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Nostalgia Purist

The night at the annual Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville had arrived. It was back at the end of May. A crowd of ponies had went to Twilight’s new house that was a library. Twilight and Spike had moved from Canterlot where she had been born and raised, as she and Spike moved to their new library in Ponyville that day.

"Hey, I’m Spike and I been raised in Canterlot with Twilight." Spike told Applejack and smiled.

"Howdy, and I am Applejack from the Sweet Apple Acres farm outside Ponyville." Applejack told the baby dragon and gave a smile.

There was a surprise party at midnight under the moon in the crowded house. The library had been decorated with big colourful balloons, confetti and streamers. For over 500 years ago in the 1480s Starswirl the Bearded had been told to live there according to the books in that library. Starswirl failed the tests that Princess Celestia gave him, so he moved out of Ponyville. Twilight went to bed under the party in the night, but the party was still going on. There was games, stories and cakes. Spike had been reading stories about the history of Ponyville, as Applejack read a book about Sweet Apple Acre’s over 100 year of history.

"For decades the gathering of the Apple family at every Summer Sun Celebration had been a tradition, as they gathered in the orchard by Sweet Apple Acres." Applejack read.

Drinks from Manehattan got served, and there was also strong drinks from Saddle Arabia too. Many of the guests that came to the party in the library was Derpy. Pinkie Pie had taken a bunch of records with her she played, and the crowd of ponies they was dancing along to the latest hit music from the Ponyville musicians. Later on had Applejack, Rarity and Spike been grabbing a large clear pink horseshoe balloon. The ponies and the baby dragon pushed to the horseshoe balloon in long time with their snouts and heads. Spike and the ponies felt very aroused by feeling how the soft balloon bounced against their snouts. Rarity then felt her hot horn throb by feeling how Spike kept on brushing the loudly squeaking balloon against her hot hard horn for a while. The unicorn pony loved to feel how the baby dragon was petting her horn with the balloon. Over an hour later had the horny pony been sucking Rarity’s hardened horn in long time. The baby dragon with soft spikes masturbated for over five hours by seeing the earth pony giving the unicorn that long horn sucking. As Applejack kept on giving the unicorn pony a hornjob were Spike petting the bloated rubber horseshoe. The aroused baby dragon also kissed and hugged the shiny balloon too as he rubbed himself under the legs. At last had the gasping pony reached her third climax after having the dino rub the static balloon body against her hair for over five hours. The party in Twilight’s library ended later that night, as the ponies and Spike they went to the annual Summer Sun Celebration in the decorated towns hall.

A year had passed since Twilight had moved into Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon went to their cute cenera in Sugarcube Corner in the summer. A year went since alicorn Twilgiht had been crossed over to the human world. That was the second time that the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been at the cute cenera after gathering for the first time that last year. Sugarcube Corner had been decorated with streamers and big colorful shiny balloons in many shapes that afternoon.

"I will like to welcome you to my annual cute cenera here in Sugarcube Corner." Diamond Tiara told the crowd of ponies and smiled.

Diamond Tiara was later on blowing air in a tiny, very long and blue balloon at the party in the balloon decorated room. The filly felt how the long rubber body got very long between her hooves, as Diamond Tiara loved how the shiny balloon hissed and squeaked. Diamond Tiara, Noi and Silver Spoon stood and grabbed and released the long blue balloon in over six hours. Diamond Tiara felt ecstatic by feeling the soft shiny rubber skin. Diamond Tiara, Noi and Silver Spoon it tickle in their flanks by playing with the swollen blue sausage. Twist had also showed up.

"Hey Twist nice to see you again." Diamond Tiara told the filly and gave a smile.

Then had Twist, Noi and Silver Spoon playing with a big pink and round balloon, while Diamond Tiara stood and rubbed herself under the legs from the evening until the end of the night. The horny filly had not rubbed herself under the legs before, and she examined herself under the legs . At last had the horny filly reached her second climax that morning, while Twist had been brushing a pink and whiny starfish shaped balloon in front of Diamond Tiara to arouse her.

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