at blowjobs, you know.”
“Sounds like a plan. You gotta be thorough in science right?”
“Oh yes, Dash,” Twilight agreed, “extremely thorough.”
“Hey I’ve got a crazy idea,” Dash reached up and stroked a hand across Twilight’s face, “what if you magiced yourself up a dick?”
“Why?” Twilight cocked her head to the side.
“Because I’ve always wondered what one feels like,” the weather mare smiled, “problem is they’re all attached to stallions and while I’ve got nothing against them, I’ve never wanted to bang one.”
“Oh?” Twilight ducked down closer to her friend and until Dash could feel her breath on her muzzle, “does that mean you want to bang me?”
“Yeah,” Dash closed her eyes and took a deep breath, “I really, really do.”
Then Twilight did something that shocked Dash. She kissed her, slumping her whole body against the mare writhing.
“Glad to hear it,” Twilight said as she broke the kiss, “Gonna be honest Dash, I’ve always kinda wanted to go down on you.”
“Wait, really?”
“Absolutely!” Twilight gave the weather mare a broad grin, “I like flat chests! And you’re so muscular and fit, and I always thought your mane cut was cute.”
Dash reached down, towards Twilight’s skirt only for the Princess to move out of her reach.
“You’ll get your chance,” the Princess purred, swishing her tail playfully, “trust me, Dash. I want that thing inside me as much as you do, but first…”
She rolled the weather mare onto her belly and crouched down behind her.
“I need to check that prostate,” there was the sound of latex gloves snapping and Dash expected pleasantly unwelcome intrusion of a pair of fingers coated in lube, but instead she got something much more surprising.
Twilight licked her from taint to tail, swirling her tongue around the entrance of the mare’s backdoor.
“That’s so nasty,” Dash said as she spread her legs to give the mare better access.
“Yeah,” Twilight purred before giving another long, loving lick that again lingered on the weather mare’s anus, “I love it. One of my roommates in Canterlot was really into anal play, we had a lot of fun that semester.”
Dash whinnied and her wings snapped out as Twilight’s tongue plunged into her anus, slurping and licking everywhere.
“There we go,” the princess said, “nice and lubed up.”
Her fingers entered immediately and there was a strange pressure, one that was quite pleasant.
“Feels normal,” Twilight chirped, but didn’t remove her fingers. Instead she curled them and at the same time her tongue lapped over Dash’s balls.
Rainbow Dash whimpered as it became apparent that Twilight fully intended to get her off again, and a brief feeling of panic overcame her. Was this all just an elaborate ploy by the mare to sex her up?
So what if it is? Her brain chimed in, shit, maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll make me a royal concubine or something. Plus this freaky shit is really hot.
She bit a mouthful of sheets to stifle a groan as Twilight continued licking, fingering, and now stroking her.
“Pay careful attention, Dash,” the Princess said, “you’re having a pretty unique experience among mares. You get to know what sex is like for a guy.”
Dash couldn’t hold herself back. Her legs kicked out at nothing as her body went tight and a third orgasm wracked her. It was Twilight’s fingers in her ass that did it, that constant, curling pressure had driven her thoroughly over the edge.
When the pleasure had subsided, Dash rolled over onto her back and saw Twilight still kneeling, head down on the floor, actually licking up the spent spunk.
Almost immediately she was rock hard again.
Twilight rose, unfurling her wings and wrapping her arms around Dash’s neck. She brought herself in close to the weather mare, till their faces were mere inches apart. Her lips parted slightly and Dash could see the slimy whiteness within, and for a moment she balked.
Then a long trickle of cum fell from Twilight’s lips and her resistance broke. It was too dirty, too hot for her to refuse.
She kissed the princess, pulling her to the bed as they pushed the sticky, salty load back and forth.
Both swallowed half, and Dash sat up, blinking.
“I can’t believe I just did that.”
“Believe it,” Twilight grinned up at her as she reached down to her skirt and pulled it up, “if there’s one thing I’ve learned its that sometimes its just plain fun to be a dirty little slut.”
“When you’re right you’re right,” Dash looked down as the mare spread her legs, and her heart leapt into her throat. Twilight was not wearing underwear, and her thighs glistened with arousal.
“Now, Rainbow Dash,” Twilight said, her hand drifting down to her juicy mound, “I want you to pick a hole and fuck it. Be as rough as you like, but don’t cum inside. I want you to finish on my face. Oh, and if you choose my ass, well I expect you to return the earlier favor.”
“Yeah… not doing that,” Rainbow Dash rubbed her length against Twilight’s leg and shivered, “I’m not as freaky as you.”
She placed the head against Twilight’s cunt.
Twilight bit her lip and nodded.
Dash rutted forward, hard and fast and was buried to the hilt in Twilight, making the mare groan, not entirely in pleasure but also not entirely in pain.
She wanted to apologize, but then the wet, tight warmth of the Princess’s marehood got to her and got to her hard. It seemed like the mare’s whole body was try to jerk her off.
With nothing other than a vague knowledge of how this thing was supposed to go, she began to fuck Twilight in earnest, sliding out and slamming in with startling speed, only an inarticulate groan escaping her lips as she pounded Princess pussy.
Twilight was not one to lay idly back and get fucked though, she was rubbing hard at her clit and panting, sometimes squeaking and squealing as the weather mare savaged her.
Dash was too busy reveling in the hot velvet of the mare’s cunt to notice that she came, juices gushing out onto her belly and balls. In fact her only clue was the way Twilight’s marehood clenched at her, as if trying to milk an orgasm out and still Dash hammered away.
Finally she gripped Twilight’s hips and thrust home one last time, balls slapping against buttocks, and came.
Rainbow Dash had never dreamed it would feel so good to cum inside another pony, the heat and wetness mixed with the beautiful, shivering release to create an experience utterly unlike anything she’d ever known.
No wonder stallions could be so single minded about sex. How could they not be when it felt this great? She wanted to kiss Twilight for giving her this gift.
Instead, Twilight groaned in frustation and hit Dash in the face with a pillow.
“I said to cum on my face!” the princess snapped.
The weather mare could only offer a sheepish grin and mumble, “sorry, I kinda forgot.”
Twilight slumped back with a sigh as Dash pulled out, a small trickle of cum following the exit.
“I can’t really be mad,” Twilight smirked at her, “You did get me off pretty hard.”
“Well I am pretty awesome.”
The Princess snorted, “And I really like it rough and dirty.”
Her demeanor softed a bit and she reached out and took Dash’s hand.
“Thank you so, so much for indulging me like this,” she gave her a kiss on the cheek, “I mean most ponies would’ve run as soon as butt stuff came up, but you stuck it out like a trooper.”
“I kinda liked it,” Dash admitted with a shrug, “besides I always did wanna fuck ya.”
“Well,” Twilight smiled at the ceiling, “anytime you want another round, just let me know. For now I’d better remove the parts you weren’t born with.”
Dash covered her groin defensively.
“For Celestia’s sake, Dash, I’m not going to cut them off you. We’re just going to magically remove them and heal over the wound. Don’t worry, I was able to do it to myself with no trouble and there’s only a point zero one percent chance of you bleeding to death.”
“That’s not it,” Dash said a bit too fast. The comment about bleeding to death had unnerved her, “I actually want to keep it.”
Twilight arched an eyebrow.
“Think about it, Twi,” Rainbow Dash’s mind jumped ahead, “this seems like it’d be really import for your experiment. How does a mare adjust to having a dick? Easy. I’ll adjust and you can take notes. Lots of notes.”
“Well,” Twilight chewed her lip in thought, “If you want to. Remember, you’re going to find it extremely distracting for awhile.”
“I can deal with it,” Dash lied.
Twilight rolled her eyes and smiled at the mare.
“Ok, keep it,” she said, “now lets go have a shower. We stink like hell, and I need some mouth wash.”
As the two walked to the bathroom, Dash wondered what Twilight had in store for the others. She hoped to be a part of it, or at least in parts of them.

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