Tag Aliases

Tag aliases are used to correct common typos and to canonicalize various spellings into one tag, amongst other things.

This tag.... goes to this tag
advice poniesadvice meme (159 images)
advice ponyadvice meme (159 images)
afoanime festival orlando (13 images)
afraidscared (7437 images)
after sexaftersex (7038 images)
agcalternate gender counterpart (34 images)
age chartage progression (398 images)
aged upolder (16958 images)
age of ultronavengers: age of ultron (47 images)
ahegao memeahego meme (122 images)
aiartificial intelligence (131 images)
air hornairhorn (74 images)
airplaneplane (2244 images)
airplane ponyplane pony (1144 images)
airplanesplane (2244 images)
airquotesair quotes (61 images)
ajapplejack (144181 images)
ajmtbftlw3afdapplejack mid tree-buck facing the left with 3 apples falling down (22 images)
ajmtbftrw3afdapplejack mid tree-buck facing the right with 3 apples falling down (14 images)
akak-47 (268 images)
ak 47ak-47 (268 images)
akemi homurahomura akemi (80 images)
akimbodual wield (319 images)
a knight's tale (fanfic)fanfic:a knight's tale (10 images)
alaanime los angeles (92 images)
albino fluttershyoc:albino fluttershy (36 images)
album artalbum cover (1231 images)
a lesson on benefitscomic:a lesson on benefits (0 images)
alice (reindeer)alice the reindeer (106 images)
alicorn bat ponybat pony alicorn (1063 images)
alicorn flash sentryprince flash sentry (15 images)
alicorn neon lightsneoncorn (19 images)
alicorn pinkiepinkiecorn (409 images)
alicorn rainbow dashrainbowcorn (300 images)
alicorn raritrapfuta rarity (2194 images)
alicorn twilighttwilight sparkle (alicorn) (98693 images)
aliensalien (859 images)
allergyallergies (133 images)
all your baseall your base are belong to us (40 images)
almost kissimminent kissing (716 images)
alternate coloringalternate color palette (372 images)
alternate colorsalternate color palette (372 images)
alternate color schemealternate color palette (372 images)
alternate costumealternate costumes (1425 images)
alternate cutie mark placementalternative cutie mark placement (1060 images)
alternate mane 6alternate mane six (255 images)
alternate outfitalternate costumes (1425 images)
alternative hairstylealternate hairstyle (20529 images)
alternative versionalternate version (22165 images)
alt versionalternate version (22165 images)