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50% Luna, 50% Awkward
So recently I came across this picture >>2631570 and reported it as nonpony content. A mod explained the reasoning that it should stay, that its Pony enough, which is fine (not my rules anyways), but it does make me wonder if we need a tag more specific than "barely pony related" for those of us who want to filter these sorts of non-MLP OCs but not miss other actual pony content that may carry that tag. I'd personally rather not see non-MLP content on a MLP site, so a more specific tag could help with that.

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Artist -

To get me to draw again, I am offering free slots to those that want their OCs drawn! I will have five. The list will show names, or if anon, just note me and I will just label it "taken slot"

Limitations; Quadropeds only! No anthros. One to two OCs in a drawing. Describe your details; emotion, props, background, posture, clothing, diaper/no-diaper etc. ( I will colour and shade! )

I'm bored and looking for inspiration!

FA —

Slot 1: Cyborg

Slot 2: RainbowŠpekGS

Slot 3: EPSc4_GUM

Slot 4: (Open)

Slot 5: (Open)

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I want to be able to upload images with formatted text in the description, without having to manually edit that in by myself. I have looked into 2 methods, but both have issues!

1) Using PostyBirb so it automatically handles the formatting:

This does work most of the times, since it adds formatting with uploading. However, it doesn't add the no-parse tags to the symbols that Derpibooru uses for formatting. So for example, if an included story has symbols like asterisks, or more commonly dashes, they introduce unwanted formatting in the image description!

2) I looked into this script: ClipFormat! (Userscript: comment autoformatter from clipboard)

But I can't access the script page and while I was able to get the script from a different source, it doesn't seem to work at all :c

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I apologize for this OP being so long. I'm trying to provide a solid foundation for whoever's interested in making this into proper fanfiction.

Is there any writer out there who's interested in doing a Crossover between MLP and the book "The Museum of Lost Wonder"?

This children's philosophy book by author, Jeff Hoke:

description on the Amazon page for the book:
"The Museum of Lost Wonder is a book with a mission, simply stated: To illuminate life's mysteries. The execution is nearly indescribable. Think McSweeney's production values and design pyrotechnics. Think traditional esoteric symbols in a childhood garden of wonder. Think graphic novel and an adult version of the coolest activity book ever made. And you'll be somewhere in the neighborhood. Jeff Hoke has created a history of the human imagination with visual cues and clues and wonderment about and around everything you ever thought and everything you wish you'd been crafty enough to think. He has built a museum accessible to all, in book format, arranged with 7 halls (representing the seven stages of alchemical process) in which the questions of the universe unfold. All one needs to enter is some basic understanding of the human experience. Open The Museum of Lost Wonder, and step into an alternative world full of beautiful drawings, interesting historical tidbits, thoughtful challenges to common myths, and projects and pursuits to complete at home. Pages pull out with cutouts for building models. Hoke's museum is graphic novel meets quantum physics meets mythical journey meets spirit. Hoke begins with The Calcinatio Hall where the featured exhibit is The Beginning of Everything and leads us into halls like The Sublimatio Hall, with the exhibit How To Have Visions. In The Separatio Hall the exhibit Where Are You Going challenges us in our own journey. Through each hall we are led into an exhibit that questions our own understanding of life and urges us into new ways of thinking. As in wandering the great, immense halls of an ancient museum with endless corridors and fascinating exhibits, the reader is instantly pulled into this enormously imaginative pursuit. Each page is full of depth and questions. And each hall features a special fold-out interactive page."

I have a copy of this book and I'll tell you this, it's an amazing book. It and Mr. Hoke needs more attention.

it's a tour of a fictional museum in book format. A museum where you, the reader/visitor would explore the Museum and discover a forgotten perspective of viewing the world that once brought wonder and curiosity to many but was lost to the annals of history. The Museum's seven exhibit halls are named after the steps of the alchemical process. The museum itself, the lobby and the seven exhibit halls each have one of the nine muses from Greek mythology representing them.

a quick rundown of the museum and exhibit halls:

No.1, “Museum Exterior ”: “A ray of hope in a dreary world.” The exterior and setting of the Museum of Lost Wonder.

This scene shows the state of a visitor before they have entered the Museum of Lost Wonder.

The front door

No.2, “Circulatio”: The entrance, exit, and circulation hall in the Museum of Lost Wonder.

The Circulatio room prepares the visitor for a journey through the Museum’s halls and exhibits.

No.3, “Calcinatio.”: The Hall of Technology in the Museum of Lost Wonder and home to all our hopes, fears, and preoccupations with what civilization has brought us.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Calcinatio, in which substance is reduced by fire into a refined white ash

No.4, “Solutio.”: The Exhibit of Aquaria in the Museum of Lost Wonder, this hall is a realm of living wonder, a hypnotic world of water where one's worries and cares are washed away.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Solutio, in which unrefined particles are dissolved in a suspended fluid medium.

No.5, “Coagulatio.”: The Zoological Garden of Eden in the Museum of Lost Wonder, an earthly habitat where we share our existence with all living things.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Coagulatio, in which substance in an amorphous state is coagulated to gain solidity

No.6, “Sublimatio.”: The Kingdom of Astronomy and All Things Extraterrestrial in the Museum of Lost Wonder, this is the domain of air where one is elevated above daily cares to see the world in a different perspective.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Sublimatio, in which substance is sublimated or distilled into an ennobled, sublime, or elevated condition.

No.7, “Mortificatio.”: The Mausoleum to the Past in the Museum of Lost Wonder, this hall is a zone of reflection on all things dead where we contemplate that in the future, we all become history.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Mortificatio, in which expended matter is putrefied or composted to provide fertilization for future life.

No.8, “Separatio.”: The Laboratory to Science and Faith in the Museum of Lost Wonder, this is a refinery where apparent contradictions are distilled and clarified into an enlightened state.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Separatio, in which a confused mass is separated into distinct and purified parts.

No.9, “Conjuctio.”: The Gallery to the Arts in the Museum of Lost Wonder, a temple where ideas and forms are married into a refined state of unification.

This exhibit hall illustrates the alchemical process of Conjuntio, in which elements are joined together or merged to create a divine fusion.

Near the end of the book, there's this comic about a boy stumbling upon and exploring the Museum. I have been able to scan it. I'm going to post the imgur gallery link here because I'm not willing to fill this post with an addditional 28 pages worth of comic. It should already provide a basis and framework for how the story would go. Basically a Pony or Foal who, while going through the same dreary routine of daily life, unexpectedly encountering the museum and exploring it. Curiosity being the motivation and vehicle for their journey through the museum. As with the comic, this pony/foal's curiosity leads them to disobey warning signs and unknowingly getting into mishaps along the journey.

The prologue should be based on this video. An origin story as to how the Museum came into existence in Equestria. Clearly not a pony-made structure as it descended from the heavens and landed in Equestria thousands of years in the past.

I have some ideas for giving it some lore that's based on information and merchandise from the book itself as well as the book's website.

- The Museum is run by what can be described as a secret society who have the intentions of safeguarding and preserving the lost knowledge within the Museum. Hierarchical structure based on the membership tiers on the site.

- The Nine Muses would be depicted as alicorns and they would be represent a different part of the Museum while one of them, Thalia. represents the museum as a whole. Would be implied that they inhabit the museum and are still alive in the events of the story as Thalia is encountered by the visitor after breaking an artifact in the Museum's Archives.

- Father Rosenkreutz (Ponified as a Unicorn stallion) was the very first curator of the Museum. His Tomb was uncovered by the famed adventurer, Daring Do. The discovery of his tomb confirmed the existence of the Museum, though attempts to find the actual structure itself failed as it seemingly vanished without a trace. Despite being dead for more than 1000 years, his body is an example of the phenomena of incorruptible corpses (Dead bodies that never decomposed). He didn't found the museum himself, the Museum chose him.

- The museum vanished in a similar manner to the Crystal Empire, though the reasons for it's vanishing was because at the time, this philosophy and worldview that the Museum was encouraging and promoting created controversy among the ponies at the time as it seemingly questioned the already established worldviews that they were taught. This eventually led to offense and outrage and the museum had to vanish to protect it from the wrath of those offended ponies who wished to snuff out it's "Heresy". It truly became a lost wonder itself and It now only reveals itself to only the most curious of ponies. The story's protagonist happening to be one of those individuals.

- Nobody knows who made the museum vanish. Various tales and myths boiled things down to two possible culprits: The society of the Curators or the Alicorn Princesses.

Some of the written text found throughout the museum isn't even in equestrian/english and requires a special cipher that only the higher members of the museum have and use. So tough luck for regular visitors and novices/initiates. Cipher based on one seen here on the bottom right:

On the Equestria Girls side. The Museum wasn't built by Humans like with Canterlot Hugh. It was "founded" in 1997 after it literally materialized out of thin air over an empty lot as it came into existence in the Human world i the same manner it's equestrian counterpart came into existence in the pony world.. If you are interested in doing a crossover in that universe, still use the comic as a basis. That comic but it's a field trip that takes on a bizarre turn of events. In the Human world the Museum looks exactly like how it's depicted in the cover art of the book.

This crossover story should also have a name too. though I'd recommend it being simply named as "Lost Wonders".

so anyone here up for the task?

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Nostalgia Purist
It was many moons ago in august as Applejack, Bright Mac and Pear Butter was on a camping trip in the wilderness by Manehattan in august. Many ponies had been talking about strange lights in that wilderness, and native yaks had thousand year old tales about these lights too.

"These lights had been first seen on a Hearth's Warming Eve thousands moon ago." an old yak had told under an interview.

"Many ponies had been vanished after seeing these lights, and science ponies had been told about entities from other planets." a pony from Manehattan told under the interview.

As the night arrived was Applejack and her parents awake by seeing a light like it was day outside, and noises none of them had heard before. The next morning was Applejack and her parents walking on in a remote forest by Ponyville with a cam. But soon they got lost despite the two parents knew the forest since they were fillies. Finally had the ponies been reaching a tunnel in the forest. But it looked like everypony just had left in a hurry in that tunnel where there was abandoned carts, abandoned ambulances and abandoned police carts. Nopony was to be found in that tunnel. From there the reel was missing.

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Lincoln Brewster time
I'm not sure if a SFW version of this thread exists, so I'm starting a SFW-only version of that thread here. :3

If one so exists already, please let me know.

So, anyway…following the rules of that thread, but only SFW images can be posted. No non-SFW allowed. :/

I'll count suggestive images in as long as they're not too far past the safe rating. :3 Hope y'all enjoy. :D

To begin. c:

(oh, look, I got one of my arts first, how the heck did that happen? :o)

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Artist -

Boy Next Door
Hey, uhh, I haven't ever used the forums on Derpi, so feel free to yell at me if what I'm doing is bad, but if it's okay, then here we go.
So, on my YouTube channel, which I recently started using again, I'm making a different kind of fetish content as to what I post on this site. That fetish being "Ryona", and if you haven't heard of it, it's best descriped as a variant/spin-off of BDSM (kinda like Vore), in that they both are basically about getting off to pain and being dominated. Except Ryona is, well, more violent (as in, it's not just being whipped for 5 minutes, but being whipped until you die/fall unconscious), and thus is limited to media, mainly video games. I hope you see where I'm going with this.
So to make things short and sweet; I make Ryona. In Fallout 4. Involving anthro ponies (mainly females, but I was thinking about doing some male ones in the future). The last point is the reason I'm even posting this here, just in case you were like "what does this have to do with MLP?". So, since you guys seem to like my SFM work, I'd appreciate if some of you'd check out my videos (there's 3 of them currently), and give me some pointers of where I can improve, or what to change. Or, y'know, just a simple "I liked/didn't like" is also helpful as well.
Again, if I shouldn't have made a topic for this, then sorry, but I hope it all works out :).

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Ring Team
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Artist -


I did it. I finally finished the entire Friendship is Magic. It’s hard to imagine that I finished it after saying in April 2017 that “I don’t like My Little Pony anymore”.

I guess your curiosity can get most of you eventually.

This was a TV show I adored since I discovered it back in November 2011. I loved Twilight Sparkle, her interesting journey, her friends, her lessons, the episodes, the world-building, the music, the songs… It was the first time in a long time that I adored a TV show. Friendship is Magic made me realize that animated productions can be not only funny, but also can have interesting and relatable stories, something that only Pixar films did back in the day (or at least I thought, because then I've discovered the Ghibli films and they are amazing). And seeing something like that that wasn’t made by Pixar was so refreshing.

However, I started to have mixed feelings during season 4, in 2014. I still got some good episodes, but other episodes have either a lack of focus, a flanderized character, an uninteresting story that would be basically filler or basically some weird continuity. I remember that Pinkie Pie had two sisters, but in the season 4 she has three, which was kinda weird. Some episodes had questionable designs, like the “final form” of the Mane 6 in Twilight’s kingdom. It looks like they have 20 stickers in the whole body. And I’m one of the few people who didn’t find Flutterbat interesting, probably one of the most passive characters I’ve ever seen in the show. And now that I mention flanderized characters, Pinkie Pie was quickly becoming less interesting. She went from my favourite character to become the most annoying one in the whole show. And even if I ended up liking many episodes, these conflicting feelings were messing with me a lot for a time.

Then we got season 5. When I finished watching Cutie Re-mark, I thought this season wasn’t good enough, but later I realized that it was better than season 4. Some episodes were overall better, some returns were nice, like Coco Pommel in Made in Manehattan, and, even if we got some bad episodes, the rest of the episodes were conceptually more interesting than I expected, which is good. However, the show wanted to be ambitious by showing new concepts, like the reform of a villain. At the end of Cutie Re-mark, we saw Starlight trying to be good and to fix things. But it didn’t feel like I was watching the conclusion of a season, it felt like someone pressed the Stop button. I didn’t like that ending because of the lack of satisfaction or climatic ending. Weirdly enough, Starlight only got 2 episodes out of 26, and watching an ending like that was confusing. We didn’t know anything about her.

But, you know, you can’t mess up a new reformed villain as one of the new main characters that much, at its worst it could probably be like Sunset Shimmer in the first Equestria Girls film, and even that was tolerable, she was just not my favourite until I watched Legend of Everfree.

[64 paragraphs until Ring complains about Starlight Glimmer]

Either way, let’s talk about the season 9.

The season 9 is often considered as one of the weakest seasons in Friendship is Magic. And, to be fair, I get it. You would expect a nice conclusion of all this journey in a way that you wanna say “goodbye”. And the conclusion is kinda nice. I mean, I’m happy with the ending, I just think it’s not perfect for multiple reasons that requires some contextual information.

My problem with the final season wasn’t the ending, it was the structure of the entire season. It’s like a weird combination of seasons 4 and 6 with characters and episodes that make NO sense to be written in the last season. On one hand, the first two episodes and the last three episodes show the same type of ambition that we saw in the first episodes of seasons 2, 3 and 4. On the other hand, the season 9 also has lots of slice of life episodes. Because of that, having two approaches doesn’t let the show to reach its full potential. Season 4, 5 and also 6 have the same problem, but at least season 5 has some great episodes that you could watch it independently and appreciate it.

Because of that, my rule of thumb while watching the last 3 seasons wasn’t gonna be trying to watch everything and look at it as an overall TV show. Friendship is Magic is not very consistent, and I learnt that the hard way. So, why not watching the episodes as their own thing? That was one of the reasons why I went back to the show. If Friendship is Magic was not consistent in the first place, why not watching the episodes as little 22 minutes movies? And, frankly, that worked a lot to me. Because, even if I get annoyed by something or someone in an episode, I could ignore it in 15 minutes and go back to the episodes I like the most.

As a result, season 9 has very good episodes and also very bad episodes. I think its highs are much higher, but its lows are much lower. There’s also lots of forgettable episodes and unnecessary approaches to some stories. You can clearly see why people say this is one of the weakest seasons. And while I agree in a lot of that, I still think it has some gems.

But, just for fun, I’ll quickly talk about the worst episodes in the season 9 before talking about the goodies.

-Daring Doubt

It’s mostly a repetitive and tiring Daring Do episode with the same structure, the same villain, the same misunderstandings, the same situations, the same traps and the same ancient relics. It’s also very weird that the show wanted to show some consequences to some character’s actions but not every character in the show.

-Going to seed

One of the most forgettable episodes I’ve watched in the entire show, with a nice concept that could work in another story but it’s completely invalidated by the ending. It’s not that shocking because the season 6 has a lot of that, but it’s still a boring and really slow episode.

-She talks to Angel

Really boring episode where Fluttershy and her bunny swap bodies. It’s not very interesting, but I’m assuming they made it because Your Name was really popular, but that’s a highly overrated film.

-Student Counsel

Because, despite considering Trixie and Sunburst as Starlight’s best friends, she constantly ignores Trixie and her plans to make a party for Sunburst, invalidating a lot of her character arc.

-A horse shoe in

Because, even though the show wanted Trixie to redeem herself, she ends up doing lots of things that you don’t wanna see in the main character of an episode, unless that was the point. And the ending is just too wrong for my taste. Not only this is the worst episode in the entire season, it’s also one of the worst episodes I’ve watched in the show. This is the Every little thing she does equivalent to Trixie, even more than All bottled up. The writers of Starlight and Trixie have always done whatever they felt like doing, but this is where they stick too much to the dinamic of one character being the voice of reason and other one being the one who screw things up regardless of what character arc they had.

If Every little thing she does was the main reason why I dislike Starlight, A horse shoe in is the main reason why I dislike Trixie.

That said, let’s talk about the best episodes in the season. In fact, it’s a Top 10, which is cool.

10. The last crusader

I love the conflict of Scootaloo in this entire episode and I really like the ending. It’s a nice way of establishing the importance of the Cutie Mark Crusaders without losing focus on Scootaloo, who’s the main character. However, the funny moments not only weren’t funny, but they also slow down the entire episode, which is a bit annoying. Also, the design of Scootaloo’s parents is not very interesting. It feels like a fanart made with Uncharted or Indiana Jones characters. I wish her parents were introduced in previous seasons, but it’s still a good episode.

9. Uprooted

After the events of The beginning of the end, the Young 6 want to memorialize the tree of harmony. It’s not perfect, I think Gallus was a jerk most of the episode and some jokes weren’t very funny. But it still is humble and it has a nice ending.

8. Sweet and Smoky

The lesson here is nice, the funny moments are actually funny and we see lots of dragons, which happen to have the most interesting design characters in the later seasons. That’s cool. However, while I like it, I think Garble being Smolder’s brother is a silly idea in the sense of character design. When you see Smolder’s brother, you kinda expected someone with a similar color palette, not a character from season 2. But it’s still a good episode.

7. Common Ground

This was a very nice episode about a pony trying to connect with the daughter of her girlfriend (the episode didn't clarify she's his daughter, so that's my take). I'm not a huge fan of the Buckball scene where they play a game and I thought Snips' first scene was too long. That said, I kinda like how Rainbow Dash tries to be a big friend of that little pegasus. And the moral was very nice. I wish the later Buckball sequence was a bit shorter, but it’s a nice episode after all.

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Glimmy is best pony
Does anyone here know any alternatives to EqD? I've boycotted the site after I couldn't take any more of its annoying messages about ad blockers being in use (which looks to be generated by the server rather than EqD itself), and I'd like to know of any alternatives that update with news on a frequent basis.

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Nostalgia Purist

The Gala was over and The Mane Six, Princess Celestia and Spike was all together at Pony Joes. The princess and her friends thought the party ended in an epic failure. Outside Pony Joes were the moon shining over the distant mountains. Ponies were still partying at the Gala in Canterlot in the meanwhile.

Part 1

The day after.

The Mane Six and Spike they met at Sugarcube Corner to talk about the Gala a
Suddenly was the baby dragon burping up a letter while Applejack and Fluttershy got startled.

"Dear Spike and Mane Six. I hereby invite you to a summer camp at Canterlot this weekend." Spike was reaing to her friends.

"Interersting and I remember there summer camps at Canterlot as a filly." Twilight said to her friends.

The days passed and at last were the weekend coming. The ponies and Spike prepared for the camp.

Later that sunny afternoon were the ponies arriving inside Canterlot and the princess greeted them.

"Welcome everypony and I hereby welcome you to the camp." the princess said to The Mane Six and Spike.

"And thjs calls in for a welcome party." Pinkie Pie said.

Later that warm evening was the ponies exploring the big Canterlot Garden where Discords maze was once . Night came and the welcome party started.

"This is my jam." Pinkie Pie was saying while she stood in the crowded hall.

Then Applejack was putting on a record Records playing, ponies danced in a sea of balloons and there was loads of drinks and food. The party went on till late at night and there was a speech by the princess, games and much more in Pinkie style. Applejack met with Prince Blueblood

"Hey Applejack it's nice to see you again." Prince Blueblood said to Applejack.

"Nice to see you again." Applejack said to Prince Blueblood.

"So you care for a dance?" Prince Blueblood asked the farmer pony.

Then the two ponies went out for some dances that night. The Canterlot party went on till early in the morning where the ponies and Spike went to bed. Later that afternoon was The Mane Six and Spike going to shop in Canterlot while Rarity and Twilight they both were guides. Later that evening where Applejack and her friends going back to the castle.

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Background Pony #F656
X imply→ vibrator, sex toy
remote controlled vibrator
shared vibrator
vibrator under panties also imply→ clothes, maybe beneath clothes and, if the tag isn't changed to something more general like "vibrator under clothes" (since it's being used for non-panties such as swinsuits because there's no alternative tag), panties and underwear

blowjob on strapon imply→ strapon, sex toy — might not imply blowjob since that in turn implies "penis" — might imply dildo blowjob but maybe not because "strapon" does not itself imply "dildo" — might imply oral if it also should imply sex

X imply→ buttplug, sex toy
buttplug pull out
tunnel buttplug
transparent buttplug
glass buttplug alias→ transparent buttplug unless you really think people are going to care/be able to tell the difference
cutie mark buttplug and also imply→ cutie mark accessory
impossibly large buttplug
comically large buttplug (or alias→ impossibly large buttplug)

X imply→ dildo, sex toy
tied to dildo which seems to be a micro/macro thing but can't for sure imply something
glazed dildo
suction cup dildo
novelty dildo
rock dildo and maybe imply→ rock and/or stone
glowing dildo
transparent dildo
studded dildo
barbed dildo
spiked dildo (there may be alias-worthy overlap between spiked and barbed?)
knotted dildo
canine dildo
human dildo
tentacle dildo
dragon dildo
big dildo
huge dildo
giant dildo of death (funny, but maybe ought to get aliased)
impossibly large dildo
glass dildo either alias or imply→ transparent dildo
condom on dildo and also imply→ condom
makeshift dildo and also imply→ improvised sex toy
dildo gag also imply→ gag
dildo in panties — like above, also imply→ clothes, maybe beneath clothes and, if the tag isn't changed to something more general like "dildo under clothes" (since it's being used for non-panties such as swimsuits despite an alternative tag), panties and underwear
double dildo deepthroat also imply→ doubleheaded dildo, dildo blowjob, maybe oral, maybe deepthroat which is in the tag but does not apply to every picture the tag's on at the moment
riding dildo maybe alias→ dildo sitting

There are a number of low-use tags for other species, colors, shapes, actions, etc. which could be looked at if you feel like it.

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