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Art Chat » A celebration of the hoers and the artists who draw them (probably NSFW) » Post 2

Art Chat » A celebration of the hoers and the artists who draw them (probably NSFW) » Post 1

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Thanks <3
Longinius did some really good ones too, if I recall correctly. And Arareroll, which probably influed Clopician’s horses anatomy

Art Chat » A celebration of the hoers and the artists who draw them (probably NSFW) » Topic Opener

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I’ll start by listing some artist names I enjoy and probably forget quite a few worthwhile mentions in this first post.
  • Scale
  • Mercurial64
  • D1ckBitch
  • Jotun22
  • Etheross
  • Wired Hooves
  • Early Bird Special
  • Clopician
  • We Lost
  • sagastuff94
  • negasun

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