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artist:graphene (282)Tag changes
Aliases: artist:graphenedraws, artist:lyricbrony, artist:rdisbestchub
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Size: 3081x4042 | Tagged: artist:graphene, bed, belly button, blanket, clothes, cute, female, fluttershy, frog (hoof), grin, hooves, human shoulders, leggings, mare, on back, one eye closed, pegasus, pillow, pony, rainbow roadtrip, safe, shyabetes, smiling, solo, spoiler:rainbow roadtrip, underhoof, wink
Size: 2969x2600 | Tagged: artist:graphene, awesome, cute, cutie mark, female, high res, looking at you, mare, open mouth, pegasus, pointing at you, pony, positive message, positive ponies, rainbow dash, safe, solo, text, underhoof
Size: 1071x1157 | Tagged: all fours, artist:graphene, cute, dragon, dragoness, fangs, female, safe, scene interpretation, smolder, smolderbetes, solo, spoiler:s09e03, uprooted
Size: 3360x3940 | Tagged: artist:graphene, atg 2019, bokeh, changeling, changeling queen, crown, female, high res, looking at you, newbie artist training grounds, open mouth, pointing at self, queen chrysalis, regalia, safe, solo
Size: 3824x4732 | Tagged: artist:graphene, atg 2019, cliff, newbie artist training grounds, pegasus, rainbow dash, safe, solo
Size: 3137x3665 | Tagged: against glass, alicorn, artist:graphene, atg 2019, both cutie marks, burger, closed, cute, female, food, frog (hoof), frown, glass, mare, newbie artist training grounds, ponies eating meat, pony, restaurant, safe, solo, that pony sure does love burgers, twiabetes, twilight burgkle, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), underhoof, want
Size: 3353x3889 | Tagged: artist:graphene, dragon, dragonified, rainbow dash, rainbow dragon, safe, solo, species swap, thumbs up
Size: 1965x2501 | Tagged: artist:graphene, atg 2019, blank flank, clothes, cute, daaaaaaaaaaaw, dashabetes, drawing, eye clipping through hair, featured image, female, filly, filly rainbow dash, hnnng, mare, mouth hold, newbie artist training grounds, nom, pegasus, pony, rainbow dash, safe, simple background, sitting, smiling, solo, :t, uniform, weapons-grade cute, white background, wonderbolts uniform, younger
Size: 2756x3092 | Tagged: artist:graphene, atg 2019, food, newbie artist training grounds, pinkie pie, safe, salad, solo, spider
Size: 3393x4481 | Tagged: artist:graphene, cute, dashabetes, duo, female, fluttershy, mare, pegasus, rainbow dash, safe, shyabetes, smiling, spread wings, stars, trophy, wings
Size: 3500x4375 | Tagged: artist:graphene, clothes, female, goggles, lineless, mare, minimalist, modern art, pegasus, pony, rainbow dash, safe, solo, uniform, wonderbolts, wonderbolts uniform
Size: 4057x4260 | Tagged: alternate timeline, amputee, apocalypse dash, artist:graphene, atg 2019, augmented, crying, crystal war timeline, eye scar, female, mare, newbie artist training grounds, pegasus, pony, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, prosthetic wing, rainbow dash, safe, scar, solo
Size: 4800x2638 | Tagged: armor, artist:graphene, atg 2019, crab, cute, fluttershy, healer, mudcrab, newbie artist training grounds, pegasus, safe, shyabetes, solo, staff, the elder scrolls, video game
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