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Sled implying sledge when it’s a specific kind of sled doesn’t make sense. I think everything here should just imply sled.

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Usage differs regionally.
In general, a sleigh is larger, has a more carriage-like design (raised walls and seating), and is always pulled by larger animals (horses, reindeer). A sled may or may not be drawn by animals, is smaller, and may or may not be flat.

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Today I learned that sledge is a real word, meaning a heavier-duty sled. Wikipedia and Wiktionary also assert that it is used in Britain as a catch-all term for “any type of sled or sleigh”.
With only 19 posts tagged, and what appears to me to be inconsistent use (covering smaller sleds, sleighs, and toboggans), it doesn’t seem to need to stand on its own - but would it get aliased into sled, or might it be used like a category, with both sled and sleigh implying sledge?
While thinking about that, ought toboggan imply sled? A toboggan is specifically a kind without runners.

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