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Aliases: sp, spike the dragon
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adult spike, amberspike, applebarb, applebarb (lesbian), applespike, applespike (gay), applespikedash, babspike, baby spike, barb, barberry, barberscotch, barblitz, barbshine, barity, barlusive, beefspike, blitzike, busty barb, butterspike, cayike, chryspike, cloudyspike, cocospike, cookiespike, cozyspike, derpyspike, dispike, dj scales and tail, dragon bones, dragon lord spike, duskspike, embarb, emberspike, flamethrower spike, flitterspike, flurryspike, flutterbarb, flutterspike, futa barb, garbuncle, gustyspike, human spike, joespike, lemonspike, lunaspikelestiance, maid spike, mane seven, marblespike, maudspike, older spike, pinkiebarb, pinkiespike, ponified spike, rainbowbarb, rainbowspike, raraspike, ravenspike, rumblespike, scarletspike, scitwispike, scootaspike, silverspike, spabby, spails, sparble, sparember, sparibelle, sparico, sparijack, sparity, sparlight, sparlixie, spelusive, spelvet, spembrax, sphike, spicora, spigate, spikabetes, spike gets all the mares, spike gets all the rarities, spike gets all the stallions, spike is not amused, spike the dog, spike the pufferfish, spike the regular dog, spike the seadragon, spike-iac, spikeabuse, spikebarb, spikebelle, spikebloom, spikebra, spikecake, spikeceps, spikechaser, spikedance, spikedancer, spikeheart, spikelestia, spikellus, spikeluck, spikemash, spikemoon, spikemor, spikentosh, spikephire, spikequeak, spikestone, spikestream, spiketavia, spiketiara, spiketiaraspoon, spiketwist, spikeweight, spikewhinny, spikeyrose, spikezilla, spikingdance, spikoorwhill, spilda, spilomare, spilulestia, spiluna, spina, spinambula, spinata, spinona, spips, spixie, sploe, splotus, spolcellus, spolder, spolderstream, springspike, spubble, spyra, stellarspike, stoner spike, strongspike, sugarspike, sunsetspike, teenage spike, thoraxsparlight, thoraxspike, twibarb, twinkiespike, twinklespike, twisparity, twispember, twispike, vinylspike, windyspike, winged spike, winged spikezilla

Size: 1440x808 | Tagged: applejack, fluttershy, group hug, hug, mane seven, mane six, pinkie pie, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, screencap, spike, spoiler:s09e17, the summer sun setback, twilight sparkle
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: animated, between dark and dawn, bird, chicken, edit, no sound, princess celestia, safe, scared, screencap, snake, spike, spoiler:s09e13, tree, twilight sparkle, webm, winter wrap up
Size: 1024x745 | Tagged: artist:ringteam, female, human, humanized, male, nintendo, nintendo switch, safe, shipping, spike, spikebelle, straight, sweetie belle
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: animated, between dark and dawn, no sound, princess celestia, safe, scared, screencap, spike, spoiler:s09e13, twilight sparkle, webm, winter wrap up
Size: 1191x670 | Tagged: amplifier, clothes, deadmau5, discovery family logo, dj scales and tail, dragon, edit, edited screencap, editor:undeadponysoldier, mask, microphone, safe, screencap, she's all yak, solo, spike, spoiler:s09e07
Size: 1920x1080 | Tagged: applejack, canterlot, cheering, cheerleader, discord, discovery family logo, draconequus, dragon, earth pony, eyes closed, female, fluttershy, glowing horn, hoof hold, horn, magic, magic aura, mare, notecard, open mouth, pegasus, pinkie pie, pom pom, rainbow dash, rarity, safe, screencap, smiling, spike, spoiler:s09e17, streetlight, telekinesis, the summer sun setback, unicorn, winged spike
Size: 639x774 | Tagged: caption, edit, edited screencap, editor:undeadponysoldier, female, friendship is magic, friendship throne, heart eyes, image macro, in love, male, mare, meme, patrick star, pony, pretty, reference, s5 starlight, safe, screencap, shipping, smiling, smirk, smug, sparlight, spike, spongebob squarepants, starlight glimmer, straight, text, the cutie re-mark, the spongebob squarepants movie, twilight sparkle, unicorn, unicorn twilight, welcome home twilight, wingding eyes
Size: 5783x2633 | Tagged: amber laurel, anime, artist:gaminggoru, crystal empire, crystal pony, dragon, eating, equestria girls, equestria girls-ified, equestria girls interpretation, food, popcorn, ruby love, safe, scarlet heart, scene interpretation, spike, starlight glimmer, the crystalling
Size: 2896x2896 | Tagged: battlefield, burnt, collage, epic, female, gritted teeth, male, protecting, quote, rarity, safe, shield, shipping, sparity, spike, spoiler:s09e25, straight, the ending of the end
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