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Nostalgia Nerd
It was the morning after The Canterlot Friendship Festival in October. Pinkie Pie inflated a bunch of squeaking, round, big, very shiny, very clear balloons she held with her hooves. Pinkie Pie grabbed a squeaking, big, very shiny, very clear balloon animal she had made with their hooves non stop from the morning until the afternoon. After that had Pinkie Pie then been rubbing a static, squeaking, round, big, very shiny, very clear red balloon against her hair non stop as the relaxed pony rubbed her other hoof between her legs from the afternoon until the end of the evening morning non stop.  
The Mane Six and a group of other ponies was at the annual Canterlot Friendship Festival one morning in October where there was pink, shiny, large, balloon animals, music, dances and more. A moon had passed since the Mane Six and their friends they had been faced Storm King and the villains at the Canterlot Friendship Festival where peace now had been restored that peaceful October day. Later on at noon was Spike and Pinkie Pie going up on the remote mountains above Canterlot as ecstatic Spike was for over two hours petting a pink, shiny, large, creaking, balloon animal he got at the festival as the baby dragon then inflated a bunch of pink, shiny, large, very long creaking, balloons he made pink balloon animals out of in a forest. Pinkie Pie and Spike then grabbed the pink, shiny, large, creaking balloon animal until the late evening in the forest.  

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