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Art Chat
Discuss art of any form, and share techniques and tips
19336489011th Anniversary Art Event
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For stories, writing prompts, and critique
66612889Fanfic Writing General
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General Discussion
This is a discussion forum for everything unrelated to the show or other forums
42941337746Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)
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For when you want to talk about an ongoing general topic
4621716629Cartoon/Western Animation General
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Pony Discussion
Discuss the show, characters, and theories
2518547863MLP G5 Discussion and Speculation Thread
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Roleplaying forum, in which people play roles
15001278918Fluttershy and Film Reel: Love Under the Sea [NSFW]
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Site and Policy
For site discussion and policy discussion
2673124700Report site bugs here
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Tagging Discussion
For discussion regarding site tags, including requesting aliases, implications, spoiler images, and tag descriptions.
339239579Emperor Sprout
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Uploader Discussion
To share uploading resources, tips, and discuss general uploading and related topics. This is not a support forum - please ask for support in "Site and Policy".
1971784Tiny rant
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