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So, a little about me I suppose. Well, I’m a Proud American. A patriot even. I’m an avid Firearm and aviation enthusiast but have an appreciation for pretty much anything mechanical.

I’m a Ford truck fan that would never consider any other truck. That whole Fords break down thing is bull sh*t. Just sayin’. I'm also a millionaire. Wait, rewind a sec, I'm a former millionaire that lost everything. There we go, fixed. Hails from the mysterious and magical land of Los Angeles, and it's an absolute blast! (No it isn't)

OC Strategic Surprise (you boop and I’ll bite)

”History began on July 4th 1776. Anything that happened before then was a mistake.”

Automotive enthusiast (“We’re flat broke but hey, we do it in style”)

And oh yeah, I can fly a plane. Just don't ask me to land and you'll be fine.
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