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Rating Tags

Rating tags are used around the site as 'official' markers for certain content types.

This tag.... is for
explicitExplicit sexual content – visible genitals, detailed genital/anus representations, sex, cum, etc. (233210 images)
grimdarkNightmare-inducing horror and generally anything that, were it to happen to you, could cause PTSD. (28797 images)
grotesqueImages that contain gore or are just plain disturbing because of the style. (9073 images)
questionableSexual, but not explicit; nipples, squicky fetish acts, sexual acts that aren't actually sex, etc. (89922 images)
safeEntirely safe for work and children. (1209652 images)
semi-grimdarkFor images that are mildly dark, not horrifying. (20164 images)
suggestiveMinorly/implicitly sexual; saucy acts, innuendos/sexual references, underwear showing a lot of ass, etc. (92754 images)