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Derpbooru Free Edition!?
But what I mean is that it would get more views and comments if they actually showed up on Derpibooru like art does
This site is mostly meant for art (art booru)/ discussion (most forums) and seeing as there’s already sites for mlp fanfiction I doubt they’d add that much support for fanfics on here. You can share fanfics the the fanfic forums and other writers may come look at it but if you’re looking for the most interaction it’s best to use designated fanfic sites. I don’t know how bans work on fimfiction or how bad your ban is but if possible maybe you could appeal the ban? As far as I know it’s the best mlp fanfiction site there is. Big community, whole site dedicated to mlp, and it’s well made. If you’re unable to regain access to fimfiction, the next best sites would probably be fanfiction.net or wattpad. I personally can’t tell you how active mlp users are on these, but a quick glance showed some mlp fanfiction getting thousands of views with multiple reviews/comments.

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Ready for G5
I have an idea about what people could post here on Derpibooru
MLP fanfiction
Hear me out. If we could post fanfiction, then even the most terrible artists could have something to post

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