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About Me
I am many things! I am a British/Canadian metalhead, bass guitarist, brony, Rock/Metal buff, gamer, photographer, occasional dabbler in digital art, beard-haver, you name it! I've been a brony for six years and counting.

My OC is a brown pegasus stallion with long dirty blonde hair named Mellow Rhythm. He was born in Cloudsdale to a pegasus father from Cloudsdale and a pegasus mother from Trottingham. He is a musician like I am. However, unlike me, he fronts a successful touring Equestrian Rock band, named Wings Over Equestria. I have yet to tour my music IRL.

My beloved pony waifu is Glass Sight (the nerdy unicorn OC created by Sourcy, aka SourceRabbit. Though I may not be tight with Sourcy anymore, my love for this mare keeps on going). She's irresistible! Also, she has been shipped with my aforementioned OC Mellow Rhythm many times. She makes both our hearts race!

Mel n' Glassy 5eva! <3<3<3

Mellow Rhythm and Glass Sight's theme
As performed by Genesis
Mellow Rhythm and Glass Sight's other theme
As performed by my awesome pal SirBumpaous

Some awesome friends of mine on this site (in no particular order):
— KennyC
— Toyminator900
— ILoveMyoozik
— Milo (GERMAN)
— RainbowDash69
— Binkyt11
— Cyan Lightning
— Mikey
— TheHappySpaceman
— nooby
— Lobinchi (RIP)
— gexon_pane (RIP)
— Anonshy
— rdibp
— Watermelon Changeling
— Some Pacifier Pone
— Sollace
— Andandampersand
— Osha
— Any Pony
— Sir Bumpaous
— Kalibur (Best friend IRL)
— karstvgl
— Count AdrameĢlekh Sear
— DarklordYuri

And more to come!
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