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(This is the thread where ponies can talk on esperanto. Esperanto is an international language.)
Saluton, amikoj! Bonvenon al tredo, kie vi povas paroli Esperanto! Ĉu vi kredas, ke ĉi tiu lingvo estas viva?

Nostalgia Purist

The night at the annual Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville had arrived. It was back at the end of May. A crowd of ponies had went to Twilight’s new house that was a library. Twilight and Spike had moved from Canterlot where she had been born and raised, as she and Spike moved to their new library in Ponyville that day.

"Hey, I’m Spike and I been raised in Canterlot with Twilight." Spike told Applejack and smiled.

"Howdy, and I am Applejack from the Sweet Apple Acres farm outside Ponyville." Applejack told the baby dragon and gave a smile.

There was a surprise party at midnight under the moon in the crowded house. The library had been decorated with big colourful balloons, confetti and streamers. For over 500 years ago in the 1480s Starswirl the Bearded had been told to live there according to the books in that library. Starswirl failed the tests that Princess Celestia gave him, so he moved out of Ponyville. Twilight went to bed under the party in the night, but the party was still going on. There was games, stories and cakes. Spike had been reading stories about the history of Ponyville, as Applejack read a book about Sweet Apple Acre’s over 100 year of history.

"For decades the gathering of the Apple family at every Summer Sun Celebration had been a tradition, as they gathered in the orchard by Sweet Apple Acres." Applejack read.

Drinks from Manehattan got served, and there was also strong drinks from Saddle Arabia too. Many of the guests that came to the party in the library was Derpy. Pinkie Pie had taken a bunch of records with her she played, and the crowd of ponies they was dancing along to the latest hit music from the Ponyville musicians. Later on had Applejack, Rarity and Spike been grabbing a large clear pink horseshoe balloon. The ponies and the baby dragon pushed to the horseshoe balloon in long time with their snouts and heads. Spike and the ponies felt very aroused by feeling how the soft balloon bounced against their snouts. Rarity then felt her hot horn throb by feeling how Spike kept on brushing the loudly squeaking balloon against her hot hard horn for a while. The unicorn pony loved to feel how the baby dragon was petting her horn with the balloon. Over an hour later had the horny pony been sucking Rarity’s hardened horn in long time. The baby dragon with soft spikes masturbated for over five hours by seeing the earth pony giving the unicorn that long horn sucking. As Applejack kept on giving the unicorn pony a hornjob were Spike petting the bloated rubber horseshoe. The aroused baby dragon also kissed and hugged the shiny balloon too as he rubbed himself under the legs. At last had the gasping pony reached her third climax after having the dino rub the static balloon body against her hair for over five hours. The party in Twilight’s library ended later that night, as the ponies and Spike they went to the annual Summer Sun Celebration in the decorated towns hall.

A year had passed since Twilight had moved into Ponyville. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon went to their cute cenera in Sugarcube Corner in the summer. A year went since alicorn Twilgiht had been crossed over to the human world. That was the second time that the Cutie Mark Crusaders had been at the cute cenera after gathering for the first time that last year. Sugarcube Corner had been decorated with streamers and big colorful shiny balloons in many shapes that afternoon.

"I will like to welcome you to my annual cute cenera here in Sugarcube Corner." Diamond Tiara told the crowd of ponies and smiled.

Diamond Tiara was later on blowing air in a tiny, very long and blue balloon at the party in the balloon decorated room. The filly felt how the long rubber body got very long between her hooves, as Diamond Tiara loved how the shiny balloon hissed and squeaked. Diamond Tiara, Noi and Silver Spoon stood and grabbed and released the long blue balloon in over six hours. Diamond Tiara felt ecstatic by feeling the soft shiny rubber skin. Diamond Tiara, Noi and Silver Spoon it tickle in their flanks by playing with the swollen blue sausage. Twist had also showed up.

"Hey Twist nice to see you again." Diamond Tiara told the filly and gave a smile.

Then had Twist, Noi and Silver Spoon playing with a big pink and round balloon, while Diamond Tiara stood and rubbed herself under the legs from the evening until the end of the night. The horny filly had not rubbed herself under the legs before, and she examined herself under the legs . At last had the horny filly reached her second climax that morning, while Twist had been brushing a pink and whiny starfish shaped balloon in front of Diamond Tiara to arouse her.
Background Pony #73E8
Normally for a low-use tag like pony in a cup (12) I'd just clean it up to the established cup of pony (524) but because it has a more intuitive wording, shared by good company like pony in a box, pony in a bottle, and pony in a basket, perhaps it's worth an alias. For that matter, I'm unsure which ought to be the tag that's preserved.

Bonus: mug of pony (6), which is even set up with implications, is just an extra-specific version of cup of pony and should get that as an implication too, or just outright aliased into it, IMO.
Background Pony #5DFF
I was wondering if anyone here could give me any recommendations and such for artists similar in style to yakovlev-vad, discordthege and anima-dos (rip);k artists whose work focus a lot on detail, have colourful scenery and that really tell a story.

Thanks in advance.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

WARNING Somewhat detailed gore/violence in 2 scenes. PREFACE This 'My Little Pony G4: Friendship is Magic' alternate-universe short war story is a huge combined fest of headcanons/ideas of my own and derivations from elsewhere expanded with my main OC, estimated taking place around 2-3 years before season 9's (final season) timeskip. Many are by no means originally mine.

I'm nothing good with names, but I think the title is pretty appropriate.

Originally posted to DeviantArt cuz FIMFiction's writing guide made so many "I don't have the skills nor the motivation for these"-level demands for perfection I could read 2/10 of the whole page before saying "fuck this, I'll just put it to DA". Only now I realized that maybe Db has a Forum dedicated for fanfics, so here we are.

Besides the DA, there're alternative sources:
- Black text on white background (and section links) @ Google Docs
- White text on black background (and section links) @ Google Docs

It's my 1st pony story, and of the many stories I made, the 1st to be finished cuz all the rest died due to never getting any further ideas.

This is in English cuz there're many things here I either dunno the Finnish translation for, or it'd just be so much work to make it sound proper Finnish.

I admit I never was the greatest at writing perfect English (let alone my native Finnish), but I'm reasonably confident I didn't completely butcher the language despite taking personal liberties.

There's a LENGTHY explanations/lore section after the story, which is 100% spoilers. You can use your browser's search feature behind CTRL+F (I think it's Command+F for Mac; CTRL+F should work for 98-99% of other operating systems and desktop environments) to search for " THE END." without quotes (that's 4 spaces).

This story involves the following chars:
- Alicorn Twilight Sparkle (late S9)
- Applejack
- Celestia
- Pinkie Pie
- Rainbow Dash (no speaking roles)
- OC=Strawberry Cocoa
- a whole lotta non-existent OC ponies
Due to Db's 20kB (160k chars) being lower than this whole post at 45.5k I had to post in 3 parts, but you can check the one which is an adless no-strings-attached free pastebin where you can click the "Raw" button to see just the text on the screen if that's more your style.

I hope you'll enjoy at least a little :D

STORY Ponies along with zebra nationalists and the converted Changelings are at war with the zebra anarchists and unconverted Changelings. The zebra race is split in half, with the anarchists outnumbering the nationalists 1½:1. The converted Changelings outnumber the unconverted ones 1.2:1. A thick large cloud of black magic is lingering in the air around the frontline. Applejack and Pinkie Pie are teamed together to guard the right flank, Alicorn Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash the left flank, divided by a 5 meters tall 25 meters wide tungsten-steel synthetic alloy wall, with Strawberry Cocoa and a Pegasus stallion "Blademaster Alpha" (armed with a retractable blade on the side of the left wing, non-retractable blade on the back end of the wing, and a bulletproof (< 50cal (12.7mm)) largely magic-proof metal armor on top of the wing) in front, outside the wall. Both side flanks have a Pegasus stallion 200 meters behind them. A zebra mare armed with a gravity-controlled blade on both front hooves, together with a male Changeling comes over the hill further away from the wall. They notice SC and BA running towards them. The duo starts running towards the ponies while the C is charging his horn. BA opens and lifts his right wing up and starts charging it, creating visible audible electricity. SC notices the C's glowing horn, charges hers in turn. 50 meters away, the C fires a tesla ball aimed at SC. 2 meters before contact she executes her spell, creating an anti-electricity wall that disintegrates on contact with the tesla ball, destroying it. BA swings his right wing towards the C for a counter-attack with an electricity ball who side-steps the fairly slow-moving attack, not realizing SC has been keeping her horn lit right after BA launched his, guiding the ball to the C's left side, making direct contact. He screams in pain, convulses a little, and collapses. C's Magic Command: "WARNING 1 OF 3: Partial spinal paralysis by electrocution: movement offline." "WARNING 2 OF 3: High magic interference detected: magic systems offline." "WARNING 3 OF 3: Flight compromised by electrocution: left wing offline, right wing __seven-five__ percents online." "Diagnosis in progress ..." ~4 seconds later a heavy bang comes far away from the way the C and Z came. SC executes a spell. She turns to BA, Z stops. C's Magic Command: Diagnosis thread 1: fatal error: invalid brain interface response. SC whispers: That's a fucking __two-zero-three he__, 18 __secs__. That ling's a-fucked. BA: Time to hide. SC's Magic Command: Charging 'Short-medium-range dual teleport' ... C's Magic Command: Diagnosis thread 2: mana pool connection restored. C gets the feeling something's off, looks behind up to the sky, and seeing the huge shell reaching ¼ the curve, with 15 seconds left, mutters "Did you morons just ... ?" Z realizes the same, turns around and starts sprinting towards him. C's Magic Command: Diagnosis thread 3: horn interface unresponsive. C pulls an epipill from his left front hoof back pouch and bites it. C's Magic Command: "UPDATE 1 OF 2: Leg nerves partially unblocked by adrenaline: movement online." "UPDATE 2 OF 2: Flight compromised: left wing five percents online." He gets up and starts clumsily moving towards Z. SC whispers: Looks like they figured that out. BA: Ruckin' sucks for them. C's Magic Command: UPDATE: horn interface partially online. C tries to use his magic. It's not working too well, but he gets an injector from the same pouch and holds it above him. SC executes the teleport, moving both behind the wall. 10 seconds to impact. SC's radio spell: Foxtrot-Lima-1 DANGER CLOSE: munition __two-zero-three__ Halo-Echo count 1, distant unsafe impact 7 ! RD, TS, Aj, and PP make a sliding dash to cover. The Pegasi far behind them plant explosive screens. Everyone puts their hooves into their ears. Z arrives to her teammate, turns around, C jumps on her back, she starts sprinting towards the wall at full speed, he injects her with a yellow epipen. 5 seconds to impact. 5 seconds later impact and deafening explosion. The duo makes it 4/10 of the way to the wall when the shell impacts into the downhill, making a 2 meters deep crater, sending fragments and a very powerful shockwave towards the wall. The shockwave, facing both forwards towards the duo and downwards, flings the friendly fire statistics into the air, the fragments slice them really heavily. Both make blood-stopping screams. The ponies behind the wall hear them all too well. The fragments hit the wall, making scratching/thud sounds. 1½ seconds later the shockwave shakes the wall, temporarily tilting ½ centimeters inwards. The friendly fire statistics hit the wall top edge at very high speed, the victims making highly sickening sounds of crushed bones and snapped coats, muscles, and spines, falling to the ground behind the wall in front of SC, making a sickening splash sound. Both are instantly dead from the impact to the wall, not enough time to feel nor react. SC, with a somewhat louder voice: Holy motherfuck, that was disgusting. Combined with hearing the sickening sounds and seeing the corpses, BA gags a little and spits, while Aj pukes. BA under his breath: Better them than me. Textual representation of Aj's brain's internal status: "Temporal lobe reports ultra-corrupted auditory feed !" "Thalamus reports black magic in visual feed !" "Long-term memory unreachable !" FL1B evac Pegasus on radio: Foxtrot-Lima-1: blast dispersed. TS' radio spell: Foxtrot-Lima-1, back to your positions. The evac Pegasi store away their explosive screens. Aj is back to her spot while Pinkie is looking towards the other ponies. Textual representation of Aj's brain's internal status: "Primary visual cortex reports hyper-corrupted visual feed !" "Blood-brain barrier overrun by black magic !" "STATUS BLACK !!" Aj starts panting with an open mouth, puke/spit dripping from her mouth, face in a full shock. She starts muttering unintelligible words. Pinkie hears it, turns around to Aj, face changing to a wondering one. PP: Umm, Applejack ... ? Aj at a low volume: <unintelligible, very garbled> PP, getting concerned: I couldn't hear you, what did y- ... ? Aj's irises start turning red and PP was already moving to stand in front of her, tilts head to the right. "Apple- ... -jack ?" in a very concerned voice. Aj's panting gets heavier and slower. "Are you okey ?". Aj closes her mouth, lowers her head. A little over a couple seconds later she starts growling lightly. PP is reaching for her radio holder on her neck, when suddenly Aj lifts her head to look at her, an angry face on, spit foam coming from between the teeth. PP's eyes widen as she notices Aj's irises are blood-red instead of red, let alone her normal green, and visibly glowing. PP jumps away in horror. Aj assaults her, barely missing. PP jumps again. Hits the radio's big button with the right hoof: PP's radio's machine voice: E-transmission online. PP loudly: "Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bra-- ... !", gets cut off by Aj's another assault, misses. PP loudly: Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo: Code Romeo-Bravo, unit Alpha-Juliett ! Over. PP's radio's machine voice: E-transmission complete. The radio makes some static noise, then clearly, while Aj is assaulting rapidly: "Copy that Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo, Code Romeo-Bravo medevac en route, E-T-A 1. Out". "Hotel 1 copies Code Romeo-Bravo. Madness Box on standby. Out". "Hotel 1 HQ copies Code Romeo-Bravo". "High Command copies Code Romeo-Bravo". PP's radio's machine voice: E-transmission exit 0. Pinkie faces and tells Aj: Hang in there Aj, help is coming. While the evac Pegasus is coming, PP keeps dodging Aj. A minute later PP sees the Pegasus diving fast, waits 5 seconds, faces Aj and lets her come at her, slightly dodging and carefully pushes Aj's head to the ground. The Pegasus lands on Aj with a syringe in mouth, stabs Aj's right-side neck with it, causing Aj to yell in pain, and uses his left hoof to push the piston in, which proportionally makes Aj yell louder, pulls the syringe out, jumps off, and puts the syringe into a bottle. Aj drops unconscious after 5 seconds of involuntary convulsions. They start piling Aj on the special carriage on the Pegasus' back, PP tightening the straps. The Pegasus takes off. PP on radio: Alpha-Juliett shipment en route. Out. Hotel 1 on radio: Hotel 1 copies. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ copies. High Command on radio: High Command copies. SC's radio spell: "Bravo-Mike-Alpha reinforcing Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo by teleport. Out". BA is teleported close by in 2 seconds. 10 minutes later the Pegasus has landed outside the building nicknamed Madness Box where a couple white-dressed unicorn stallions are standing. U1's radio spell: Hotel 1 confirms Alpha-Juliett shipment arrival. Out. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ copies. High Command on radio: High Command copies. U1: Red Break claims another victim, 1 of Elements Of Harmony no less. FL1B evac Pegasus: I know, right. At least she's recoverable. U2: Yeah. She'll be back in the field in 5 hours, give or take a few mins. Using telekinesis the unicorns quickly unstrap Aj, U1 takes her out, U2 places the straps back in the carriage, unstraps and turns off her radio, the Pegasus grabs some water and a blueberry pie slice from a secure box while the unicorns take Aj into the Box. The Pegasus takes a non-hurrying trip back to Foxtrot-Lima-1-Bravo. Each Madness Box room is a special both-ways soundproof one with super-soft padding. Aj floats while U2 - injects into the back of her head just under the skull - puts the injector in a bottle - injects her with nutritions and water - injects a high amount of anesthetics into her spine - grabs a computer tablet from the wall shelf next to the door, taps a button on the screen. The tablet's machine voice says "Detection in progress", then 10 seconds later: - DETECTION COMPLETE: - INJECTED BOT 'Zepto Bot 1', - PATIENT 'Applejack', - PATIENT CALL SIGN 'Alpha-Juliett' - RACE 'pony, biological', - SPECIES 'Earth', - AGE '29', - SEX 'female', - RESIDENCY 'Sweet Apple Acres', - MUNICIPALITY 'Ponyville' OF 'Western Equestria'. - PROBLEMS IN PATIENT: - 1: 'Red Break' - AT '4 minutes' - PAUSED BY 'blackout injection' - CAUSED BY 'mental resilience threshold exceeded' - TIPPED BY 'long-term external black magic influence'. - NO FURTHER PROBLEMS DETECTED. - NUTRITIONAL STATE 'full, augmented', - HYDRATION STATE 'full, augmented', - PATIENT RECOVERABILITY 'perfect', - 'Zepto Bot 1' POWER STORAGE STATE 'full, augmented'. - 'Zepto Bot 1' calibrated. - Connection to 'Hotel 1' HQ online. - Connection to High Command online. - 'Zepto Bot 1' online. Hotel 1 HQ on radio: Hotel 1 HQ confirms Alpha-Juliett Zepto Bot 1 connection. High Command on radio: High Command confirms Alpha-Juliett Zepto Bot 1 connection. After which U2 places the tablet back onto the shelf, puts her into a straightjacket not even her exceptional Earth pony strength can damage, and a modular encased very comfortable helmet that allows 0 light. After U2 verifies she's secure, U1 lowers her onto the soft bed on the floor, placing her on her left side, and lowers + locks a highly heavy-duty metal cage over the bed. U1: There, she's ready for treatment. Both unicorns exit the room, close + lock the door and return to the hospital main area. 15 minutes later Aj's unconsciousness has transitioned into deep sleep. Throughout the 4-hour treatment, Aj sees dreams where she has a 3rd-person view on an Earth pony mare who doesn't have any colors, genociding entire villages of similar-looking ponies, zebras, Changelings, and griffons, among many others. The world looks real, but has nonsensical glitches and changes. Despite all the horrors, spectating this madmare doesn't give her any reactions way or another, instead she's intrigued to see what comes next. After what felt like days of bloodbath, Aj finds herself lowering down to the ground, 5 meters away from the madmare. Aj's heart starts beating over double the normal speed and her blood pressure rises to uncomfortable levels. The madmare, calmly, while still facing the other way, without moving her mouth: Well, it's finally over.
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Breaking this post out to its own thread due to current relevance.

anti-pointiness safety device has recently been created but it's the same thing as the older, established, but less-used horn guard (except for a few images where "horn guard" is used to describe an armor feature)

I'd suggest an alias is in order, but which is the better tag name?
Artist -

I got a request from a background pony so I made this thread to help them updated.

I figured anyone else could also use this thread for doing something similar

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