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Aliases: artist:mywatercolorheart, artist:somessedup, artist:cryptic

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Size: 518x633 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, lyra heartstrings, bust, fancy, floppy ears, hat, head only, monocle, ms paint, portrait, simple background, solo, top hat, white background
Size: 683x644 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, tank, doodle, hat, ms paint, party hat
Size: 554x592 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, derpy hooves, doodle, drawfriend, googly eyes, ms paint
Size: 616x756 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, fluttershy, doodle, ms paint
Size: 2259x3305 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, starlight glimmer, pony, unicorn, my little pony: pony life, female, heartbreak, really sad, sad, sketch
Size: 2186x1691 | Tagged: semi-grimdark, artist:buttercupsaiyan, oc, oc only, oc:cryptic, oc:gemmery, oc:pupa, oc:pupa shard, moth, mothpony, original species, equestria daily, angry, bcs, black hair, bleeding, blood, blue eyes, blushing, curved knife, cut, digital watercolor, flopped ear, fluffy, gemmery, glasses, grave danger, green coat, karambit, knife, levitation, magic, male, males only, mortal danger, newbie artist training grounds, power gem, purple coat, purple hair, rebelle, rebelle 3, telekinesis, threat, traditional art, watercolor painting, zed001
Size: 1287x1909 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, pinkie pie, earth pony, pony, equestria daily, bust, clothes, female, lamp, lineart, mare, newbie artist training grounds, prompt, scarf, solo
Size: 1691x2119 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, oc, oc:astral echo, bat pony, chest fluff, cute, female, hat, scanned, sun hat, tiarawhy, traditional art
Size: 425x536 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, oc, oc only, oc:astral echo, autodesk sketchbook, female, quality, solo, tiarawhy
Size: 1460x991 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, sweetie belle, unicorn, 4chan, clothes, female, filly, frog (hoof), looking at you, maid, mlpg, solo, sweetie belle is not amused, unamused, underhoof
Size: 585x610 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, edit, oc, oc:cryptic, oc:pupa, changeling, hybrid, moth, mothpony, original species, green changeling, ms paint, smiling, thank you
Size: 1477x2110 | Tagged: safe, artist:buttercupsaiyan, pony, unicorn, /mlp/, 4chan, bassline junkie, bcs, cape, clothes, female, filly, marker, mlpg, my little pony general, simple background, white background
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