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Size: 2560x1604 | Tagged: artist:júlien gínko, behaving like a cat, collar, cute, missing cutie mark, monochrome, pet tag, pony, pony pet, roseluck, safe, sketch, stretching
Size: 1720x2310 | Tagged: :<, adorable distress, against wall, arched back, artist:yakovlev-vad, back fluff, behaving like a cat, bristling fur, cheek fluff, coccinellidaephobia, confused, cute, ear fluff, earth pony, female, floppy ears, frown, hoof fluff, insect, ladybug, leg fluff, looking at something, mare, octavia melody, pony, question mark, safe, scared, shoulder fluff, sketch, solo, tavibetes, tavicat, wide eyes
Size: 1981x2027 | Tagged: artist:siegfriednox, behaving like a cat, female, grayscale, monochrome, oc, oc:cold casting, oc:eclipse starwind, oc only, pony, safe, size difference, surprised, traditional art, unicorn
Size: 490x468 | Tagged: behaving like a cat, cozybetes, cozy glow, cropped, cute, edit, edited screencap, frenemies (episode), inverted mouth, pegasus, pony, safe, screencap, spoiler:s09e08
Size: 691x1113 | Tagged: !?!, behaving like a cat, behaving like a dog, bow, changedling, changeling, classical hippogriff, claws, cloven hooves, cropped, dragon, dragoness, edit, edited screencap, exclamation point, fear, female, gallus, griffon, hair bow, hand over mouth, headcanon, hippogriff, hoof over mouth, interrobang, male, meme, monkey swings, ocellus, paws, pony, question mark, safe, sandbar, scared, school raze, screencap, shocked, silverstream, smolder, student six, teenager, text, vacuum cleaner, yak, yona
Size: 1875x2349 | Tagged: artist:sixes&sevens, bait, behaving like a cat, box, comic, cute, descriptive noise, female, gem, horse noises, inktober, inktober 2019, mare, pony, rarara, raribetes, raricat, rarity, safe, solo, spool, tail, thread, trap (device), unicorn
Size: 2088x1300 | Tagged: artist:28gooddays, bat pony, bat pony oc, behaving like a cat, biting, chest fluff, collar, dock, ear fluff, female, hand, human, human and pony, looking at you, male, oc, oc only, on back, pony, pony pet, safe, simple background, trap, white background, wings
Size: 1626x1831 | Tagged: artist:nitei, behaving like a cat, clothes, cute, fufflebetes, kerfuffle, ponified animal photo, safe, shoes, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 800x1172 | Tagged: artist:sintakhra, behaving like a cat, biting, broken tooth, dragging, dragon, minuette, mouth hold, pony, pulling, safe, sigh, smolder, tail, tail bite, tail pull, tumblr:studentsix, unicorn
Size: 1400x1250 | Tagged: artist:siegfriednox, behaving like a cat, fluffy, grayscale, griffon, monochrome, oc, oc:harpy, oc only, oc:southern comfort, pegasus, pony, safe, sitting on, sitting on pony, traditional art, yarn, yarn ball
Size: 2043x1582 | Tagged: artist:codras, behaving like a cat, bread, eeee, female, food, gray background, lineart, monochrome, paw prints, quadrupedal, safe, scared, simple background, solo, sphinx, sphinx (character), surprised, toast, toaster
Size: 1280x960 | Tagged: artist:flutterluv, behaving like a cat, box, female, filly, ponified animal photo, pony, pony in a box, safe, simple background, smiling, solo, sweetie belle, tongue out, unicorn, white background
Size: 960x720 | Tagged: artist:tarkan809, behaving like a cat, cute, dragon, drawing, g1, happy, monochrome, pencil drawing, safe, solo, spikabetes, spike, spike (g1), traditional art, yarn, yarn ball
Size: 1000x1300 | Tagged: artist:horsesplease, behaving like a cat, gallus, griffons doing cat things, oc, oc:anon, petting, safe, sleeping, stroking
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