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Size: 788x610 | Tagged: article, artist needed, cute, fluttershy, heart, meta, monochrome, safe, solo, talking to viewer, text
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Size: 565x871 | Tagged: artist:klondike, edit, elmer fudd, glorious grilled cheese, grilled cheese, looney tunes, princess luna, safe, solo, the looney tunes show
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Size: 565x871 | Tagged: artist:klondike, edit, elmer fudd, glorious grilled cheese, grilled cheese, looney tunes, princess luna, safe, solo, the looney tunes show
article (102)Added FlyingSixtySix
Size: 600x337 | Tagged: 4chan, animated, article, cnn, derpy hooves, discussion in the comments, donald trump, dropping, edit, edited screencap, feeling pinkie keen, female, flying, frown, gif, glare, hat, kim jong-un, male, mare, meme, op is a duck, op is trying to start shit, op started shit, pegasus, pepe the frog, politics, pony, reddit, safe, screencap, stallion, text, twilight sparkle, unamused, unicorn, unicorn twilight, wat, wheelchair
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Size: 1280x1280 | Tagged: article, artist:phat_guy, bored, bust, counter, derpibooru exclusive, earth pony, female, leaning, magazine, mare, peachy plume, photo, pony, portrait, raised hoof, raised leg, reading, receptionist, sad, safe, text, twilight burgkle, twilight sparkle, where the apple lies
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Size: 1322x1025 | Tagged: alicorn, alicornified, apple bloom, applejack, article, artist:shutterflyeqd, bloomicorn, cowboy bebop at his computer, dragon, error, fanart, fluttershy, mistake, news, pinkie pie, race swap, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, spike, starlight glimmer, text, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), you had one job
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Size: 960x716 | Tagged: applejack, article, big macintosh, brony, changeling, doctor whooves, fluttershy, king sombra, magazine, magazine article, mane seven, mane six, mare do well, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, soarin', spike, spitfire, text, time turner, twilight sparkle, welcome to the herd, wonderbolts
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Size: 807x839 | Tagged: apple bloom, article, artist:miketheuser, cutie mark crusaders, font, font issues, generationb, generation b, hasbro, meta, news, piracy, pirate, safe, scootaloo, sweetie belle, text, torrentfreak, website
article (102)Added System
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Size: 919x869 | Tagged: applejack, article, brony, clothes, cosplay, costume, daily star, fursuit, haters, human, irl, irl human, lyra heartstrings, newspaper, photo, pinkie pie, plushie, rainbow dash, safe, source needed, tabloid, text, twilight sparkle, united kingdom, useless source url
article (102)Added wenni
Size: 1020x928 | Tagged: announcement, article, chicago, everfree network, final draft, news, oc, oc:mandopony, safe, sweet apple acres, text, tl;dr, website
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Size: 431x426 | Tagged: article, caption, dank memes, ebola, fluttershy, glowing eyes, glowing eyes meme, i am growing stronger, image macro, inside joke, lens flare, meme, newspaper, pegasus, /pol/, pony, safe, solo, superhero, text
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Size: 563x769 | Tagged: amy rose, article, exploitable meme, knuckles the echidna, meme, miles "tails" prower, obligatory pony, princess luna, safe, sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog (series), text, tv meme
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Size: 761x1968 | Tagged: article, blog, edit, edited screencap, horse news, laughter song, letter, open letter, pinkie pie, rape, >rape, screencap, semi-grimdark, suggestive, text, vulgar
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Size: 643x801 | Tagged: angel bunny, applejack, article, artist:amanda conner, comic, comicsalliance, fluttershy, idw, mane six, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, spike, text, twilight sparkle
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Size: 1003x795 | Tagged: article, doctor who, doctor whooves, human, irl, irl human, link, photo, safe, tardis, text, time turner, tv guide
article (102)Added splatman
Size: 939x717 | Tagged: armor, article, artist:yoh yoshinari, brony, captain shining armor, colored hooves, cutie mark, cutie mark background, derpy hooves, female, frown, glare, hoof fluff, hooves, horn, lineless, looking up, male, mare, meta, no pupils, pegasus, pixiv, pony, royal guard, safe, shining armor, spear, spread wings, stallion, text, tongue out, unicorn, wallpaper, weapon, wings, yoh yoshinari
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Size: 500x800 | Tagged: angel bunny, artist:ponyweed, balloon, bill the butcher, bowery boys, brony, bronycon, cake knife, cutie mark, daniel day-lewis, fluttershy, gangs of new york, hat, headline, history, human, irl, irl human, knife, leonardo dicaprio, moustache, newspaper, old timey, parody, patch, photo, pinkie pie, ponychan, safe, top hat
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Size: 768x1784 | Tagged: applejack, article, artist:kappalizzy, artist needed, bandana, cardboard cutout, cardboard twilight, clothes, comic, cosplay, cover, custom, emily the strange, g3, gloves, human, idw, irl, irl human, meta, my little pony project, news, overalls, photo, safe, toy, twilight sparkle
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