Rules of the Booru

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#0 Be excellent to each other

This is the most important rule.

MLP:FiM is about sharing, friendship, and understanding. Don’t drag the site down into flamewars and angst – keep it constructive and positive.

  • Attempts to antagonize others will not be tolerated.
  • Do not troll, attack, insult, name-call, or otherwise try to intentionally antagonize another person or group of people. This includes making racial, sexual, homophobic, or otherwise demeaning slurs, or posting similarly abusive content.
  • Criticism is welcome and encouraged when done so in a constructive and helpful manner. However, using baseless, unconstructive criticism as a veil for the purpose of insulting or attacking an image and/or an artist is not allowed.
  • This rule applies to all images, comments, forum posts, and private messages, along with all other interactions you may make on this website.

#1 Respect artists and their artwork

Derpibooru is a website dedicated to fanart of MLP:FiM. Without the thousands of artists creating such fan art, we would not have much of a site at all. Therefore, it is important to always respect the wishes of the artists regarding their artwork.

  • Do not upload edits without either permission (ideal) or a reasonable expectation the artist is okay with them; by default, before considering their past art/behavior/statements/etc., it’s expected artists aren’t okay with changes to their signature/watermark or huge thematic changes like majorly changing which fetishes, characters, races, or political stances are in an image.
    Always tag "edit" to distinguish from the original.
  • Do not upload artwork that has not been publicly released, or is intended to remain private or restricted access, without permission from the artist who made it. This includes paid content, such as Patreon-only images or images from an art pack or folio.
  • Do not upload significant portions of official content that hasn't been freely released (promotional material etc. counts as freely released), such as a full page of a comic/book, more than 30 seconds of official video, or more than 10 seconds of official audio or copyrighted music. This applies to single uploads and to splitting contiguous portions across uploads.
  • Images that have been released on a pay-what-you-want scheme, as well as images from a "free version" of a paid art pack, must be released for at least one week (seven days) before they may be posted on this site. Then, only content which can be obtained for free may be posted.
  • Do not upload images from artists who are on our Do-Not-Post (DNP) List, or who have otherwise publicly made a clear and visible statement that they do not wish for their content to be on this website.
  • Do not upload images that contain watermarks or advertisements for sites that promote content theft, sharing of paid-only images, or sharing of images without providing reasonable attribution to the artists who made them. Likewise, do not share links to such sites either.

#2 Properly tag and source images

Without doubt, Derpibooru's most defining feature is our tagging system, which is what organizes the over one million images that have been posted to this website, allowing anyone to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily, while filtering out anything they may not want to see. Anyone can edit an image's tags to help organize it better, but it is important to keep tags consistent and accurate.

  • All images must have at least one rating tag, as defined in our tag guidelines. Images tagged as "safe" may not have any other rating tags.
  • The artist(s) of an image should always be tagged in the format of "artist:name" to identify who created the image. If the artist's name is not known, an image should be tagged with the "artist needed" tag.
  • Tags should properly describe an image, including characters, themes, scenes, and events.
  • Tags should only define the tangible "facts" of an image. Tags should not be used to state your opinion of an image – that's what comments are for.
  • Images should have a source URL to an original location where the image was originally posted. If an image is artwork that is intended by the artist to only be posted to Derpibooru, then please use the "Derpibooru Exclusive" tag to identify it as such.
  • For images where the theme of an image may not be 100% clear, or may be subject to debate (for example, friendships vs shipping), the artist's opinion takes precedence.
  • Tags should be useful to the site overall. Do not create tags for the purpose of your own personal organization, or tags that could have an inconsistent or otherwise vague definition.
  • Tag and source vandalism is prohibited. This includes bulk adding/removing/modifying tags on a large quantity of images without permission, adding tags to images in which they do not pertain to, and modifying source URLs to point towards invalid, inaccurate, or useless addresses.
  • Images that have rapidly flashing animation must be tagged with "seizure warning".
  • If an image is not adequately tagged or sourced, please correct them as necessary. Comments complaining about inadequate tagging or sourcing will be considered spam. If you feel that an uploader is posting numerous images without proper tagging or sourcing, submit a report.

#3 Do not upload unrelated content

This site is intended for images regarding MLP:FiM and its surrounding community. Images that are completely unrelated to MLP:FiM may be removed.

  • Do not upload images without a clear relation to MLP (all generations, not just FiM) or its community.
  • An image isn’t pony-related just because something pony is in it; for instance, exploitable meme templates with unrelated content or pony merchandise in real-life pornography.

#4 Use filters to hide unwanted content and follow local content law

Derpibooru is extremely permissive as to what we allow on this website, which means we allow images that contain themes which some may find objectionable. To help you avoid seeing images you may not wish to see, we have a tag filtering system, which allows for hiding of images that contain specific tags.

  • If you see images that contain themes you do not like, you should add the appropriate tags to your filter. Do not post comments complaining about the theme of the image.
  • If you find an image that you believe violates the site's rules or content guidelines, please report the image so that the site's staff may look into it. Do not post comments claiming an image violates the site's rules.
  • Do not view or post any content you are forbidden from in your jurisdiction. For images, filter them.

#5 Do not post forbidden content

We forbid legally dubious content listed below; due to poor, unclear, or misapplied legislation, better safe than sorry.

Note that 'sexual' and 'sexualized' refer to any content rated "suggestive", "questionable", or "explicit"; and 'underage' refers to below 18 years old.

  • Do not upload photographs of real life humans in a sexualized depiction, or in sexual scenarios, who may be underage. And while obvious, it must be said: Also don't discuss getting such images or having sexual real-life meetings with such people.
  • Do not upload artwork of characters in a sexualized depiction, or in sexual scenarios, who look underage and look human or human-like.
  • Do not roleplay sexual situations involving underage human or humanlike characters.

#6 Do not abuse site functionality (including multiple accounts) or derail discussion

Compared to other websites of our size, Derpibooru has a fairly accepting policy in terms of allowing multiple accounts, guest and anonymous posting, and usage of site features. However, this leaves open the possibility of abuse, so certain things are not permitted.

  • You are permitted to have multiple accounts for purposes of roleplaying, maintaining different sets of filters, or for personal privacy.
  • You may not use multiple accounts or anonymous posting for the purposes of evading bans, voting on images multiple times, sockpuppeting, or otherwise appearing to be multiple people within the same conversation.
  • Do not spam or put off-topic content – especially fetishes or roleplay – in comments/forum posts/reports. Roleplay is generally only on-topic in the roleplay forum.
  • Do not indiscriminately downvote images based on their tags and/or content. Instead, filter content you do not wish to see.
  • If you think someone is violating a rule, submit a report instead of otherwise calling them out (such as with a comment). Don’t submit reports in bad faith, such as frivolous reports to attack others.
  • Do not upscale or otherwise manipulate images to artificially create a "better" image for duplicate merging.
  • You may not post images or image descriptions that are intended to game the site's vote system by offering specific incentives (such as alternative versions of an image) in exchange for upvotes, downvotes, or faves.
  • Do not impersonate Derpibooru staff, such as by setting your "personal title" or username to anything closely resembling those of a staff member.

#7 Comments and posts should respect ratings

While adult content (including sexual and violent themes) is allowed on Derpibooru, not everyone using this website wishes to see it. Therefore, such content should only be posted where uninterested parties would be able to easily avoid it.

  • Forum threads that are intended to contain sexual or violent comments should be marked by including [NSFW] in the thread's title.
  • Comments and posts may go above their image/thread's rating or include rapidly-flashing images only if such portions are relevant to the image or thread and surrounded with [spoiler][/spoiler] tags.
  • Comments and posts must not be, in their entirety, above the image/thread's rating.
  • Comments and posts with rapidly flashing images or portions multiple steps above the rating must put clear warnings (e.g. 'seizure warning', 'warning: explicit') before them.
  • Profanity and foul language alone is not necessary considered above an image's rating. Swearing is allowed as long as it is not insulting, antagonizing, or excessive.
  • Avatars should uphold to a "safe" rating and not contain any visible nudity, sexually suggestive, explicit, or violent content. Additionally, avatars may not have any rapidly flashing animations that may trigger a seizure.
  • Personal titles should also adhere to a "safe" rating and may not be sexually suggestive, explicit, or promote violence. Additionally, they may not be used to impersonate site staff.

#8 Respect privacy

As noted above, this site allows a wide variety of content, and some people may not necessarily wish for their names to be publicly associated with such content. Derpibooru takes privacy extremely seriously, and attempting to breach one's privacy is strictly prohibited.

  • If you are aware of an artist or member using multiple names/aliases to keep content separate (such as clean vs sexual content), or using an alternative name as to not be identified, do not call them out or publicly highlight such a fact.
  • Do not share private or personal information about a third party, such as personal contact information, private messages, off site conversations, and other information that they may not want publicly known, without their permission.

#9 Commissions

Commissions may be advertised on Derpibooru, but some rules and restrictions apply.

  • Any advertisements for commissions may only contain example artwork that was created entirely by the person advertising said commissions. Using another person’s artwork in an advertisement is not allowed.
  • Always use caution and your own discretion when discussing commissions. Derpibooru will not be responsible for, nor able to assist with, any disputes, incomplete transactions, or otherwise undesirable outcomes that result from advertising, seeking, or arranging commissions on this site.
  • All commission agreements are between the artist and commissioner only. Derpibooru will not and should not be considered a party in any agreement involving commissions.
  • You may not advertise any commissions for content that would violate site rules or any applicable laws. Basically, anything that cannot be hosted on Derpibooru cannot be advertised either.

#n Rules are not exhaustive

There may always arise situations that were not accounted for in the above rules, or that may be unique or extraordinary in their circumstances. All enforcement of the rules, as well as the decision as to whether something is or is not acceptable, is ultimately left up to the discretion of the site's staff.