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Size: 617x434 | Tagged: abyssinian, anthro, artist:negaboss2000, black and white, capper dapperpaws, capperity, clothes, coat, equestria girls, female, grayscale, male, meme, monochrome, music to my ears, my little pony: the movie, rarity, safe, shipping, skirt, straight
grayscale (30932)Added TexasUberAlles
Size: 4560x2992 | Tagged: alicorn, alicornified, anthro, artist:徐詩珮, broken horn, earth pony, evil pie hater dash, female, fizzlepop berrytwist, glitter drops, glitterlight, glittershadow, grayscale, horn, hug, lesbian, mare, monochrome, pegasus, pinkiedash, pinkiehater, pinkie pie, plantigrade anthro, polyamory, precure, race swap, rainbow dash, safe, secrets and pies, series:ponies in precure universes, shipping, smile precure, sprglitemplight, springdrops, springlight, spring rain, springshadow, springshadowdrops, tempestlight, tempest shadow, traditional art, twilight sparkle, unicorn
grayscale (30932)Added lolifiedtrap
Size: 1280x1333 | Tagged: artist:quadrog, big tail, black and white, dragon, dragoness, explicit source, female, grayscale, monochrome, princess ember, safe, simple background, solo, white background
grayscale (30932)Added TexasUberAlles
Size: 824x1008 | Tagged: amputee, bone, breasts, equestria girls, grayscale, human, magical geodes, monochrome, oc, oc only, pencil drawing, pirate, prosthetic arm, prosthetic limb, prosthetics, semi-grimdark, skeleton, solo, traditional art, undead, villainess
grayscale (30932)Added TexasUberAlles
Size: 5760x2919 | Tagged: artist:imsokyo, duo, earth pony, female, grayscale, hat, mare, monochrome, party hat, party whistle, pinkie pie, safe, simple background, sketch, smiling, twilight sparkle, unicorn, unicorn twilight, white background
grayscale (30932)Added TexasUberAlles
Size: 1000x1304 | Tagged: artist:baron engel, belly button, clothes, equestria girls, female, grayscale, hat, human, midriff, monochrome, open mouth, pants, pencil drawing, pirate, pirate costume, pirate hat, safe, simple background, solo, sunset shimmer, sword, traditional art, weapon, white background
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Size: 2946x2147 | Tagged: artist:denzel, balls, explicit, grayscale, griffon, it ain't gonna suck itself, knot, male, monochrome, nudity, oc, oc:argyle, paws, penis, quadrupedal, solo, solo male, traditional art, underpaw
grayscale (30932)Added Background Pony #DE52
Size: 3200x2400 | Tagged: anal, anal orgasm, artist:kpvt, autofacial, balls, cum, cum on self, disembodied penis, doodle, erection, explicit, facial, fluttershy, futa, futa fluttershy, grayscale, horsecock, intersex, monochrome, nudity, orgasm, penetration, penis, sex, sketch, solo, solo futa, spreading, spread legs, tongue out, underhoof
grayscale (30932)Added lolifiedtrap
Size: 2988x2435 | Tagged: analingus, artist:denzel, balls, canon x oc, changeling, explicit, gallass, gallus, gay, grayscale, male, monochrome, nudity, oc, oc:light flux, oral, paws, penis, sex, underpaw
grayscale (30932)Added lolifiedtrap
Size: 1373x1134 | Tagged: ahegao, anal, anal creampie, anus, artist:denzel, balls, blushing, butt, collar, creampie, cum, dark genitals, dripping, dripping cum, explicit, gay, glasses, grayscale, horsecock, leash, male, males only, malesub, monochrome, nudity, oc, oc:haefen, oc only, oc:storm spark, open mouth, penetration, penis, plot, sex, size difference, spankable coin purse, stallion, submissive, tail wrap, traditional art, unicorn, zebra, zebradom, zebra oc, zebra on pony action
grayscale (30932)Added lolifiedtrap
Size: 1500x1019 | Tagged: anthro, apple, apple bloom, artist:baron engel, clothes, coffee mug, cutie mark crusaders, desk, earth pony, female, female pov, filly, food, grayscale, looking up, monochrome, mug, offscreen character, pegasus, pencil drawing, pov, safe, sailor uniform, satchel, scootaloo, sketch, skirt, smiling, sweetie belle, traditional art, trio, unguligrade anthro, unicorn, uniform
grayscale (30932)Added PlotHole
Size: 994x657 | Tagged: artist:imalou, black and white, derp, female, foal, grayscale, laughing, lesbian, mare, mocking, monochrome, pony, safe, shipping, simple background, trixie, twilight sparkle, twixie, unicorn, unicorn twilight, white background
grayscale (30932)Added rannius
Size: 1400x1081 | Tagged: artist:baron engel, chiappa rhino, diagram, fallout equestria, grayscale, gun, handgun, little macintosh, monochrome, pencil drawing, pony, revolver, safe, semi-anthro, simple background, solo, traditional art, unicorn, weapon, white background
grayscale (30932)Added TexasUberAlles
Size: 661x935 | Tagged: artist:art-2u, big breasts, black and white, breasts, busty gloriosa daisy, busty princess celestia, cleavage, curvy, duo, duo female, equestria girls, female, gloriosa daisy, grayscale, hand on hip, hourglass figure, huge breasts, lineart, monochrome, princess celestia, principal celestia, suggestive, wide hips
grayscale (30932)Added Background Pony #43D6
Size: 1400x1092 | Tagged: angry, anthro, artist:baron engel, clothes, female, fireball, glowing horn, gothic, grayscale, horn, monochrome, pencil drawing, safe, simple background, solo, sunset shimmer, traditional art, unguligrade anthro, white background, wizard robe
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Size: 1280x759 | Tagged: artist:exelzior, big penis, breasts, cum, cum bath, cumming, dragon, dragontaur, emberspike, excessive cum, explicit, feet, female, fetish, footjob, grayscale, hyper, hyper balls, hyper penis, impossibly large balls, impossibly large penis, male, monochrome, older, older spike, paw fetish, pawjob, paws, penis, princess ember, shipping, spike, straight, sweat, taur, winged spike, wings
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Size: 1022x1366 | Tagged: artist:arkadios, black and white, bust, cute, derpybetes, derpy hooves, grayscale, monochrome, pencil drawing, portrait, safe, solo, traditional art
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Size: 1566x1006 | Tagged: artist:arkadios, black and white, coco pommel, fashion, grayscale, monochrome, pencil drawing, safe, squint, traditional art
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Size: 1695x1024 | Tagged: artist:wangkingfun, black and white, lineart, monochrome, oc, oc:black eightball, pony, pony icon, safe, shotgun, simple background, weapon, white background
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