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"Solo" should not be allowed on images with more than one character tag.

Started by Dissonance
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For the glory of Eris!
Basically title.

Per solo:
Detailed description:
This tag is to be used when there is only one character shown in the image.

A few images, eg:

…..use solo against proper guidelines. 882054 in particular was tagged by a mod as such, but a mass tag cleanup* requires moderator permission.

*I’m not sure even what scale solo is misused, but I’d rather get shut down by mods before putting in a lot of work, rather than after.

Also, per Tag Guidelines:
Character tags (e.g. applejack (139625) +) — when the character is in the image

Preemptive defense against some who might say… ">>1674618 only has one character in it, so solo works!"

If that is the case, then it is incorrectly tagged per Character Tag Guidelines.
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For the glory of Eris!
Ah, you got in before my edit.

For the first, if a body pillow is not a character, then the character of the pillow should not be tagged.

The second, even as a Meta-image, it still contains multiple characters, which goes directly against solo’s Detailed Description, key phrase: "…in the image".
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For the glory of Eris!
Well, I’ve managed to get two out of three of the brief examples.

I feel like I can pick more at the pillow one, but…

The reason I’m bringing this up is that solo is causing issues with my team’s AI pony face generator, due to multiple faces per image muddying the training sets.

Again, I’m not sure how extensive this is (I’m really more of the team’s "Rubber Duck") but I’d like to get permission for, if not mass tag editing, then a system for mass submission for tag re-review with regard to solo.

If the latter choice, then I fully expect to have over 50% of images submitted changed to more strictly fit solo’s definition.
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There’s also the case like >>2026618, where the character appears as some inanimate object (such as a toy), or >>2042946 where the only other character is a floating hand/penis/some body part. Do those count as "solo"?

For multiple faces,

Edit: If you want some solo face pics for AI, would bust, solo help a bit?
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So, any thoughts on this matter? Like what would a tag of multiples of a single character use? Literally "Single character,-solo"?
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There are self ponidox and multeity tags for a case where a single character appears more than once in a picture. I’d tag solo and multeity on those, as there is only one character (solo) in the picture. Possible exception: no solo tag when the same character appears in different forms (human, pony, equestria girl, anthro…).

I would also ignore characters who only appear in pictures, as plushies, or in other ’not actually present’ ways when tagging solo.
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