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Tagging Discussion » Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker should (?) imply Princess Luna and Celestia accordingly » Topic Opener

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Crazy Pervert
I tried to search for this on Tagging forum, but couldn’t find anything. So I’m making this post to make a suggestion, or else ask a question about this topic.
Because I legitimately do not understand why daybreaker doesn’t imply princess celestia, and nightmare moon doesn’t imply princess luna.
It’s not like Daybreaker is some sort of different character that can exist in a vacuum independently from Princess Celestia, because Daybreaker is obviously Princess Celestia’s alter-ego. Same goes for Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon.
Maybe someone can please explain this to me?
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Tagging Discussion » Duke of Maretonia = Neighbuchadnezzar » Topic Opener

Art Chat » Im taking MLP commissions » Topic Opener

General Discussion » Does Anybody Here Share The Same Lifestyle As Me? » Topic Opener


Jakob Kennedy Frost
My name is Jakob Kennedy Frost. I am from central Canada and I am a full-time nudist and a full-time diaper wearer. I am also looking for friends who are also into the same lifestyle as me. So I’m asking if there are any other people in this fandom or any other fandom that are also full-time diaper wearers and full-time nudists. I would love to become friends with you if that is OK with you all. I really don’t want to feel like I’m alone in this world with no-one I can relate to or relate with.

Fanfiction » HiF and H&I Outtakes along with other bloops » Topic Opener

Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.

The most random thing I’ll ever post.
It’ll be in a script format with italics as the producer aka me.

General Discussion » Do you think the real world and the internet will become one thing? » Topic Opener


stewpid pinkie pie fan
Basically, we live on a world between two “realities”. The physical world where we live, breathe, speak, walk feel pain and other emotions/sensations of our bodies. The other world in question is the internet. You can say the most absurd thing, believe in the most horrific ideas and watch discusting or marvelous thing from all the globe in one single device. You have the world in your hands and because of that newer generations are isolated, not that the internet itself made people isolated since theres alot of other factors that affect this but overall condensate to that.
Some things are more acceptable on real life and other things are more acceptable on the internet, but this kind of wall is starting to break and i feel the web culture is starting to spread everywhere. Will we become so connected to the point internet takes over and all of this becomes the Wired 2.0?

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] self breast aliases + 1 oral alias » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] self oral alias » Topic Opener

Generals » Hentai thread [NSFW] » Topic Opener

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Bad to the Pone
Step on up and post some hentai, this thread covers all types of porn being drawn.
Please remember to credit the artist and spoil any private parts!

Tagging Discussion » Alias "old drawing", "old work", and "old picture" to "old art" » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » "Portal (Valve)" tag link broken » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » dakimakura + dakimakura cover +body pillow + body pillow design » Topic Opener

Art Chat » Moodi's Art+Chat forum||Sfw,Nsfw,Grimdark » Topic Opener

Moodipone • c •

Aw shit… Here we go again.
Hello everypony, I am working on getting things in the works… I want to post my art, but first I want to do something.
All of these years I’ve been trying to find the right art style. I want to go for something more simple or something more unique, but I tend to keep bouncing back and forth. I am going to work on some styles. I will post them and you tell me what you like more.
Don’t worry though, one piece of my style I will keep no matter what are the wicked lashes and fluffiness!!
Cya soon~ (\ • c •
//Art style chosen!!

Tagging Discussion » Alias "blowing nose" to "nose blowing" » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » "wallfire blush" is Rule 63 Wallflower Blush? Implications » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Even more lego tags » Topic Opener

Art Chat » I'm the OP of the anorexic sunny comic. now that it ended- how do you feel? » Topic Opener

Background Pony #95D2
Hey, this is my first time making a forum post. I’m the person who made the anorexic Sunny series.
I’ve been drawing multiple panels for it every single day, and it’s finally come to an end a couple of days ago. I read through every single comment and constantly checked for new ones, maybe hourly. This was both exhausting and exciting for me. Never in my life have I thought that I would do such a large scale project, and I really hope that I made some sort of an impact on anyone with it. I’ve been reading through some forum posts that were made while the series was still ongoing, and there were lots of mixed opinions. I tried my best to portray the different parts of struggling with an eating disorder as I am struggling with one of my own at the moment. It’s a very bumpy road so I can understand how frustrating it could have been with Sunny’s constant relapsing. What were your thoughts on it? If you have any questions, I’d be glad to answer them.

Tagging Discussion » Alias "jorts" to "denim shorts" » Topic Opener

Art Chat » [SFW, but sensitive/disturbing] Follow up for "Anorexic Sunny" » Topic Opener

Draco Dei

So, I have been inspired by the Anorexic Sunny series.
Got several ideas running through my head, but since they aren’t directly related to the art itself… I thought it best to make what is probably my first post ever on these forums. Please forgive any errors. For example, if this thread needs to be moved to a different forum that would not surprise me.
Question for Project 1:
Okay, let’s say we have the classic “shoulder devil/Shoulder angel” pair for a RECOVERING anorexic. I am guessing the person would be at a healthy body-weight at the point I am interested in FWIW.
So, I would think some days the voice of that shoulder-devil is the most charismatic thing in the world, whispering a call to an entirely false sense of self-improvement and accomplishment.
That I can’t necessarily do anything about… maybe, but maybe not.
But I said “some days”… I’m wondering if there are other days. Days where that shoulder-devil isn’t silent, but also doesn’t sound suave at all, but more like a bratty four-year-old endlessly nagging for you to buy them a toy? Because THAT I have a wonderful idea about how to drop some schadenfreude on that entirely deserving little twit.
(Don’t ask what the project is. I have some past learning experiences that means I can’t say until I get some more information.)
Project 2:
((Removed at request of the artist of the Anorexic Sunny series.))

Tagging Discussion » dragonified tags » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #945 - Mummy » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #944 - Purple and grey unicorn stallion » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #942 - Earth mare » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #941 - Yellow and blue earth mare » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #940 - Brown and gray crystal stallion » Topic Opener

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