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There are 1,936,043 non-deleted images total in our database. Of these, 712 images were uploaded in the last 24 hours.

This net total excludes the 111,192 images that have been deleted, and the 98,452 images that have been marked as duplicates. About 19 legitimate images (including duplicates) are posted for every image we have to remove for rule violations or takedown requests.


There are 8,449,592 comments on the site. Of these, 59,617 have been deleted. This roughly equates to 142 legitimate comments posted for every spam/offensive comment we have to remove.

In the last 24 hours, 2,274 comments have been posted.

There are, on average, 4.19 comments on each image on the site.


Out of 1,936,043 images, 1,864,220 images have a score above 0, and 67,555 images have a score below 0. 1,928,661 images have been faved by at least one user.


In our 9 forums there have been 17,668 topics started. There have been 4,506,902 replies to topics in total.


There are 289,797 users on the site. Of these, 90 users joined in the last 24 hours.


There are 9,613 existing image galleries on the site, created by 2,199 users. There are, on average, 171.81 images in each gallery.

In total, images have been added to galleries 1,964,018 times.


There are 1,013 open commission listings on the site, offering a total of 2,454 items.


We have received 124,531 reports relating to images. Out of these reports, 4 reports are outstanding and awaiting action.

On the last 250 reports we've received, it's taken us on average about 3 hours between a report being made and the report being resolved.

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