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Size: 1031x562 | Tagged: safe, video, world according to jon, youtube
Size: 659x469 | Tagged: duck, male, mallard, open beak, opera, safe, solo, video, youtube
Size: 663x470 | Tagged: princess luna, safe, video, youtube
Size: 1268x790 | Tagged: applejack, safe, video, youtube
Size: 662x467 | Tagged: female, grass, mare, pegasus, pony, rainbow dash, safe, solo, transformation, video, youtube
Size: 1189x669 | Tagged: 3d, applejack, artist:zavcoyote, safe, source filmmaker, spike, video, video at source
Size: 701x683 | Tagged: applejack, ashleigh ball, doll, irl, photo, rainbow dash, safe, toy, video, voice actor, youtube
Size: 691x714 | Tagged: afro, afro circus, artist:tsubukisan, circus, circus afro, clothes, clown nose, glasses, groucho mask, moustache, pinkie pie, safe, silly, socks, video, youtube, youtube link
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