(NSFW)Friendship Is Magic: Forever After High//Highschool//Semi-AU//Fanfiction.

✫彡Moodiness Expressミ★
Artist -

Addicted To TwiFags
Twilight wakes up in her bed. She turns to the side of her one small single bed, tugging the blue sheets with her. Her vision was blurry so she couldn't make out her clock reading. When her eyes focused, The clock read:
3:25 AM
She tossed over, her face planted into her pillow. She sobbed into it.

Twilight sparkle had a history of magic mishaps that has gotten her in major trouble. She's also a victim of bullying. When a filly, she lived with her father only. Her mother disappeared after saving the day. Her dad works hard since he's the only one around. Twi's brother, a dragon named Spike, are inseparable.

Her door opens. Light from the hallway shines through. "…Twilight…? Are you okay…?" He steps in, the dragon about 6'9 in height. Twilight abruptly sighs. "Hmpf…No…" Her eyes roll to side, her muzzle buried in the pillow.
"Oh, Twilight.." He walks up to her and sits on the bed. "Tell your big brother what's wrong." She turned and hugged spike's waist, causing spike to jump and yip. He lowers his arms and wraps them around twilight and warmly smiles. "Heh…What's bothering you?" Twilight sighs. "I'm nervous to go to school…" Spike pats twilight's shoulder. "Oh, that's normal! Everypony gets nervous when school starts. You'll make a good impression, im sure! Afterall, you were so kind to me, and i was a firebreathing dragon!" Twilight blushed.
✫彡Moodiness Expressミ★
Artist -

Addicted To TwiFags
Many moons ago, when a filly, Twilight turned a corner on a rocky mountain, and found an abandoned dragon. She saw one! A….. ferocious dragon… It didn't seem like the ones in the stories. It was young and crying. Twilight felt a rumbling in her stomach. She inched closer…


Twilight woke up from blanking out.

"Twilight…Are you okay? You went quiet." Twilight shook her head to snap out of it fully. "Uhh…Yeah……Im fine." She lay her head on spike's lap. "But that's not what i meant Spike…" He looked down at her. "Hm?" She looked up at him. "I'm nervous because my horn is unpredictable! I don't wanna get kicked out of ANOTHER school because of my "Mad Magic Mishaps!" " Twilight face-planted in spike's lap and sighed exhausted. "Hey-Hey now. These thing's take time to master." Annoyed, Twilight raised her head. "Spike. I'm 15. Dont you think i should know how to use magic by now?!" Spike hugs Twi. "Daww, you don't seem that old to me. There's plenty of ponies out there who can't use magic, and they're hundreds of years old!" Twilight tears up. "But…Starswirl the mage is a unicorn…and learned how to use a age regression spell at five years of age! I wish i was that powerful…" Spike smiles and holds twily in his arms. "Hey. Don't doubt yourself. You do have magic. You are wonderous and so unpredictable. You are perfect in every way to me. Just because your late to the party, doesn't mean you are less looked upon. Better late than never. Besides, that horn you got is powerful…Just like the pony who owns it." He boops the unicorn on the nose, triggering a giggle. Tears stream down her face as they hug. "You get some sleep. You'll need it. I promise i'll be there every step of the way." Before he turns to leave, Twilight grabs his arm. Spike turns. "Huh?" Twilight smiles, falling asleep. "Thank you so much big brother…" She yawns. "Goodnight, I love you…" She lets go of his arm. Tears form in spike's eyes. "Love you too, little bookworm." He kisses her on her forehead and walks out, closing the door gently.
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