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@Jade Kitsune
You sure.
Dark Chocolate is bitter.
Milk Chocolate is sweeter and has some bitterness and is mostly used in other good products like a Hershey’s Bar, Butterfinger and more.
White Chocolate is sweet with vanilla.

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Jade Kitsune
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My reasons for joining previous Splatfests if I’d played the games earlier than Splatoon 3, starting with the first game:
Cats vs. Dogs
My choice: Cats
Why: I think cats are way cuter than dogs.
Roller Coasters vs. Water Slides
My choice: Roller Coasters
Why: I don’t really like getting wet.
Marshmallows vs. Hot Dogs
My choice: Marshmallows
Why: I enjoy s’mores.
Autobots vs. Decepticons
My choice: Decepticons
Why: They’re all really cool, especially Shockwave.
Art vs. Science
My choice: Art
Why: I enjoy drawing.
Cars vs. Planes
My choice: Planes
Why: They get me to other states quicker.
Pirates vs. Ninjas
My choice: Ninjas
Why: I like the Asian setting more.
Burgers vs. Pizza
My choice: Pizza
Why: I can order a box and have pizza for a few days.
Naughty vs. Nice
My choice: Nice
Why: It’s the season of joy and happiness for me.
Past vs. Future
My choice: Past
Why: To experience past pop culture.
Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue
My choice: Pokémon Blue
Why: It was my first Pokémon game, plus I always get the second title in each Pokémon game pair.
Snowman vs. Sandcastle
My choice: Snowman
Why: They’re more fun in calm winter, plus they’re outside my house instead of miles away.
SpongeBob vs. Patrick
My choice: Patrick
Why: Patrick is the most quotable character on the show.
Fancy Party vs. Costume Party
My choice: Costume Party
Why: Cosplay is fun.
Early Bird vs. Night Owl
My choice: Night Owl
Why: My sleep schedule is late.
Callie vs. Marie
My choice: Marie
Why: I just like Marie more.

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Jade Kitsune
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The results are in, first we have the Sneak Peek, the most Conch Shells earned was…
Team Sweet at 34.40%! (8P)
The most votes was…
Team Sweet at 56.84%! (10P)
And for a Clout check, we have in the three categories:
Open: Team Sweet (35.57%) (12P)
Pro: Team Sour (34.11%) (12P)
Tricolor Battle: Team Spicy (33.89%) (15P)
And the overall winner of the Splatfest is…
Awesome job, my sweet-loving peeps!
And here’s my title result.
Man, I should go get a small cake tomorrow.

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Evidently one of the Splatoon wikis has unused Splatfest dialogue in 1 and 2 based on the opposite team that didn’t win in the actual game. Nothing for 3 yet though.
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Jade Kitsune
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@Lord WyrmSpawN
You… do know how European dates work, right? They always put the day and then month. They’re basically saying “Seventh of January until ninth of January”.
Because where I live, it’s from 1/6 to 1/8 at 6 PM CST.
Also I’m calling it: Splatfests in March and May, May’s will be Legend of Zelda based.

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