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Short description: A hybrid of pony and griffon that is not a traditional hippogriff
Implies: original species

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Typically depicted as a pegasus with leonine tail and a griffon's birdlike claws as forelegs. They may be the offspring of a pony and griffon couple, or may be their own species, depending on the artist.
Size: 3225x3731 | Tagged: safe, artist:pzkratzer, oc, oc only, oc:bluebat, oc:ponygriff, bat pony, griffling, original species, apple, bat pony oc, food, ponygriff, sleeping, traditional art, tree, tree branch
Size: 1903x1903 | Tagged: safe, artist:squeakshimi, oc, oc:tail feather, griffling, hybrid, original species, male, simple background, solo, transparent background
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