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Short description: Screencaps of episodes or episode previews containing the "all new" text, indicating a new episode.
Implies: screencap, text

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Detailed description:
This tag is used for screencaps of episodes or episode previews containing the "ALL NEW" text towards the bottom-right corner of the screen, indicating a new episode at the time of its airing. This also includes edited screencaps and image macros.
Older episodes have simply used "new" or "new episode" text instead; those are included within this tag.

Similar tags include: Hub logo, Discovery Family logo

Size: 531x399 | Tagged: all new, apple bloom, blank stare, caption, cropped, edit, edited screencap, female, filly, hub logo, image macro, meme, safe, scootaloo, screencap, text, twilight time, x internally
Size: 500x312 | Tagged: all new, angry, floppy ears, hub logo, ponyville, rainbow dash, safe, screencap, solo, text, the mysterious mare do well
Size: 384x288 | Tagged: all new, animated, artist:klystron2010, caption, edit, edited screencap, gif, gif with captions, hub logo, meme, patrick star, safe, screencap, shocked, spongebob squarepants, text, the spongebob squarepants movie, twilight's kingdom
Size: 1728x910 | Tagged: all new, apple bloom, candy, edit, edited screencap, food, image macro, meme, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, reference, safe, scootaloo, screencap, sweetie belle, text, twilight sparkle, two girls one cup
Size: 350x197 | Tagged: all new, animated, applejack, bad end, big crown thingy, burn marks, credit joke, death, earth pony, edit, edited screencap, female, fluttershy, golden oaks library, good end, hub logo, implied, implied death, jewelry, magical mystery cure, mane six, mare, murder, pegasus, pinkie pie, pony, rainbow dash, rarity, regalia, screencap, semi-grimdark, text, twilight sparkle, unicorn
Size: 987x1110 | Tagged: all new, applejack, dank memes, edit, edited screencap, hub logo, image macro, johnny johnny yes papa, liarjack, meme, safe, screencap, scrunchy face, text, the return of harmony, wat
Size: 638x339 | Tagged: alicorn, all new, animated, applejack, fluttershy, hub logo, mane six, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rainbow of light, rainbow power, rarity, safe, screencap, spread wings, talking, text, twilight's kingdom, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), windswept mane, wings
Size: 720x404 | Tagged: all new, animated, giant wing, hub logo, implied trixie, magic duel, meme origin, rainbow dash, rainbow transform, safe, screencap, solo, text, transformation
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: all new, foal free press, hub logo, mane dye, mayor mare, newspaper, pinkie pie, ponyville confidential, safe, screencap, shocked, text
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: abuse, all new, bulk biceps, cloudsdale anthem, crystal stadium, dragon, embarrassed, epic fail, equestria games, equestria games (episode), fail, female, flag, fluttershy, flying, gaston (griffon), giselle, griffon, hub logo, humiliation, irma, male, mare, natalya, pegasus, pony, public humiliation, rainbow dash, safe, screencap, shining armor, soarin', spike, spitfire, spotlight, stallion, text, this is gonna suck, this will end in tears, this will not end well, unicorn
Size: 480x270 | Tagged: all new, animated, applejack, chairsaber, edit, edited screencap, gif, hoof hold, hub logo, kylo ren, lightsaber, lion tamer's chair, safe, screencap, somepony to watch over me, star wars, star wars: the force awakens, text, weapon
Size: 1280x720 | Tagged: 3d, alicorn, all new, animated, artist:soohable, carrot top, clothes, colt, costume, crossover, dj pon-3, earth pony, edit, female, filly, friendship is magic, gmod, golden harvest, hub logo, human, luna eclipsed, male, mare, nightmare moon, nightmare night, nightmare night costume, pipsqueak, pony, princess luna, rarity, ruby pinch, s1 luna, safe, scout, screencap, seizure warning, sound, star swirl the bearded, sunglasses, team fortress 2, text, twilight sparkle, unicorn, vinyl scratch, webm, when i'm, woona, younger, youtube link
Size: 576x324 | Tagged: all new, for whom the sweetie belle toils, hub logo, it keeps happening, rolling, safe, screencap, spin dash, stairs, sweetie belle, sweetie belle is a marshmallow too
Size: 480x270 | Tagged: all new, animated, darth vader, darth vader kills mlp villains, death, edit, edited screencap, explosion, force, hub logo, lord tirek, magic, safe, screencap, star wars, telekinesis, tirek is doomed, twilight's kingdom, watermark
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