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Aliases: dialog, english text

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For images with speech bubbles, or other such writing indicating characters talking.

Images with generic non-speech or otherwise general text should be tagged with text instead.
Size: 2954x1948 | Tagged: safe, artist:liaaqila, rainbow dash, pegasus, pony, cute, dashabetes, dialogue, eye clipping through hair, hiding, sheet
Size: 2550x3300 | Tagged: safe, artist:manhunterj, twilight sparkle, human, dialogue, female, hair over one eye, haircut, humanized, open mouth, signature, solo, speech bubble
Size: 868x2336 | Tagged: safe, artist:dziadek1990, edit, edited screencap, screencap, applejack, rainbow dash, rarity, comic:revenge is best served [adjective], a dog and pony show, fall weather friends, look before you sleep, comic, conversation, dialogue, eww, manure, requested art, screencap comic, smell, smelly, sniffing, text
Size: 1600x1219 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:nudeknightart, edit, twilight sparkle, alicorn, anthro, plantigrade anthro, barefoot, big feet, book, bookshelf, breasts, dialogue, digital art, dirt, dirty, dirty feet, feet, feet on table, female, fetish, foot fetish, horn, library, looking at you, sitting, smiling, smiling at you, soles, solo, solo female, talking to viewer, text, toes, twilight sparkle (alicorn), wings
Size: 1336x2048 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:tenebrousmelancholy, big macintosh, fluttershy, anthro, bedroom, big breasts, breast rest, breasts, busty fluttershy, cleavage, clothes, dialogue, digital art, fluttergoth, huge breasts, imminent vore, macro, micro, open mouth, salivating, tanktop, vore, vore day
Size: 900x900 | Tagged: safe, artist:junko, starlight glimmer, pony, unicorn, bust, chest fluff, dialogue, digital art, ear fluff, eyelashes, female, grin, looking offscreen, mare, portrait, quote, s5 starlight, simple background, smiling, smirk, solo, this will not end well
Size: 612x792 | Tagged: safe, artist:newbiespud, edit, edited screencap, screencap, ocellus, twilight sparkle, changedling, changeling, pony, unicorn, comic:friendship is dragons, comic, confused, dialogue, female, mare, screencap comic, unicorn twilight
Size: 2056x1140 | Tagged: safe, artist:another_pony, applejack, fluttershy, lyra heartstrings, princess celestia, spike, starlight glimmer, trixie, twilight sparkle, alicorn, dragon, earth pony, pegasus, pony, unicorn, art dump, bust, cape, clothes, crying, dialogue, female, fluttershy is not amused, gray background, hat, lesbian, mare, massage chair, open mouth, shipping, simple background, simpsons did it, sitting, sketch, sketch dump, startrix, sunbathing, sunglasses, the simpsons, trixie's cape, trixie's hat, twilight is not amused, twilight sparkle (alicorn), unamused, upset
Size: 2600x1600 | Tagged: safe, artist:another_pony, discord, queen chrysalis, starlight glimmer, changedling, changeling, changeling queen, draconequus, pony, unicorn, art dump, cassette tape, changedlingified, dialogue, female, gray background, laughing, looking at each other, purified chrysalis, queen chrysalis is not amused, simple background, sketch, sketch dump, smug, species swap, speech bubble, unamused
Size: 2048x1024 | Tagged: safe, artist:wutanimations, princess celestia, princess luna, alicorn, pony, dialogue, duo, ear fluff, eyes closed, female, grayscale, jewelry, long neck, mare, monochrome, princess necklestia, simple background, sketch, speech bubble, traditional art, white background
Size: 2560x1192 | Tagged: safe, artist:shinningblossom12, oc, oc:drawing, oc:shinning blossom, pegasus, pony, blushing, choker, dialogue, female, jewelry, male, mare, necklace, oc x oc, outdoors, pegasus oc, shipping, stallion, straight, tree, wings
Size: 1280x2062 | Tagged: safe, artist:shinningblossom12, oc, oc only, oc:drawing, oc:shinning blossom, pegasus, pony, bandaid, blushing, comic, dialogue, female, male, mare, oc x oc, pegasus oc, shipping, stallion, straight, wings
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