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i got the urge to draw fanart of ponies  
so i decided to draw the reformed villains from the show,comics and movies (i forgot a few)  
also some of them might not be technically considered to be reformed villains but this is just how i see it.
safe1921661 artist:sapphirescarletta37 discord34167 gilda10446 indigo zap2710 juniper montage1515 king sombra15436 lemon zest3400 princess luna107377 sci-twi28179 sour sweet3656 starlight glimmer54082 sugarcoat3601 sunny flare2937 sunset shimmer70832 trixie73379 twilight sparkle327111 alicorn264883 draconequus16063 earth pony339513 griffon31862 pegasus383502 pony1269004 unicorn421392 blue background7261 bowtie12276 counterparts897 ear piercing34066 equestria girls ponified4689 female1556680 glasses74716 goggles16094 hairpin2939 headphones9137 jewelry86192 male442585 missing cutie mark5384 piercing51346 pigtails5458 ponified45414 ponytail21848 redemption122 reformed sombra161 regalia27767 shadow five674 simple background481395 twilight's counterparts906 twintails1951 wings163455


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