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Aliases: aj, apple jack
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alternate mane seven, apple family, apple wrench, applebarb, applebarb (lesbian), applebat, appleberg, appleblitz (gay), appleblitz (straight), applebon, applebreezie, appleburst, applebutt, applecora, applecord, applecorn, appledash, appledashlight, appledashpie, appledashshy, applediamond, appledirk, appledog, applefat, applefire, appleflaritwidashpie, applehoops, applehugger, applejack (g5), applejack (male), applejack becoming an apple, applejack is not amused, applejack mid tree-buck facing the left with 3 apples falling down, applejack mid tree-buck facing the right with 3 apples falling down, applejacked, applejacks (shipping), applejewel, applelace, applelestia, applelion, applelusive, applelusive (straight), applemac, applepie, applepie (straight), applerise, appleshill, appleshimmer, appleshy, appleshy (straight), applespike, applespike (gay), applespikedash, applespruce, applestone, appletavia, appletini, applewhooves, applezona, autumberry colorarijack, autumnjack, autumnrarijack, babyjack, bloomjack, bluejack, braejack, brightjack, bubblejack, bubblejack (gay), busty applejack, butterjack, butterjack (gay), captain jackbeard, carajack, caramelunajack, cheerijack, cheesejack, cherryjack, cocojack, dazzlejack, derpyjack, donutjack, duskjack, duskjack (gay), everjack, fancijack, filly applejack, filthyjack, flamjack, flapplejack, flashjack, flatjack, flimjack, futa applejack, futa timberjack, glimmerjack, hammerjack, humane five, humane seven, humane six, inkyjack, jackabetes, jackabuse, jackletree, jappleack, liarjack, lunajack, lyrajack, maidjack, mane seven, mane six, mane six vaginas, maupplejack, mayorjack, naked six, nightmare applejack, nightmare rarijack, nightmarejack, older applejack, older mane 6, older mane 7, omniship, promontjack, rarajack, rariapplepie, rarijack, rarijack (straight), rarijackdash, samurai applejack, scitwijack, scootajack, seapony applejack, shiningjack, silverjack, soarinjack, sombrajack, sparijack, spirit of hearth's warming past, spoiledjack, steamjack, sweetiejack, tatzljack, teenage applejack, the rainbooms, thunderjack, timberjack, tirapple, treekicker, trenderjack, tripplejack, troublejack, twiglimmerjack, twijack, twijack (straight), unhapplejack, who's a silly pony

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