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If Leonard Nimoy hadn’t died last year (T_T), I would’ve loved to hear him voice Starswirl the Bearded…
As for the Power Ponies and Humdrum, I imagine they would still have the voice actors of whichever mane six member (and Spike) took their place in the episode, just giving slightly different performances.

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Proud of being Polish
What do you think about characters from IDW comics? If they appear on the show, or all stories from comics bocome episodes, what they should sound like and what voice actors and actresses should voice them?
So, for example, who will voice:  
  • cave troll,  
  • nightmare forces,  
  • Captain Hoofbeard and pirates,  
  • Star Swirl the Bearded,  
  • Jim the diamond dog,  
  • King Longhorn,  
  • Power Ponies and Humdrum,  
  • Long Face,  
  • High Heel,  
  • Pharaoh Phetlock,  
  • Shadowmane,  
  • Smudge,  
  • Anubis,  
  • Baast,  
  • Bramble,  
  • King Aspen,  
  • Well-to-do,  
  • Mina,  
  • Cloverleaf,  
  • Princess Amore,  
  • Radiant Hope,  
  • Sendak the elder,  
  • King Vorak,  
  • Queen Haydon,  
  • Scorpan,  
  • Doran and moon creatures,  
  • King Orion,  
  • Emperor Incitatus,  
  • Sergio,  
  • Prancy Drew
    and many other characters that I didn’t mention in a list.

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