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Crystal Wishes
Artist -

Don't give up, Everypony
Massive edit for Windy Breeze

1.oc:Windy breeze

2.Windy breeze

3.Pegasus pony/female

4.She is a young Wonderbolt who loves to spend time helping, and chatter with friends early in the morning. She is very friendly, and doesn't become stern or hostile unless she or one of her friends are in a dire situation. There is a possibility Thunderlane has a crush on her.

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@Exemxe the exe

You listed the OC's names under the creators, do the creators share names with the OCs? If you are the creator, I would add your name to that spot.

Also, since there's generally the one image did you want me to instead add >>2346879 and >>2346878 respectively, or just use >>2236259/>>2347111 for both? (Though I would recommend using the solo pics to make the character's tags more obvious)
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Artist -

1. oc:kina hua
2. JerryEnderby
3. Female / Longma (Eastern Dragon Pony)
4. A mascot of Chinese brony community on Bilibili that in some ways represents a ponified China, wishes to join CNBC one day. She has a traditional chinese knot as her cutie mark and she tries many other manestyles too. She loves money, a lot, and there ain't any place where she can't grow vegetables. Alias: oc:龙霞烨烨

P.S. I just added the alias in the description so other chinese bronies would have a easier time finding her, it's her chinese name. It's fine if that part did not get put in but it'll be best if it did.
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
Artist -

1. Source Filmmaker Amateur

2. Patrick

3. Male Earth Pony

4. A Beige earth pony. Twin brother of Patricia, who are best friends with one another. Patrick loves computers and technology in general, while also enjoying nature and knowledge, with more of a liking to cold temperatures. He loves his sister, a lot.

5. and

1. Source Filmmaker Amateur

2. Patricia

3. Female Earth Pony

4. A Beige earth pony. Twin sister of Patrick, who are best friends with one another. Patricia loves literature, reading and novels, being an aficionado of collections in such. She loves nature just like her brother, but also prefers hot temperatures, unlike her brother. She loves his brother, a lot, and is SLIGHTLY childish compared to him.

5. and
Blackie Wiremane

Kody's dark side
Hello, the OC is not mine (hence I can't fill in #4), though I'd like to give her some description as a contribution to her creator and to the site.

1. oc:moonbrush
2. Phathusa
3. MoonBrush is an alicorn mare (sometimes depicted as a unicorn)
4. ?

I'd prefer a ref sheet by the author herself, >>1290802 (NSFW), but as it is NSFW, I assume it wouldn't pass.
Exemxe the exe

Can I update my OC? I hope the other features of loveystar don't change, but her body can emit blue light when she uses magic. When she is sad, her eyes will turn black and her pupils will turn blue
(I was the first Exemxe, and now I've changed my name)

1. oc:blue scroll
2. Polonius
3. Pegasus/Male (but often appears in R63 version)
4. Blue Scroll is a scientist specialized in extreme weather conditions working at Cloudsdale Institute of Technology. You can always meet him with his safety googles, which not only protects his eyes but also corrects his vision. He likes to optimize and automate everything, which is shown by his Cutie Mark — a simple state diagram drawn on a scroll. Blue also loves long distance flying. Apart from that, he is a rather shy, but eternal-glory-dreaming gentle soul with a mild case of an obsessive-compulsive disorder.
5. >>2167568
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab
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Is it skreeing time?
For oc:pinkfull night ‘s description, possible to change it for:

A shy and fearful teenager batpony which have been forced to live in the wild for years. With her new friends and family, she is now in the path to face her trust issues and fears. She really loves quiet areas and soft musics, she is even a guitar player!
Sydney Bat
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) - Took part in the 2020 Community Collab

1: oc:sydney

2:Sydney Bat

3: Bat Pony/Female

4: Sydney is a raider within the fallout equestria universe, she has a relatively short temper, and is hostile to begin with, but sweet and cute when you get to know her. she enjoys repairing old technology and drinking sparkle-cola rad.

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