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Size: 1795x1384 | Tagged: artist:metax-z, cheek squish, cute, female, food, mare, marshmallow, ponies in food, pony, prone, raribetes, rarity, rarity is a marshmallow, safe, solo, squishy cheeks, :t, unicorn
Size: 1700x1200 | Tagged: alicorn, artist:threetwotwo32232, between dark and dawn, clothes, comic, dialogue, female, frown, genie, grayscale, grin, hawaiian shirt, horrified, lineart, mare, monochrome, open mouth, parody, pointing, pony, princess celestia, princess luna, shirt, simple background, smiling, speech bubble, spoiler:s09e13, suggestive, :t, wat, white background, why, wide eyes, will smith
Size: 1728x2880 | Tagged: ..., annoyed, artist:wispy tuft, bad mood, boop, booping problem, breakfast, claws, comic, cute, cutie mark, daring done?, desert, earth pony, ear tufts, eating, egyptian, eyes closed, eyeshadow, female, fetish, floppy ears, food, frown, giantess, glare, good intentions gone wrong, grumpy, hard vore, imminent death, implied vore, lazy, lidded eyes, macro, macro/micro, makeup, male, nose wrinkle, :o, oc, oc:oasis palm, open mouth, palm tree, peaceful, pony, prone, pyramid, resting, sand, semi-grimdark, shade, sitting, sleeping, sleepy, smiling, snooze, speech bubble, sphinx, sphinx (character), squee, stallion, sun, :t, tree, vore, waking up, wavy mouth
Size: 800x1572 | Tagged: artist:snownebula, bored, cute, earth pony, female, looking at you, mare, on back, pinkie pie, pony, safe, solo, :t, table, upside down
Size: 1440x1080 | Tagged: animated, annoyed, artist:kimjoman, bee, blinking, blob ponies, cute, flying, grumpy, insect, lidded eyes, male, no pupils, oc, oc only, oc:purple flix, pony, safe, scrunchy face, simple background, sleepy, smiling, spinning, stallion, :t, unamused, unicorn, white background
Size: 800x1200 | Tagged: artist:shoutingisfun, comic, comic:one left, dialogue, drink, drinking, ear piercing, earring, eyes closed, female, food, human, human male, implied pear butter, jewelry, looking at each other, male, mare, neck rings, oc, oc:anon, open mouth, piercing, pony, question, raised hoof, safe, sipping, sitting, speech bubble, :t, table, tea, zebra, zecora, zecora's hut
Size: 800x1027 | Tagged: artist:askwinonadog, ask, ask winona, bellyrubs, big macintosh, cute, dog, duo, earth pony, eyes closed, female, heart, leg kick, male, on back, open mouth, pony, safe, simple background, smiling, stallion, :t, tongue out, tumblr, unshorn fetlocks, white background, winona, winonabetes
Size: 1280x853 | Tagged: ask balloon octavia, cropped, earth pony, galaxy, pony, question mark, safe, solo, space, :t, white background
Size: 2332x2480 | Tagged: angry, anthro, artist:franschesco, belly button, breasts, busty princess luna, console, game, gamer luna, implied shipping, implied spiluna, princess luna, safe, smug, spike, :t, unguligrade anthro
Size: 800x451 | Tagged: animated, aroused, bedroom eyes, blinking, cloven hooves, colored sclera, disguise, disguised changeling, eye contact, eyelashes, fangs, female, flirting, floppy ears, forked tongue, frenemies (episode), frown, green sclera, heart, heart eyes, horns, in love, lidded eyes, looking at each other, looking at you, male, night, open mouth, ophiotaurus, :p, queen chrysalis, safe, screencap, seduction, shocked, smiling, snow, spoiler:s09e08, stupid sexy chrysalis, :t, tongue out, tree, wide eyes, wingding eyes, you know for kids
Size: 687x471 | Tagged: artist:jargon scott, d:, edit, female, frown, horrified, implied anal insertion, implied insertion, implied spike, mare, micro, no pupils, older, older sweetie belle, open mouth, pony, rarity, siblings, simple background, sisters, size difference, smiling, suggestive, sweetie belle, :t, unicorn, wat, white background, wide eyes
Size: 687x471 | Tagged: adorable distress, artist:jargon scott, being big is all it takes, cute, dialogue, duo, female, frown, growing up is hard to do, mare, micro, no pupils, open mouth, pony, rarity, role reversal, safe, siblings, simple background, sisters, smol, spoiler:s09e22, sweetie belle, :t, text, tiny, tiny ponies, unicorn, white background, wide eyes
Size: 887x554 | Tagged: bread, cake, candy, cinnamon bun, croissant, edit, equestria girls, equestria girls series, eyes closed, food, frosting, jelly beans, mug, pastry, picnic table, safe, screencap, spoiler:choose your own ending (season 2), spoiler:eqg series (season 2), stuffing, sunset shimmer, sweets, :t, table, this will end in weight gain, tray, tree, wake up!, wake up!: pinkie pie
Size: 1339x1451 | Tagged: anthro, artist:dyonys, blushing, choker, clothes, curved horn, eyes closed, female, horn, maid, oc, oc:maya yamato, safe, :t
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