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Tagging Discussion » Alias "ammo belt" to "ammunition belt", plus a few related tag Q's » Topic Opener

Background Pony #0083
ammo beltammunition belt
because ammo is already aliased to ammunition

Uncertain if it should also imply "ammunition" because I suppose such a belt could be empty?

Not the same thing as a bullet belt which can be a nonfunctional fashion item AFAIK.

Also uncertain how bandolier fits in — a bullet belt would be a kind of bandolier, but may not be worn the same way, so an implication may or may not be appropriate…

Merge bandoleer and bandolier — 20 seconds on Google seems to indicate both are accepted spellings.
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Hello, Im looking for established artists interested in a contest. I'm looking for model and base editors, plus background artists interested in doing a piece or two for a chance to be included in a book publication. I made two trailers for the promotion of the book, plus the first three chapters are on my YT channel for anyone whos interested. Links below. Questions, please feel free to send me a DM and inquire about additional info. Thanks




General Discussion » what time do you guys usually check derpibooru? » Topic Opener

Background Pony #41BA
Weekday or weekend? during lunch or dinner? Does derpibooru has a place for checking the number of people online?

Pony Discussion » What does the new logo of MLP: Equestria Girls look like if it's coming back as part of G5? » Topic Opener


Sunny Flare Fan
I have a curious question, With G5 on the way and Equestria Girls' rival Monster High coming back in 2022, What does the new logo of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls look like if it's coming back as part of G5? I believe that Hasbro should bring back Equestria Girls in 2022 to compete with Monster High's comeback in 2022.

Tagging Discussion » Tags missing "intersex" implication » Topic Opener

Background Pony #D7EB
Many tags imply tags (futa, cuntboy, busty boy) which in turn imply intersex but which themselves lack that implication — which they need to, because implications don't cascade.

Many posts ought to get the tag added.

busty discord is missing the male implication from busty boy, but seeing how much it's getting misapplied to images which should only have busty eris maybe that's safer
busty gallus, busty butterscotch, busty shinig armor, and busty ahuizotl likewise missing male — potentially the same problem but they're much less used so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tagging Discussion » For consideration: merge "hand(s) in pocket(s)"? » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Alias "belly piercing" to "bellyring" » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #798 - Blue earth mare » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #797 - Pink and turquoise earth mare » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #796 - Blue and yellow earth stallion » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #795 - Yellow and mauve earth mare » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #794 - Beige, orange and yellow earth mare » Topic Opener

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Pony Discussion » #787 - Gray and black earth stallion » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #786 - Cream and white earth stallion » Topic Opener

Pony Discussion » #785 - Yellow and blue earth stallion » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Alias "pants pulled down" to "pants down" » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » [NSFW] uncircumcised penis -> foreskin ? » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Replace “Blues Clues” with “Blue’s Clues” » Topic Opener


Professional Shipper
There’s supposed to be an apostrophe. It’s possessive; her name is Blue, she’s the one who leaves behind the clues. Make the non-apostrophe version an alias, with the apostrophe version being the main version.

Generals » communist community for bronys » Topic Opener


here is place to speak ill of bourgeois capitalists, laugh at ancap, ask to understand capital, and overthrow this filthy capitalism that everyone knows, communist anti capitalist topic for brony cyberproletariats, feel free to join us.

Art Chat » Anyone interested in a lil art trade? (SFW or NSFW[not my strongest point but heh]) » Topic Opener

Artist -

Hi there,
welcome to my post, I was wondering, I have never made an art trade in the past, and I was wondering, if anyone would be interesting in doing one with me, you can check my profile to see my art level, it's not EmalaJiss level, but i think it's decent, so if anyone is interested, reply here! or DM me, both works, alright that's all for me, See ya!

Tagging Discussion » "ray" should imply "gecko" » Topic Opener

Tagging Discussion » Merge "8 ball" and "8-ball" » Topic Opener

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