Rating Tags

Rating tags are used around the site as 'official' markers for certain content types.

This tag.... is for
explicitExplicit sexual content – visible genitals or anuses, sex, cum, etc. (213744 images)
grimdarkStuff with a very dark tone (27779 images)
grotesqueImages that contain gore or are just plain disturbing because of the style. (8494 images)
questionableNSFW stuff that doesn't go all the way to explicit, like non-explicit sexual contact, sex jokes, exposed breasts, non-explicit nudity etc. (85408 images)
safeEntirely safe for work and children. (1127267 images)
semi-grimdarkFor images that are mildly dark but not crushingly depressing or horrifying. (18672 images)
suggestiveSexually suggestive (tame and non-overt sexual stuff) (84362 images)