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Dondo Mizusu Rose
futa twilight with a big
dick and balls acting crazy when fucking the busty rest of the cast. Some of them being oblivious and others being scared. Also stomach bulges and things like excessive cum or egg laying when a futa cums. Some long tongue stuff. Something similar to On-site link
On-site link
Twilight sparkle raping trixie
Something as good as External link especially thing with the horse
Penis growth during sex where the receiving person gets surprised
Same thing as above just its pov
Funny porn that's incredibly hot too
Background Pony #2C70
I leave for 2 weeks and come back and we got all new people in here.

I'm surprised, but satisfied. 👍
Background Pony #2C70

She is a total MILF, but honestly I think it's kinda rude to talk about somebody like that if they're not already in sex work isn't it? I mean, saying someone's a MILF or a hottie is one thing, but talking about a porno… Idk… Isn't that creepy? Or is that like the same thing as saying they're a MILF. Is it creepy to talk about people like that or flattering? Idk now my head is all fucked and I don't know which it is. Thou hath confuddled thine neurons.
Background Pony #2C70
More actual reverse gangbangs with the male being the sub instead of just regular old harems.

There's only 29 images tagged reverse gangbang, one of them (pictured above middle) is actually just a threesome, but I let it slide because it's hot af, and only 3 tagged with malesub. I had to add the tag to 2 of them myself.

Alpha Star
Just imagine…
Somnambula getting really fat by eating a lot of modern day fast food because she has never had that kind of food before back in the past.
Ocellus becoming so full of love and friendship magic (as well as eating lots of food) that it turns her into a big beautiful cute blob.
Silverstream trying lots of surface food that, well you pretty much get the idea.

Alpha Star
You know just, Silverstream, Ocellus, Smolder, Somnambula, Captain Celaeno and Tempest Shadow could all really use some fattening up you know…
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