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Images tagged looking at something

Size: 2400x2000 | Tagged: artist:zetamad, colored hooves, cracks, cute, female, fluttershy, flying, ice, inktober, inktober 2019, looking at something, looking down, mare, marker drawing, open mouth, pegasus, pony, safe, shyabetes, solo, spread wings, traditional art, unshorn fetlocks, wings
Size: 1720x2310 | Tagged: :<, adorable distress, against wall, arched back, artist:yakovlev-vad, back fluff, behaving like a cat, bristling fur, cheek fluff, coccinellidaephobia, confused, cute, ear fluff, earth pony, female, floppy ears, frown, hoof fluff, insect, ladybug, leg fluff, looking at something, mare, octavia melody, pony, question mark, safe, scared, shoulder fluff, sketch, solo, tavibetes, wide eyes
Size: 1021x995 | Tagged: :<, artist:trickate, cheek fluff, chocolate, close-up, clothes, curious, cute, female, food, frown, head tilt, hot chocolate, looking at something, marshmallow, mug, safe, scarf, solo, steam, yak, yona, yonadorable
Size: 784x1302 | Tagged: artist:av-4, artist:avastin4, chest fluff, clothes, fallout equestria, fanfic, fanfic art, female, hooves, horn, looking at something, mare, oc, oc:littlepip, oc only, pipbuck, pony, safe, simple background, sitting, solo, transparent background, unicorn, vault suit
Size: 2364x1700 | Tagged: artist:rioshi, artist:sparkling_light, artist:starshade, bow, butterfly, clothes, female, flower, hair bow, looking at something, mare, oc, oc:bay breeze, oc only, pegasus, pony, safe, socks, solo, striped socks, tail bow, thigh highs, tree
Size: 1600x1200 | Tagged: apple, applejack, artist:poofypegasus, cute, earth pony, food, hatless, jackabetes, looking at something, missing accessory, pony, safe, simple background, solo, transparent background
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: animated, big macintosh, blushing, cute, dawwww, earth pony, eyes closed, female, gif, happy, jewelry, looking at someone, looking at something, male, necklace, overjoyed, pear tree, pony, ring, safe, screencap, shipping, spoiler:s09e23, straight, sugar belle, sugarbetes, sugarmac, the big mac question, tree, unicorn, wedding ring
Size: 2300x1900 | Tagged: artist:peachmayflower, bipedal, bipedal leaning, cake, clothes, cute, drool, eyes on the prize, female, food, heart, heart eyes, leaning, looking at something, mare, oc, oc only, oc:snow veil, open mouth, pony, safe, shoes, solo, standing on hindlegs, unicorn, want, window, wingding eyes
Size: 3881x5000 | Tagged: artist:memori-p, bust, butterfly, butterfly on nose, female, fluttershy, insect on nose, looking at something, mare, pony, portrait, profile, safe, simple background, solo, white background
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: animated, applejack, bed, big macintosh, bowl, dropped, earth pony, food, freckles, gif, growing up is hard to do, hat, looking at someone, looking at something, open mouth, pillow, pony, pouting, safe, screencap, sick, soup, spoiler:s09e22, spoon, tongue out, tray
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: animated, cutie mark, directions, gif, growing up is hard to do, levitation, looking at something, magic, map, mud, older, older sweetie belle, outdoors, quicksand, running, safe, scared, screencap, sinking, solo, spoiler:s09e22, squishy, swamp, sweetie belle, telekinesis, the cmc's cutie marks, unicorn
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: alicorn, animal, animated, apple bloom, balloon, bloofy, flower, fluttershy, growing up is hard to do, hay bale, looking at someone, looking at something, magic flower, pumpkin, saddle bag, safe, scootaloo, screencap, sheep, shocked, smashing, smiling, sound, spinning, spoiler:s09e22, stadium, surprised, sweetie belle, talking, tornado, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), twister, wagon, webm, wheel, whirling mungtooth, wishing flower, you don't say
Size: 800x450 | Tagged: animal, animated, apple bloom, background pony, bandana baldwin, biscuit, bloofy, bonnie rose, cutie mark, earth pony, fairground, flag, gif, growing up is hard to do, high stakes, hoop, looking at something, older, older apple bloom, older cmc, older scootaloo, older sweetie belle, pegasus, pony, running, safe, scared, scootaloo, screencap, spoiler:s09e22, stadium, sweetie belle, table, the cmc's cutie marks, tornado, twister, unicorn, unnamed pony, wat
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