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First Comminity Collab "Deleted"? (This thread is now irrelevant)

Started by Binkyt11
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Deleted being in quotes because it’s still there. I checked my notifications to see this in there.

I don’t know if it was reuploaded with the DNP’d artist removed or what, I just find this to be very odd.

Never mind, apparently there was a mistake. Have a great day y’all, and stay hydrated. 👌
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An artist with a great number of images asked for a takedown of all of their images, and this image was accidentally included in the takedown.

As soon as it was noticed it was restored.

This is why takedowns sometimes take a long time – we pretty much have to look at every image to see if it should be deleted or not, and in this case whomever was working on it used a faster process which was more expedient, but a bit too greedy.
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