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Shorthand tag aliases

Started by The Frowning Pony
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@The Smiling Pony
In other news we should really get a proper "ogod unalias" thing one day because that’s really broken. Oh and a "imply things retroactively" would be nice too. And maybe also an "update the search index for all these pics because Clover did something in the console".
Those things really mess with search queries and whatnot.

Except silver spoon has existed for years, while sunset shimmer (I think) only caught on around EQG?
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Oh, yes, dt…
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Yeah, but that’s the point: she got such a bigger success that she quite needs a shorthand. The "perfect" shorthand would be "ss".
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It's a MLP booru, dude
Thought I’d already set this…

sus now aliases to sunset shimmer. ss will continue to alias to silver spoon as it’s been that way for a long time and will mess with several uploader’s heads if changed.
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And then there’s the non-pony SS which is also pretty well known…

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