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Background Pony #D579
Dash: "Blarghhh!"

Vegeta: "…Okay, I’m only going to say this once so listen carefully. I am the Prince of all Saiyans and I’ve got more than enough power to blow up a planet. And I can transform into an Super Saiyan 4, my strongest form yet. However, for a puny pony like you I only need to use 1% of my full power to kill you. And I am really not in the mood for your bullshit today so do me a favor and please stop acting like a fool."

Dash: "Blarghhh!"

Vegeta: Punches Dash and Dash goes flying into a sign.

Dash: "Ow!"

Vegeta: "Hey, official. My opponent got knocked out cold by my punch does that mean that I win by default?"

Offical: "…Y-yeah I suppouse so…"
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Wallet After Summer Sale

(I know it wasn’t Vegeta originally, but I can’t resist)

Vegeta: Why?
Twilight: Because you’re breaking Kame House!
Rainbow Dash: Yeah… stop breaking Kame House…
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Holy Shit, you Americans are fucking retarded. Who would take an animated Pony show for little girls so serious? Fat lazy Americunts get your asses off your couch and do something productive FOR ONCE.
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Dash is like the Raphael of the show

Brash and headstrong, but loyal to the end

(you know until Rainbow Dash has Twilight with her hoof on Twi’s throat)
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Yeah you’re right, but she’s been consistently bad. All of them have personality quirks; Applejack is stubborn and not really that smart (by no means stupid, but she isn’t very savvy), Twilight is neurotic and paranoid, Dash is an arrogant buffoon, Rarity is a defeatist drama queen, Pinkie has severe problems with personal space and is just plain insane, and Fluttershy is the definition of a milquetoast. But their good qualities are supposed to outweigh the bad. They’re good ponies, but have room to improve like any normal person.
Of the six, though, Rainbow Dash’s negative qualities tend to outweigh the positives, and it feels like this is only because the writers don’t know how to write her "loyalty".
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