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The Dazzling Adventures [A safe only Roleplay] see first page for details.

Background Pony #F521
Aria, please… Let me tell you something:
Sonata’s small hair only makes her the lowest ranking of the hair family. And that hair family is making numerous conspiracies against you. %You still can’t deny my advice on calling someone the worst, by the way…%
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@Background Pony #1861  
But we’re ranked by our hair size! Adagio grrr….is at the top, I’m in the middle and Sonata is at the bottom.  
There’s nothing wrong with calling people the worst, Sonata calls me the worst too! Garrrghhhhh….you don’t know what I have to put up with!  
sits down in a corner, turns away and sulks  
Thank you, thank you! We’re sooooo glad you enjoyed it.
Background Pony #7A43
It’s going to end soon? Oh no!
Tickles your sides furiousy
Sonata! Look at Aria, she’s so “happy” right now! Hurry and see this before I stop in a few seconds!
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