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Aren’t there other places for payment? Like Venmo or Google Pay? Not that I use them, I’m still on PayPal for buying commissions but I’ve been cutting back to let my bank account stay up (and I’ve been losing interest in buying them since I started drawing).

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Sometimes, you might get banned on Paypal due to a scammer, being unable to pay a hefty debt, or some crime that you committed. And Paypal’s customer service has been notoriously inefficient, making bans effectively lifetime bans.
I am asking this because I was caught up in a scam, and am struggling with chargebacks just to finish a product (which was to be done on February 8), and I am very worried. I want to know, is life more difficult after you get banned from Paypal, or not using it at all?
It’s also because I need Paypal to do art commissions, buy book promotion services, and use Redbubble (where I sell my art, though I’ve just started).

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