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haihai, im new to the abdl group, any people rp here or have cute ponies in pamps?

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Sorry I was trying to post a picture of spike in a pink diaper hyper wetting it

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Daydreamed has posted 2 Christmas themed diapered smolder pictures on twitter 2 days ago can we get it on derpibooru?

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Artist -

I never considered them to be the same thing, nor did I say that they were. You’re restating parts of what I just said, while adding your own with it.
There’s Suggestive AP and there’s Safe AP (adultbaby). That’s what I was trying to say. (not that it’s official or anything) So, case or not. idc. I know that both AP and AB and DL are not ped materiel.
And I would suggest not listening to the assholes OR not saying anything to them. And comments more or less for reasoning, it would be hard for some people to identify an intetion in text.

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Hey buddy have you considered making favourite galleries for diapered rainbow dash smolder spike etc?

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Diaper artist
Eeeeeeer, no, Foalcon and ABDL are not the same thing and should never be considered the same, and people are being harmed because many people believe ABDL is pedophilia, statements like thoses do not help our case. In ABDL, there’s “Adult”
Diaper grinding is a sexual activity, and sexual activity on underage caracters falls into the foalcon category, no matter what, it’s stimulation of the sexual regions of one’s body, a sexual act on an underage character.
You like what you like, I don’t care, I would be an hypocrite to do so, but please, do not pretend Foalcon and ABDL are one, because EVERY kinks can be mixed with ABDLs, even panties fetish.
It wasn’t kinkshame, it was just a comment, one is in right to not like foalcon, especially on an ABDL board where the cause of the fetish is often linked to bad stuff.
In life, especially when it comes to art, you’ll find a lot of people saying they do not like your stuff, and not everything is an attack at your person, not everything has a shaming or hateful goal, it’s life, people have the right to tell their mind and should be entitled to do so.
The case is closed for me, your pictures were both foalcons and ABDL, my stance on this fact doesn’t matter.
Edit: Well, maybe not every kink, nudism seems hard to mix diapers with

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Artist -

Pff. foalcon/A.P. is not fully as from of ABDL, and it can binded together with ABDL and/or just AB. Kink shaming regaurdless, as it stands; At that moment I wasn’t in mind-set to make an official reply. So, I’m not trying to be the ‘on-top’ of stuff here.. Pardon if you may, I did not mean to be mean. It just was a bit of a rude statement, unless they were purposefully dicking around, kindly, with a south-park joke, then they could of said that. I just had to state what I needed, I grasp the inclination, so no worries or issues here.. And seeing that they didn’t mention anything about that being a joking, I digress; as I will not continue this conversation whilst making this making this last reply;
Young N’ young/old Diaper Grdinding is foalcon - the same thing that was happening in those pictures. That’s what was in the picture posted. I’m disregaurding your comment, letting this be. I was only letting you know that it’s truely unfair, to make a negative response towards someone’s kink/kinks.

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