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Images tagged marks for effort

Size: 1200x5043 | Tagged: alicorn, apple bloom, appreciation, artist:azurllinate, ball, big eyes, close-up, comic strip, cozy glow, cozy glow is best facemaker, cozy glow is xehanort, cutie mark crusaders, earth pony, engrish, evil grin, fail, female, filly, glowing cutie mark, grin, just a pancake, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts: birth by sleep, looking down, mare, marks for effort, multicolored hair, pegasus, sad, safe, scootaloo, smiling, speech, speech bubble, straight face, sweetie belle, text, thought bubble, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), two toned mane, two toned tail, unicorn, zoomed in
Size: 428x600 | Tagged: artist:andrevus, artist:cocoa bittersweet, bust, faic, female, floppy ears, guidance counselor, :i, i mean i see, manepxls, mare, marks for effort, pixel art, pony,, safe, simple background, solo, starlight glimmer, transparent background, unicorn
Size: 492x585 | Tagged: chancellor puddinghead, cropped, marks for effort, safe, screencap, solo
Size: 1000x981 | Tagged: antagonist, artist:digimonlover101, cozy glow, cropped, discord (program), edit, emoji, female, filly, freckles, marks for effort, pegasus, pony, safe, school raze, season 8, simple background, smiling, solo, spoiler:s08, transparent background, vector
Size: 842x1191 | Tagged: artist:hendro107, cozy glow, female, filly, freckles, marks for effort, pegasus, pony, raised hoof, safe, simple background, smiling, solo, svg, .svg available, transparent background, vector
Size: 337x375 | Tagged: cozybetes, cozy glow, cropped, cute, eyes closed, female, filly, freckles, marks for effort, pegasus, safe, screencap, smiling, solo
Size: 777x720 | Tagged: cozy glow, cropped, marks for effort, safe, screencap, solo
Size: 800x400 | Tagged: chocolate, cropped, da fuq, empathy cocoa, equestria girls, equestria girls series, faic, female, filly, floppy ears, food, geode of super speed, glowing horn, guidance counselor, holidays unwrapped, horn, hot chocolate, :i, i mean i see, magic, magical geodes, marks for effort, marshmallow, meme, not amused face, rainbow dash, rainbow dash is best facemaker, rainbow dash is not amused, safe, screencap, shrunken pupils, spoiler:eqg series (season 2), starlight glimmer, starlight's office, telekinesis, thousand yard stare, ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny, unamused, unicorn, versus
Size: 958x1861 | Tagged: alicorn, angry, bart simpson, caption, comic, edit, edited screencap, homer simpson, image macro, joke, laughing, marks for effort, meme, prank, safe, screencap, screencap comic, text, the simpsons, the simpsons movie, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn), who is the princess of friendship?, your mom
Size: 269x269 | Tagged: faic, female, floppy ears, :i, i mean i see, mare, marks for effort, pony, reaction image, safe, seal of approval, simple background, solo, starlight glimmer, transparent background, unicorn, vector
Size: 640x360 | Tagged: cozy glow, marks for effort, pony, safe, screencap, solo
Size: 3264x2448 | Tagged: alicorn, big fat meanie, drawing, implied cozy glow, lined paper, marks for effort, monochrome, new student starfish, pony, safe, scene interpretation, solo, spongebob squarepants, tongue out, traditional art, twilight sparkle, twilight sparkle (alicorn)
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