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Field SelectorTypeDescriptionExample
alias_ofLiteralMatches the name of the target tag, if this tag is aliased.alias_of:twilight sparkle
aliasedBooleanMatches when this tag is aliased.aliased:true
aliasesLiteralMatches the name of any of this tag's aliases.aliases:ts
analyzed_nameFull TextMatches the name of this tag. This is the default field.analyzed_name:wing
categoryLiteralMatches the category this tag belongs to.category:origin
descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the full description for this tag.description:species
idNumeric RangeMatches the numeric surrogate key for this tag.id:40482
imagesNumeric RangeMatches tags with the specified image count.images.lte:1000
implied_byLiteralMatches this tag if it is implied by the given tag.implied_by:transparent background
impliesLiteralMatches this tag if it implies the given tag.implies:shipping
nameLiteralMatches the exact name of this tag.name:safe
name_in_namespaceLiteralMatches the name of this tag with any namespace component removed.name_in_namespace:johnjoseco
namespaceLiteralMatches tags with the given namespace.namespace:artist
short_descriptionFull TextMatches the text of the short description for this tag.short_description:gender
slugLiteralMatches the slug of this tag.slug:-fwslash-mlp-fwslash-

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Category NameDefinition
content-fanmadeFan-Made Content
content-officialOfficial Content
errorIncomplete Metadata
ocOriginal Character
originCreator or Origin

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