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safe1689685 artist:stalinthestallion11 discord30678 grogar (g1)249 nightmare moon16769 queen chrysalis34489 scorpan308 tirek (g1)146 alicorn221279 centaur3324 changeling46704 changeling queen16001 draconequus11310 gargoyle282 pony951364 sheep1484 g114498 g41344 antagonist1592 female1347620 male367060 mare472780 ram647


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Draco Dei

@Background Pony #5265
More importantly, he wasn't a leader villain, merely a henchman (admittedly one who MAY have actually done more than his boss as far as actual fighting).

The Smooze… was more a force of nature than a character. Lavan is a reasonable choice, but I feel the best parallels in the picture are Tirek = Nightmare Moon (The Night That Never Ends), and Grogar = Discord (huge magical power, smart, but overwhelmingly powerful and not afraid to use it). That leaves Chrysalis as the odd one out. I'd actually say that Somabamula (sp?) would be the most direct parallel to her M.O. and vampiric nature, but their motives are very different. Chrysalis actually shares Grogar's motivations and resources.
Background Pony #C3F1
except, Scorpan wasn't truly evil. He was forced to serve Tirek.
I would have thrown in Lavan, or The Smooze instead.