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Size: 649x987 | Tagged: suggestive, artist:bigdad, rarity, spike, human, big breasts, blushing, breasts, busty rarity, clothes, female, horn, horned humanization, huge breasts, humanized, male, older, older spike, pony coloring, shipping, simple background, size difference, smiling, sparity, straight
Size: 1900x2200 | Tagged: safe, artist:slytherinakatsuki, rarity, spike, oc, dracony, dragon, hybrid, pony, unicorn, baby, child, cuddling, female, heart eyes, interspecies offspring, male, mare, mother, mother and child, offscreen character, offspring, parent:rarity, parent:spike, parents:sparity, shipping, sparity, straight, wingding eyes
Size: 2550x3300 | Tagged: safe, artist:victoriathedragoness, rarity, spike, dragon, pony, unicorn, comfy, cuddling, cute, eyes closed, female, love, male, monochrome, shipping, sleeping, smiling, snuggling, sparity, story in the source, straight, traditional art, wing blanket, winged spike
Size: 2550x3300 | Tagged: safe, artist:victoriathedragoness, rarity, spike, dragon, blushing, carousel boutique, embarrassed, fainting couch, female, implied rarity, lineart, male, monochrome, offscreen character, older, older spike, open mouth, shipping, solo, sparity, straight, stunned, wide eyes, winged spike, wings
Size: 2550x3300 | Tagged: safe, artist:victoriathedragoness, rarity, spike, pony, unicorn, butt, carousel boutique, chaise, fainting couch, female, hoof on cheek, implied spike, laying on stomach, lineart, lying down, male, mare, monochrome, offscreen character, presenting, raised arm, rearity, sexy, shipping, smiling, solo, sparity, spread legs, spreading, straight, sultry, sultry pose
Size: 1920x4320 | Tagged: safe, artist:papadragon69, rarity, spike, anthro, 3d, breasts, candy, comic, female, food, handkerchief, heart, lollipop, male, old master q, parody, purse, reference, shipping, source filmmaker, sparity, straight
Size: 1024x1912 | Tagged: safe, artist:miyathegoldenflower, discord, flash sentry, princess celestia, rarity, spike, tempest shadow, twilight sparkle, bisexual, blushing, dislestia, female, flashlight, glasses, hug, kiss on the cheek, kissing, lesbian, male, older, older rarity, older spike, polyamory, scar, shipping, smiling, smirk, sparity, straight, tempestflashlight, tempestlight, tempestsentry, tongue out, winghug
Size: 1754x1277 | Tagged: safe, artist:blackbewhite2k7, applejack, rarity, spike, anthro, dragon, pony, unicorn, abstract background, angry, applejack's hat, applespike, bipedal, blushing, breasts, busty applejack, busty rarity, cheating, clothes, commission, cowboy hat, cross-popping veins, distracted boyfriend meme, dragonified, dragonjack, female, hat, jewelry, male, mare, necklace, nudity, older, shipping, sparity, species swap, straight
Size: 1280x960 | Tagged: safe, artist:disneymarvel96, rarity, spike, cinderella, female, male, shipping, sparity, straight, traditional art
Size: 1362x916 | Tagged: safe, artist:pottedphyllis, rarity, spike, the last problem, female, male, shipping, sparity, straight
Size: 722x932 | Tagged: safe, artist:cmara, rarity, spike, 101 dalmatians, female, lord dominator, male, perdita finn, pongo, sally acorn, shipping, sonic the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog (series), sparity, straight, wander (wander over yonder), wander over yonder
Size: 1920x4754 | Tagged: safe, artist:brook the book horse, rarity, spike, dragon, pony, unicorn, comic, dialogue, felt, female, gift box, male, mare, misunderstanding, present, pun, shipping, sparity, straight, winged spike
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