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This is more generalized but

>SFW wholesome family art/couple art

Adorable examples such as SFW Kate + Kej images warm my heart ♥
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more ponified album covers, especially for lesser known bands. I'm not an artist, but maybe someone reading this probably is. What about a ponified Red by King Crimson with the legion of doom (Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow) on it. I thought about doing this myself but like I said I'm not an artist (if I was, I'd be on the Do-Not-Post list).
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Have I mentioned more ponies in modern 21st century settings? I would like to see some fantastical cars, as If to kinda peer into what cars would look like in their world.
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i want the mane six in their pirate costumes , more life size plushies and if it is possible nsfw ponysuiting
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@The Equestrian Zodiac

Crackle Pop being involved in more stuff with his mother and sister.

He doesn't get any love anymore… Where's his steampunk art?

More IDW characters getting fan art.

Seconded. The only IDW character who gets any attention is Nightmare Rarity and occasionally TrixMom and RadiantSue, and I'm starting to get sick of fans thinking they're the only three IDW characters outside Reflections.

Come to think of it, has anything in this thread been drawn yet? If anything, artists seem to be using this thread to determine what not to draw.
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NSFW: Pretty sure there isn't a single picture on this site of two diamond dogs fucking each other. gay or straight. I guess they do fullfill an interspecies monster fetish but still that seems weird.
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More stuff with AB and her parents, wouldn't hurt too bad to see more content like Bloom sleeping next to her mother or tried Bight Mac cradling his youngest daughter close to him.

I guess more stuff with DT, Silver Spoon and Peach Fuzz hanging out as friends or other more "fun" stuff.

Crackle Pop being involved in more stuff with his mother and sister.

More IDW characters getting fan art.

NSFW: More SFM stuff with the other characters outside of the Celly, Luna and the Mane 6 as futas or even having them sub to them (ie Futaloo on fem Dash or Futa Flurry on fem Cadence).
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