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Status: Open
Price Range: $12.00 - $45.00 USD

Open for commissions!
My Little Pony, humans, and furry art. I can draw it.

You can contact me here on my Tumblr or send a note to get started in getting some art. I can also speak and read Spanish if you need that.

You can also email me at superfangirl1010@gmail.com!

The time it takes to complete a work varies on my schedule, collage comes first.


PayPal. Only

Note: Difficult design can range from the complexity of the character to the environment (such as rain or falling snow).

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About Me
Greetings I am Luna! (I'm nicknamed that for a reason). I am quite the loner, and maybe I haven’t been in the best of moods but I won’t let that hurt me. I’ve been in the fandom since May 2014.
I am 19, and a pegasister.
I also speak Spanish.
Be warned. I have a strong personality and will speak my mind and not cower…
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