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El Paso Resident
My city has become one of the primary hotspots in Texas.

People still have that awful Walmart massacre from last year in their minds and now this damned virus is making an already shaken community remain pinned in isolation.

God, if you exist, FUCK YOU.

What did El Paso do to deserve this?
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Background Pony #E1A4
Well you can add some Neosporin or some kind of relieving cream or ointment on the area, or finger.

If it gets bad enough that you think it will pus. You can rest the finger in a bowl or pan of hot water and put Epsom Salt in it. That should help the swelling.

And when the water gets cold dump it, which should be around 20/30 and add some more hot water and Epsom Salt.

Also skip this part unless you got pus, then the can prick the infected area with a very small needle and it should help the pus pour out.

And after you done the hot water and Epsom Salt thing, you can get the water off the infected area by using a dry cloth or towel/hand towel and apply the ointment/Neosporin or whatever ointment you use on the area.

And have some gauze or something you can use to wrap around the infected area so that dirt or anything like that cant get on or in the infected area.
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Let Me In
Fucking bruised my finger working on the damn baler when the handle came down and struck my finger! Son of a bitch swelled up and had a searing heat of pain for about an hour while I still continued pushing carts! Whoever designed that baler handle can go fuck themselves…
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@Prince Areo
That's pretty true.

And the fact i can say a race war and grooming incident happened on Rule34.xxx along with some other stuff i've mentioned. Is pretty weird.
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@Prince Areo
Well the grooming incident happened on Rule34.xxx

But yeah the potential child stuff…. distributor thing happened recently at Gelbooru. And they reported and banned him pretty quickly.
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@Prince Areo
Well by this point it's what people call the ghost zone in terms of rp. Due to how often and frequently people ghost on the site.

And users on the forums and site, are surprised if they get a email or to start/finish a rp.

And i've mentioned this before that people with how often that ghosting threads and talks of ghosting even now. With people promoting it.

Also does anyone remember when i talked about how back in July/August they had a thing where users would use female avatars or try to pretend to be girls so that they can see how many dick pics they can get on Discord.

And i guess they did with some saying that they got pics from some underage individuals.

And with that, everything else, along with the recent grooming incident i mentioned about.

Would it a surprise or just the standard if i said, that another grooming incident or some child…. stuff was being disturbuted.

Because there isn't another grooming incident other than the one i mentioned recently. And the child…. stuff distribution stuff i mentioned that seemed odd that i mentioned. Well i guess a random user on Gelbooru was possibly trying to distrubuted child…. stuff to another member on the site and that member went to the mods about it and got the potential child…. stuff distributor banned.
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