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One of two Equestrians being treated for Swamp Fever in Equestria said she is ’growing stronger every day’ in a letter released on Friday.

"I am growing stronger every day, our blood sacrifice has unleashed the power of the old gods, kneel before me for I am unstopable," Zecora wrote from within the core of the black obelisk she has erected in Ponyville, where she has been gestating to achieve her true form since beginning her ascension.

Zecora was the first named Swamp Fever victim to be treated in Equestria, and is one of two Ponyville residents infected. The other, Fluttershy, has developed telekinetic powers and the ability to shapeshift into a bat pony.
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Background Pony #FBC8
God, I laughed too hard at this, it’s too good

And the description really adds to it, especially the bit about "gestating to achieve her true form since beginning her ascension."

Thanks for the laughs!

I miss Ebola-chan, and her uhm…feelers? Tentacles? Undefined head appendages?
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