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Fanfiction » Age of Despair: Rarity's Quest (EqG in FiM world) [NSFW with some Grimdark] » Post 3

Background Pony #301E
Feel free to use the concepts. I won’t mind at all.

Fanfiction » Age of Despair: Rarity's Quest (EqG in FiM world) [NSFW with some Grimdark] » Post 2

Background Pony #301E
Okay, I still haven’t come up with a single chapter (damn you, high school!), but here’s a few built-up rough ideas;
-Rarity has to avoid a big gang of bandits scattered around Equestria who want to catch and rape her because of the fact that Carousel Boutique is being endorsed by Princess Celestia (I know it’s a silly idea, but hey, let’s see how this goes).  
-Rarity is required to be generous towards those who try to protect Equestria, including but not limited to having sex with men who have lost their beloved wives.  
-Sparity is still a thing, but no bestiality, because I always feel weird with it.  
-The Dazzlings may appear as helpers.  
-CHS kids will keep everyone entertained and tone down the seriousness of this fanfic.  
-Sunset Shimmer will make a cameo appearance.

Fanfiction » Age of Despair: Rarity's Quest (EqG in FiM world) [NSFW with some Grimdark] » Post 1

Background Pony #301E
Update: I still have yet to build the rough ideas I’ve got, because of school stuff. I may consider posting some of them when I get some free time.

Fanfiction » Age of Despair: Rarity's Quest (EqG in FiM world) [NSFW with some Grimdark] » Topic Opener

Background Pony #301E
Hello Derpibooru users! This thread will be used to post my first ever MLP fanfic, Age of Despair: Rarity’s Quest. The universe within it can be summed up as the FiM universe with EqG human characters. I am new to the FiM universe, but I promise I’ll watch more episodes to understand more about it.
In this fanfic, Princess Celestia falls terribly ill, causing chaos to be here and there. Princess Luna rules Equestria instead, though it doesn’t make it any better. Looking at how terrible the condition is, Rarity, the most generous among the (Hu)Mane 6, decides to have a quest all around Equestria to help nice beings and bring them out of misery caused by evil beings, while the rest of (Hu)Mane 6 have to protect Equestria their best. However, they occasionally also do other important things outside of the royalty and sometimes help Rarity complete her quest.
This fanfic will feature some grimdark and NSFW moments, including but not limited to death, rape (both happening and imminent) and consensual sex.
Last but not least, your criticism is always welcome, be it from a registered user or a fellow background pony.
I’ve yet to come up with a chapter of this, but I’ve gotten some rough ideas to build up for this fanfic.

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